4 Great Astro Boats (Or What Is an Astro boat?)

If you’re a boating enthusiast, you must have heard about the Astro boats. For beginners who do not want to buy a hefty boat, second-hand Astro boats can be excellent for freshwater fishing.

Astro designed the boats with a traditional boating pursuit for freshwater fishing. Some other boats, such as stern boats, pontoons, and ski boats, are also becoming popular for fishing, but Astro boats are well known amongst the bass boat models. 

If you have a limited budget, you can purchase an older model of the Astro boat. Unfortunately, they are no longer in production but buying a second-hand Astro boat is a good idea as they are still popular due to their functionality and durability. 

What Are the Astro Boats?

Astro is a well-renowned long-established boat brand that designed and produced durable boats with efficient performance. In addition, they produced a variety of boats with a range of sizes, such as the 17 to 20 feet long fishing boats. 

Boating enthusiasts are familiar with Brunswick Corporation, one of the largest boat production groups in the United States.

They owned Astro and ProCraft, but in 1999 Johnny Morris bought the majority of shares of ProCraft and Astro and stopped the production of Astro boats. However, you can find the outboard and the pontoon models of Astro boats manufactured before 2003. 

Types of Astro Boats

Astro was focused on making traditional fishing boats. This is why they designed stern boats, ski boats, outboard boats, and pontoon boats with different types of fuel systems. 

However, Astro boats became popular due to their bass boats. These boats had a narrow beam and a shallow draft specially designed for freshwater fishing.

4 Great Astro Boats

If you want to go fishing, you’d need a reliable boat that can withstand shallow water. Moreover, if you’re tight on budget, here are some highly functional and durable Astro boats that you can purchase in 2022. 

1998 Astro 2050

Astro boat’s 1998 model comes with a 20 feet nominal boat length. In addition, it features an efficient outboard Mercury engine that is powerful enough to keep your watercraft running on freshwater lakes and rivers.  

Moreover, the 1998 model is compact but has sufficient space for two people. The seating arrangement is comfortable, so you no longer worry about staying on the waters for longer.

Since Astro boats are not in production, you’ll have to find a second-hand 1998 model. However, it is quite affordable and has good value for money as you can resale it anytime. 

1996 Astro S-20

The Astro S-20 is a 1996 model designed with a fiberglass hull which makes it extremely lightweight. The S-20 is a 20 feet longboat with ample space on the rear and front deck. This spacious deck makes the S-20 ideal for fishing. 

Moreover, the 1996 S-20 is more spacious compared to the 1998 model. So if you’re looking for more seating space, you should buy the S-20.

But this boat has one downside. The navigation and steering system features an older technology than the 1998 Astro. 

However, you can customize the Astro boats. This allows you to upgrade the electronics, including the steering system. 

1989 Astro Quickfire 1700

The 1989 Astro Quickfire 1700 is where functionality meets affordability. This boat has a nominal length of 17 feet with a 115 HP mercury outboard engine, powerful enough to produce a good forward thrust even on rough water. 

The Astro quickfire 1700 comes with four stainless steel cleats and quicksilver controls. Moreover, it features a 74 lbs trolling motor, extra propellers, and a foot pedal.

Besides this, the 1989 Astro quickfire has a livewell, a bow, transom storage, two-pole holders, and a Humminbird 597CI.

The seating arrangement is comfortable and spacious. It can accommodate up to four passengers. It also features an additional seat between the two front seats. 

Overall, the Astro Quickfire has plenty of features, ample seating, and deck space, making it ideal for fishing activities. 

1994 Astro 18SCX

The 1994 Astro 18SCX is an older boat model, but it is one of the most durable bass boats. Featuring a powerful mercury 150 HP outboard motor, forward controls, jack plate, and depth finder, the 1994 model has excellent specs. 

Moreover, this boat comes with a stereo system, two live wells, and trolling motor with foot controls.

18SCX is an older model, but you may be able to find this affordable bass boat in good condition. You can customize some electronics and replace the tires if they are worn out. 

Why Are Astro Boats So Popular?

Astro boats have been in production since 2003, but they’re still quite popular amongst boaters due to the level of customization they offer. This sets them apart from other boats. 

You can customize the canvas, electronics, and miscellaneous optional equipment according to your requirements. 

You can also purchase an older model and modify many features. Many boating enthusiasts customize the boat’s repowering projects and transform them into a new watercraft.


Even though Astro boats were designed in the 1990s, they are still used because you can customize the electronics. For example, autopilot with or without remote, depth sounder, GPS, battery charger, and fishfinder are highly customizable. Besides this, you can also change the radar and the inverters. 


Astro boat canvas gives you plenty of options when it comes to customization. Everything is customizable, from boat cover, bow cover, cockpit covers, and salon enclosure to bimini top and bridge enclosure. You can choose a canvas of your type and upgrade your boat’s look according to your liking. 


Since these are older boats, you have limited options for entertainment. For example, you can only choose between a TV, VCR, and a stereo system. 


If you have a good budget, you can add more amenities to the boat. For example, if you buy the 1996 spacious model, you can add a microwave oven, ice maker, dishwasher, or a small refrigerator. These boats can also carry a washer, dryer, and water heater. 

Fishing Features

You can add a 22 or 32 gallons bait tank to your Astro boat. Moreover, you can also opt for a manual or electric downrigger, outrigger, transom, and storage tackle center to boost your fishing experience with an Astro boat. 


Affordability is one of the biggest reasons why Astro boats quickly gained popularity. These boats meet the modern fishing requirements and come at an affordable price.

If you have a limited budget, you can purchase an older model and customize it according to your need to produce a personalized watercraft. 

Alternatives to Astro Boats

Astro boats can go quite fast at about 63 to 64 miles per hour. This is pretty fast for a 17 to 20 feet boat. These boats are also durable and work beautifully.

However, it’s unfortunate that they’re no longer exclusively available on the market. This is why you must look into the alternatives to Astro boats if you’re looking for something similar that you can buy on a budget. 

Nitro Boats

Are you looking for affordable and lightweight fiberglass bass boats? Then, you’d like to know about the Nitro Boats. Nitro boats is a certified company that produces some of the best fiberglass boats you can buy on a budget.

Their boats have superior construction, a comfortable interior, and ample space to meet your fishing requirements. 

In addition, Nitro boats feature a powerful 300 HP engine with plenty of deck space ideal for fishing.

Ranger Boats 

Besides Astro boats, Ranger Boats makes some of the most durable fishing boats in 2022. They have industry-leading aluminum and fiberglass boats that are lightweight, functional, and durable.

Ranger boats are slightly on the upper end of the price spectrum, but their boats come with a ten-year warranty on the structure, while their interior has a three-year warranty. 

Therefore, if you have a considerable budget, we suggest that you purchase a fully equipped boat with the latest technology, masterful design, safety, and comfort. 

Xpress Boats

Xpress Boats is another reliable name in the boating industry. The pioneers of all-welded aluminum boats have designed some of today’s best fishing boats.

Their bass boats are cleverly designed to let you steer effortlessly through shallow water. Xpress boats feature 115 to 250 HP powerful engines.

Besides this, the boats have excellent high-quality hulls that are agile and strong. The hyper lift hulls let you smoothly glide on the water for an improved fishing experience. 

Moreover, the Xpress boats have a unique exterior. For example, their Xplorer Bass Series features a camouflage design.

In addition, their mid-range bass boats have an aluminum structure, making them more durable and last many years. Therefore the Xpress boats have good value for money as you can resell them anytime to invest in another watercraft. 

Gambler Boats 

Are you looking for a boat brand that helps you make an impression? Gambler boats are excellent alternatives to Astro boats. These fishing boats ensure high standards of performance and construction.

Besides this, their boats have chemically bonded double hulls, stainless steel latches, high-end speakers, and extender reverse chines, making them extremely functional. 

So if you’re unable to find an Astro boat to customize, you can just purchase a Gambler boat that suits your boating needs. 

Final Words 

You can find an Astro boat to suit your fishing needs if you’re a beginner who has a low budget. Firstly, you can purchase a second-hand Astro boat.

Next, you can customize it according to your needs. But if you don’t wish to get into customization, we suggest that you purchase a boat that features modern electronics, canvas, and miscellaneous boat features.

However, if you wish to customize a boat and need a strong boat skull, older models of Astro boats are some of the best boats to personalize. 

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