4 RVs with Bunk Bed Over RV dinette

4 RVs with Bunk Bed Over RV dinette

If you’re looking for an all-in-one luxury RV, a convertible dinette underneath a bunk bed must be your go-to choice. Such campers come under the category of Class C motorhomes.

Compared to the gigantic Class A motorhomes, the Class C ones are pretty efficient at saving space. This means you can enjoy all the premium RV features without dealing with the bulky weight of big vehicles.

Class C RVs are great for families with many children, especially if your neighbor’s children love to go camping with you. In addition, the RVs with bunk beds over dinettes can offer ample space for sleepovers.

Want to buy such campers? If so, you’ve stumbled on the right post. Here you’ll find some of the best RVs with bunk beds over dinettes and other unique features.

Thor Chateau 30D

The 2020 model of Thor Motor Coach Chateau 30D is a classic house on wheels. The bunkhouse RV is easy to maneuver and has a sleek look that appeals to the eyes.

The camper features two power-retractable slide-outs that open wide as you park the RV at your campsite. These slide-outs offer an incredible amount of space that’s enough for sleeping up to 10 people.

On the rear side of this camper, you can enjoy relaxing in a true queen-sized bed inside your master suite. With her and his wardrobes, a spacious closet, and a customizable upgrade for a private flatscreen 32-inch LED TV.

In addition, you’ll also find a pair of bunk beds. The exciting part is that the lower bunk can convert into a nice dinette for having lunch during the daytime. These bunk beds measure around 30-inches in width and 72-inches in length, which is ideal for young kids.

An open kitchen spreads across the living area with a sofa and a comfortable dinette that can serve as a bed at night. Moreover, it also has a 54 x 87 inches cab-over bunk with a swivel-fitted 32-inch LED TV.

So, no more crowding over a single bed to watch movies together. With this camper, your entire family can enjoy a nighttime show from the comfort of their beds.

Gulf Stream Conquest 63111

Designed for large nature-loving families, the 2019 Gulf Stream Conquest 63111 can offer sleeping space for children of varying ages. If you have an enthusiastic tiny tot traveling with you, the shower stall with a tub in the RV bathroom is ideal for bathing them.

In addition, you can keep an eye on the children easily in this camper as the master suite has a pair of bunk beds in the slide-out section. So, no sneaking out for your kids at night. In addition, the spacious cab-over bed is perfect for teenagers to hang out in their own space.

Traveling with a large family can often compromise your privacy. But, that problem is put to rest with the Gulf Stream Conquest 63111, as it offers ample sleeping space while maintaining privacy for everyone.

The rear-side master suite is equipped with a queen-sized bed, overhead storage, and wardrobes for him and her. In addition, a large closet is connected to the power slide-out area in the rear. Moreover, you can enjoy quality time with your spouse in this incredible camper as the TV mount can let you have a great movie night.

Another set of bunk beds is also integrated into the rear slide-out area, which means that you can watch your young kids as they sleep at night. The best part is that the bathroom in this camper has a tub basin in the shower stall to bathe toddlers and infants.

The open design of this RV blends the living room and kitchen to save space. You’ll love the convertible dinette as it offers extra sleeping space. In addition, the jackknife sofa is also an impressive addition to the RV.

Lastly, there’s an overhead bunk for teens to stow their belongings and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Jayco Redhawk 31XL

The Jayco Redhawk 31XL 2019 has a thoughtful design to cover a lot of spacing with light features that make this floorplan stand out from the crowd. It has two slide-out sections, tall windows, and large skylights.

The RV offers enough privacy for all family members to enjoy their time traveling. The camper is ideal for families with children as the bunk beds, a cab-over bunk, and master suite can accommodate up to 9 people.

So, if you’re having guests, the RV has got you covered with copious sleeping space. The RV also has a queen-sized bed in its master suite like all other well-equipped campers.

What’s more, you can store your belongings in the dress and large wardrobe in the back power slide-out compartment in the back power slide-out compartment. In addition, the master suite features impressively huge windows and a skylight to give a perfect view of the outdoor world.

Moreover, the sliding curtain is excellent for letting you sleep and enjoy some privacy. The kitchen and formal living room are connected at the front. You can even convert the couch bed and dinette to full-size beds.

A classic cab-over bunk bed sits above the driver’s seat and readily folds down, a pleasant touch to the RV’s overall design.

Dynamax DX3 37BH

The beds, bunks, and folding sofas on the Dynamax Corp DX3 37BH 2020 provide many sleeping spaces.

The RV is propelled by a 6-cylinder diesel engine, which is impressively powerful. This leads to a strong towing capacity if you want to transport an SUV or a boat on your holiday.

This incredible motorhome can carry up to 12 individuals. This makes the Dynamax Corp DX3 37BH an optimum choice for large families. In addition, the camper offers copious space for sleeping children for night stays.

The camper features a king-size bed in the master suite. In addition, it’s equipped with connections for a stackable combo of washer and dryer. Also, there’s plenty of storage, an entertainment center, and a large wardrobe closet for storing your belongings.

A set of bunk beds are placed directly outside the master suite door for young kids to sleep in. Near the master bathroom, there’s a large window that offers a great view outside.

If your kids are habitual of sleeping early, you can still use the living room and kitchen to hang out with the family by using a separate entrance door. The kitchen and living area are connected in a modern open design.

This floor plan also includes a dinette with bench seats, a love seat, and a space-efficient couch. All these seats can convert into comfy beds to sleep at night. Not only that, but the teenagers can enjoy their own space in the cab-over bunk.

In addition, the convertible dinette turns into a full-sized bed, which offers plenty of sleeping space when combined with the bunk beds near the master suite.

Final Thoughts

The RVs discussed above are thoughtfully designed for large families who can not afford large campers for traveling. The convertible dinettes and sofas in these RVs provide ample sleeping space.

Moreover, the integrated kitchen and living rooms make these campers space-efficient. The best part is that these campers are all inexpensive compared to A-Class bulky and humongous campers.

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