50+ Best RV Accessories of 2022

50+ Best RV Accessories of 2020

People have been using recreational vehicles (RVs) for a variety of purposes for many years. Some people use them as a way to travel, while others use them as a permanent home. No matter what the purpose of the RV may be, there are some accessories that are essential for all RVs. Here is a list of the 50 best RV accessories of 2020.

1- Bathroom Rug

A bath mat was one of the most essential accessories we discussed. When washing dishes by the counter, you run the danger of water spilling onto the RV floor. Why not accomplish something similar in your bathroom and avoid dampening your kitchen floor?

2- Collapsible Table

Can you imagine spending a night out on the road without eating or having any fun outside? Most likely not. While campsites are frequently set up for group meals, you’ll probably want to spend more time alone beside your RV.

3- Portable Side Table

A side table can’t completely replace a large outdoor table, but it may still be a useful addition. Do you really want to switch back and forth between your chair and the table for snacks every time?

4- Folding Camping Chair

The following are the most important things to take if you want to have fun outside. The last item on our must-haves list is camping chairs. There are many more items we’ll suggest, but for now, we’ve focused on the top three essential outdoor goods.

5- Propane Grill

For RV camping, having the ability to prepare meals is a must. If your RV doesn’t have its own grill, you may want to buy one.

To begin with, you must figure out what your budget is. Then, depending on your needs and how much other stuff you have in your RV, you’ll need to choose one. You don’t want to overload the carrying capacity of your RV, so make sure the weight of your grill doesn’t exceed the combined weight of all of your belongings.

6- Portable Gas Griddle

A griddle is a useful addition to your outdoor kitchen for frying bacon and making pancakes. Although not everyone will require one if you’d truly want to prepare a variety of foods while on the road, a griddle should definitely be included in your equipment list.

7- Tool Kit

The final must-have item on our list is a toolbox with all of the necessary tools for RV maintenance. While we placed it last, it is one of the most, if not the most essential component of our list.

8- Roof Care Kit

You may think that your RV’s roof is unimportant, but it’s one of the first lines of defence against snow, wind, rain, and the sun. So why not clean it now and then with care?

9- UV Protectant

Apply RV wax to keep your RV looking new. The finest choices are simple to use, last a long time, and frequently have a nice aroma.

10- Cell Phone Signal Booster

Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere, halfway up a mountain, or just lost in space, one of these excellent RV add-ons will allow you to relax a little easier because you’ll almost always have cell phone service.

11- RV Smoke Detectors

All you have to do is pour the concrete, level it, and fill in any gaps with stackable levellers. Then comes the tedious task of estimating how many stackable levellers you’ll need; only to be incorrect and have to return out and add more or remove some.

Instead, you simply roll on these levellers until they reach level. They’ve really helped me out!

12- Camco 28″ Double RV Refrigerator Bar

I really travelled for two years without discovering refrigerator bars. Every relocation was an adventure in discovering what had survived (and had perished) within the fridge.

By putting up these rails before a journey, several mishaps may be avoided. They must always be aboard an RV!

13- Portable Folding Shovel

RVing can bring about a variety of issues, which is why multi-tools are so useful for these journeys. While I’ve always used Leatherman-style multi-tools, a portable tactical shovel takes RVing and camping to the next level.

14- Picnic Table and Bench Fitted Tablecloth

Outside, we set up our picnic table as soon as possible. I adore these covers because they keep our eating surfaces clean. The vinyl covers fit nicely over the tables and benches, and I don’t have to use those pesky tablecloth clamps that never seem to stay in place.

The covers are also simple to clean after a meal. We love these covers because they make eating outside more convenient and less stressful for our family.

15- Dr Infrared Heater

A portable space heater is essential for regulating the temperature in your home. Because our RV furnace consumes a lot of gas, produces moistness, and occasionally has an odd odour, a space heater is an excellent substitute.

In reality, we rely almost entirely on our electric space heater to keep us warm in the winter.

16- Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

We enjoy spending time around the campfire in the evenings, but we don’t like smelling like smoke when we go to bed.

The propane fire pit allows us to congregate around the fire without being forced to breathe in smoke.

It’s simple to transport and compatible with a tiny propane tank.

We don’t have to worry about spending hours trying to get the campfire going, and we won’t have to buy firewood anymore.

17- Camco RV Fridge Brace

The little annoyances can be the most aggravating. While you’re married up and riding, you won’t think twice about locking your food in the fridge, but you might have second thoughts when you set up camp and see a gallon of spilt juice on the counter. Fridge braces will keep your food in place and minimize the messes that result when you don’t. A stack-a-plate set will also keep your dishes safe in your cupboards!

18- Silicone Slap Bracelets

If you have external stairs that extend, these amazing add-ons are a lifesaver. You slap them on your steering wheel and take them off as you go through each activity, just like those slap bracelets that kids used to wear in the 1990s.

Reminders on everything from your T.V. antenna to slide locks and connections can help you remember when it’s time to go out on the road.

19- QuickZip Fitted Sheet

Changing the bedding in an RV is a common complaint. With a zip on/off top piece, these QuickZip RV sheets make it simple. It’s really simple to zip off and put in the washing. When it’s clean, slip it over your head and back on again. There will be no more cleaning gymnastics!

20- Backpacking Stove Combo

I’ve been using the 9 oz backpacking stove for a while now and appreciate that it comes in a larger size to allow for real fires. It’s useful in areas where there aren’t any fire rings, which is how we normally boondock.

21- Portable Power Station

This one is relatively straightforward. It powers all of our electrical equipment, including our television set, laptops, phones, and Nintendo gaming system.

22- Spirit Levels

We bought a 1990 van, so we have to make sure the levelling is correct so our fridge keeps working.

23- French Press Coffee Maker

Every morning, we require a cup of coffee. With a tried and true French press, there’s no better method.

24- Socket Adapter and Extension

The drive nut adapter for our cordless drill is the most loved gadget on our list. We can now quickly and simply stabilize RV jacks thanks to this.

We also have a Ryobi cordless drill, which has replaceable batteries for multiple tools. We currently have a hand vacuum, a cordless fan (very useful for boondocking), and a tire inflator in addition to the drill. They’re all powered by one battery, so we just need one charger to manage them.

25- Mini Dehumidifier

Mould is the number one adversary to any RV, and it can spread at a rapid rate. There are many cracks and fissures throughout campers that allow mould to develop and spread – especially if there is a big temperature difference between the days and nights.

26- Rubbermaid

For everything! They preserve things from shattering while they are being moved from one location to another. There is a slew of cabinet locking systems available, but you only need to smash one Ragu jar to realize that you should have just put the cabinet in a Rubbermaid bag for your OTR days.

27- Dyson V8 Animal

The Miele S2841 is a tiny, powerful vacuum that comes with just enough attachments to sufficiently clean an RV. It’s unavoidable that sand will get everywhere. Bugs are a given. There will be grass and rocks as well. A Dyson rechargeable vac is unquestionably required!

28- Surge Protector

Cottages and RV parks are now accessible with a variety of electrical power supply alternatives, but they don’t always live up to your expectations. Camping in areas where power availability is low is a common occurrence, so you should be prepared for it to protect your equipment.

29- Automotive Replacement Fuses

Power problems that might catch you off guard are not only external but also internal. One source of these difficulties is your fuse box, which can have one or more fuses blown due to overcurrent at any moment.

30-Amp Plug to 50-Amp

As we previously stated, campsites do provide RVers with electricity sources, but what if the campsite’s electrical output is incompatible with their vehicle? What if you just can’t cram the plug into the pedestal outlet?

31- Wheel Chocks

You won’t always be given a flat ground surface to park your RV at a campground. On a sloping surface, the danger of your RV rolling away is significant. Tire chocks are a simple device that may help you keep your RV stable while it is parked and unattached.

32- Lynx Levelers

It’s not enough to merely keep the RV in position; it must also be parked level. This will make living in the RV more pleasant for you, first and foremost. Furthermore, if your RV has a refrigerator, the uneven ground may harm it.

33- Leveling Jack Pad

If you camp on soil, grass, sand, or any other soft ground, you’ll need to use jack pads as well.

The jack pads are placed under the RV’s tongue jack and stabilizers, increasing their footprint and lowering pressure on the ground. This prevents the jack and stabilizers from getting stuck on the soft surface.

34- Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure in campgrounds is frequently greater than what RV manufacturers design their vehicles for. This is most likely done to support a wider variety of water demands. If you don’t need more force, you’ll need to decrease it to avoid damaging your RV’s water equipment.

35- RV & Marine Water Filter

Not only is the pressure unnatural, but the mineral makeup of campground water may be unsuitable for drinking, in particular, due to contaminants. Contaminated water is not only dangerous but also has an unpleasant flavour.

36- Drinking Water Safe Hose

Water hoses at campsites may be out of reach for your RV’s camping location. Furthermore, you may not wish to utilize the connection options provided by your RV and want to use your own hose instead.

Whatever the case may be, we recommend you bring a freshwater hose with you just in case. Choose a length of up to 50 feet for your water hose, or several smaller ones that can be linked together for greater reach.

A hose may appear to be a simple tool, but don’t skimp and get a $10 hose. The chance is that it will leak and break on you sooner than later. Get a decent hose, but don’t go crazy.

37- RV Hose Elbow

The strain on your freshwater hose, as well as any other hose you may be using in your RV, may be reduced by using a water hose elbow. The problem is that if the hose is connected to an intake horizontally, it will be too heavy for it. As a consequence, kinks can form in your hoses after only a few uses.

A 90-degree elbow in the hose would relieve strain on it and increase its longevity.

38- Waste Tank Hose Kit

Isn’t it true that every piece of rubbish in your RV must be removed? Instead of using buckets, getting a sewer hose would allow you to clean everything much more effectively and efficiently.

A good choice would be a high-quality sewer hose with a see-through connection, which will allow you to view when the water has been cleaned as you empty the holding tank. If you don’t want a leak to occur someplace, don’t cheap out on a sewage hose.

39- RV Holding Tank Treatment

After you’ve gotten rid of all of the trash in your RV, the tanks and hoses are still dirty. Sanitation is the next step to take, which terrifies many new RV owners. When you understand practical methods and, of course, use suitable chemicals, it isn’t that difficult.

There are many types of solids-disposal chemicals available that are claimed to dissolve waste and eliminate aromas. Some of them, on the other hand, may work better for you than others. For some basic guidance, you might look to other RVers for brand suggestions. Additionally, be prepared to test various solutions before finding the optimum tank treatment for yourself.

40- Portable Water Softener

Travelling across the country has its difficulties, one of which is varying degrees of water hardness. If you want to be sure that your RV’s water is soft and mineral-free, consider purchasing a portable water softener.

40- RV Shower Head

If your RV includes a shower, it will almost certainly have a showerhead, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve upon it.

There are a plethora of RV shower heads for sale, some of which provide a distinct advantage above the typical ones seen in most RVs. If you want to bathe in style, replacing the showerhead is one of the most cost-effective methods possible.

41- Collapsable Shower Rod

A shower rod is a convenient way to add extra storage space, privacy, and style to your RV bathroom. While not everyone will require one, it is nevertheless an important accessory for many people. Bathrooms in RVs are often quite cramped, and a little additional space would be useful.

A shower rod is a tiny device that enables you to move the shower curtain away from the shower. Shower rods are also frequently foldable, so they may be stored when not in use. Furthermore, you may utilize it as a clothesline for damp clothing and other accessories.

42- Hanging Bathroom Caddy

Did you know that there are storage shelf options for the RV bathrooms? Storage space is rather limited in most RVs, so some additional area would be very useful.

A bathroom storage shelf may be mounted on the inside of a bathroom room door and used to store toiletries. You may keep your toothbrush and shower gel in one of the RV’s cupboards, but why not keep them closer to where they’re utilized?

43- Bathroom Hooks

With towels, utilizing the aforementioned bathroom storage shelf isn’t practical. Towels must be dried and must be placed in an appropriate location for that purpose.

If your RV doesn’t have towel hooks built-in, consider purchasing a pair of them. You don’t need to invest in expensive hooks; a lightweight and inexpensive plastic hook set will suffice.

44- Dissolving Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a no-brainer, but you shouldn’t use the toilet paper you’re used to at home. This is especially true if you’re camping in the woods or some other remote location.

Biodegradable toilet tissue is the greatest option for RV usage since it does not pollute the natural environment following disposal. You should still use biodegradable toilet paper even if you are planning to stay at a campsite.

What kind of toilet paper to choose, then, is a personal decision. Things will come down to your preferences in the end. You should ideally select a toilet paper that is as similar to toilet paper you’re used to at home as possible.

45- Bath Mat

If you have an absorbent bathroom floor in your RV, consider putting an absorbent bath mat on it. Collecting water into it will keep the moisture from reaching the floor and causing damage.

Microfiber is a highly absorbent material, so you might want to try a mat made of microfiber. Microfiber mats are not only extremely absorbent, but they also dry rapidly and have a long life cycle, making them an excellent long-term investment.

46- Collapsible Dish Drainer

Many people utilize racks at home to assist with dishware drying after washing. In an RV, such a simple item would be quite useful, but don’t just purchase a dish drainer that you’d use at home.

Instead, go for a foldable dish drainer. When you need to dry dishes, all you have to do is unfold them and put them in the sink. You may also collapse it after you’re done so that it doesn’t take up too much space.

If storage efficiency isn’t a major concern for you, any dish drainer will suffice.

47- Kitchen Towel Hooks

We recommend that you get a rack for your dish towels, much like we suggest with bathroom towels. Isn’t it true that you won’t hang your dish towels from the hooks in the bathroom?

A dish towel rack would keep your dish towels separate from your other towels. The rack also puts the towels within easy reach when placed near the kitchen counter.

By the way, instead of a rack, you may use plastic hooks instead. A dish towel rack, on the other hand, would be a more practical option since it is a one-piece item and there usually is room for a rack in the kitchen area.

48- Cabinet Mount Trashcan

Traditional methods of hanging trash bags from cabinet knobs or doorknobs are popular among both novice and experienced RVers. While this may work well for you, it isn’t the prettiest or most efficient solution.

Why not store all of the garbage in a trash container? A traditional trash bin would help your RV look cleaner.

For space concerns, a foldable trash bag is an excellent option. This consists of a folding frame that holds trash bags and is compact when folded. It not only takes up little room when packed but also is easy to transport.

49- Trash Bag Holder

A trash bag holder is different from a cabinet mount trash can in that it is a frame that holds garbage bags. This type of holder is hung on the inside of a cabinet door or pantry door.

This is an excellent way to save space, as it doesn’t require a dedicated spot in your RV. It also makes the storage of trash bags easier and more efficient.

As an alternative, you could go with a foldable trash bag holder like the one mentioned earlier. This is different from a traditional waste bin in that it fits into small spaces and takes up very little room. They also work well for camping trips since they’re easy to carry around.

50- Food Container

Food containers are a necessary part of RV life, as they are a must for storing leftovers. Most food containers sold today are rigid plastic boxes with lids. They work well for keeping your food fresh and preventing accidental spills.

Many people prefer glass storage containers since they can withstand heat better than plastic ones. In addition, glass doesn’t leach chemicals into your food like some plastics can.

There are also collapsible food containers available on the market. These are made of silicone and can be easily stored when not in use. They’re perfect for those who want to save space in their RV.

51- Storage Bins

Storage bins are an essential part of any RV. Not only can they be used to store clothes and other items, but you can also use them to organize the inside of your RV.

There are many different types of storage bins available on the market today. Some are made of plastic while others are made of canvas or microfiber cloth. Many people prefer storage bins that are made of breathable materials such as canvas since this helps to keep items fresh and prevent mould and mildew.

When choosing storage bins, be sure to select ones that are the right size for your RV. You don’t want to choose bins that are too small or too large. In addition, be sure to select bins that have lids that can be securely fastened to prevent items from spilling out.

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