5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

Towable trailers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are both lightweight and heavy. Towable trailers are popular among campers as they can be unhitched at campsites, and then you can drive your vehicle elsewhere if you need, without worrying about the trailer.

The most luxurious and largest towable trailers include 5th wheel and travel trailers. They are ideal for a comfortable camping trip with your family and friends. Furthermore, they come equipped with everything you might need like toilets and showers.

Even though both of these campers are seemingly very similar, there are some significant differences. So let us have a close look at the pros and cons of 5th wheel and travel trailers to choose which one is the best choice for you.

5th Wheel Campers

A 5th wheel camper is a large trailer that requires a 5th wheel hitch for towing. 5th wheels are very heavy and need a full-size truck to pull them. They are trendy RVs for various reasons. Their super-duty hitches make them a lot heavier, making room for luxurious amenities and sleeping space.

Pros of 5th Wheel Campers

5th wheels are the top choice among campers looking to live in their RV for a significant time. Here are some benefits of 5th wheel towables:

Floorplan Varieties

5th wheel campers come with a wide variety of floorplans for your RV. This is because of their huge size and shape. You can choose a kitchen in your front, mid, or rear section. Similarly, you can choose the perfect spot for your bedroom and living room.

Furthermore, their height also enables you to have different levels in your RV. Overall, this gives them a very home-like feel.

Stable Towing

5th wheels have the most stable towing experience among all towable campers. The hitch at the rear side of the camper enables the towing experience to be hassle-free. Furthermore, the connection point over the axle provides more stability while towing.


5th wheel campers are larger, taller, and longer. Their size enables them to host families and provides them with a comfortable experience. Their additional interior and exterior storage also come in handy.

There are more cabinets throughout their large storage bays and added space at the bottom known as “basement” storage.


Since 5th wheel campers are larger, they also have space for more amenities. As a result, they come backed with luxurious options for owners. A typical 5th wheel camper has multiple bedrooms, large living rooms, a fireplace, kitchens, and showers.

There are fewer restrictions in terms of carrying capacities. As a result, they can carry ample propane, water, and campground materials.

Cons of 5th Wheel Campers

Even though they are a great choice among campers, 5th wheel campers have some cons on their list. Here are some of them:

More Expensive

Fifth wheels are the more expensive option when choosing between 5th wheels and travel trailers. They can cost anywhere between $50,000 and $150,000 or above.

Combining the price of a 5th wheel camper with a towing truck equals a considerable amount, large enough to buy a condo.

Heavy Weight

You cannot have all the amenities without towing a lot of weight. 5th wheel camper is very long and high, about 45 feet in length. The length can be a personal choice of the owner, but you will most likely require a large truck to tow your camper.

Furthermore, overheight clearances are also a problem for 5th wheels as they need to be taller to fit over the truck bed.

Require Bigger Tow Vehicles

5th wheels are heavy campers and require a large tow vehicle for taking them everywhere. You will need a one-ton or larger truck for towing a 5th wheel, and such huge trucks come with an even huge price tag.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are a less expensive, smaller way of enjoying your camping trip. They have several amenities for new camping enthusiasts looking for a new hobby.

Pros of Travel Trailers

While 5th wheel campers may be a popular option for campers, travel trailers have their own set of pros and cons. Let us have a look at some of them.

Lengths and Styles

Travel trailers have various varieties and styles. They have multiple lengths and heights for each model. Elevation does not become a massive issue with travel trailers are they tend to be shorter than 5th wheel campers.

Affordable Price Tag

Travel trailers come with a much more affordable price tag for new campers. You can get an entry-level travel trailer for as low as $10,000. This price can go even lower if you buy a used travel trailer.

They make a great RV for people on a budget or those who want to try out the new camping lifestyle without a hefty investment.

Smaller Hitch

Travel trailers use a standard ball and coupler hitch. They take a little longer to hitch, but the setup is a bit complicated and smaller than the 5th wheel. Furthermore, the hitch is not permanently installed in the truck bed, and other options can utilize the space.

The ball and coupler hitch does not require additional space if you have a truck. Lastly, they can be tricky to use without a spotter but are better for campers who like to unhitch their trailer and drive elsewhere.

Lighter Towing Vehicles

Travel trailers are smaller and can therefore be towed by smaller vehicles. They are of the same height as a truck and can even be towed by cars.

Cons of Travel Trailers

Travel trailers do come with a few cons for the owners. Here are some of them:

Unstable Towing and Swaying

As travel trailers hitch to the bumper of your truck or car, this means the towing is relatively less stable. However, some products are used to improve drivers’ experience, such as sway bars and weight distribution hitches.

These products help make the ride better but still fail to offer a towing experience like 5th wheel campers.

Fewer Amenities

Travel trailers typically come with fewer amenities in comparison to 5th wheel trailers. Therefore, they are not the right pick for families looking for a camping trip in their trailer. They have a single bathroom, a portable generator outside the trailer, and smaller water storage units.

Less Storage

Travel Trailers are smaller than 5th wheel campers, making them prone to less storage space. In addition, the floorplans in travel trailers ensure all the available space, leaving little to no room for additional storage.

As they are shorter, they also do not come with basement space for storage. So if you’re looking to carry tons of things on your trip, travel trailers are not the right pick for you.


To sum it up, both trailers come with their pros and cons. The best one for you depends on your travel needs. If you value home-like amenities with privacy, extra space, ample storage space, and more relaxing room, 5th wheel campers are the right pick for you.

However, if you’re new to the camping world and want to try it out for the first time or are just low on cash, travel trailers have your back. You won’t need a one-ton heavy truck for towing your trailer and have a great time on your small camping trips.

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