7 Best Lightweight Popup Campers for 2022

Opus Off-Road Air Pop-Up Camper

Looking to take a road trip but don’t want the hassle or expense of a large RV? Then a small pop up camper is just what you need.

A pop-up camper is a type of RV that can be collapsed or folded down for easy storage and transportation. Pop-up campers are a great option for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to invest in a large, expensive RV.

Why Choose A Pop-Up Camper?

What’s not to love about lightweight popup campers? They’re easy on the wallet, more compact than other types of RVs, and you can tow them with a small vehicle. Plus they come at a great price point that will keep up with all of life’s adventures without breaking too much bank!

Some of the key benefits of small popup campers are:

  • Lightweight and easy to tow
  • Can be used for camping or a daily driver because of the size
  • Portable, comfortable, and durable
  • Compact design solves the large storage issue of bulky camping gear
  • Camping experience is made easier with easy set-up
  • Better fuel efficiency of the tow vehicle

Lightweight popup campers are also minimalistic in design which means they won’t take up much space when stored and can withstand year’s worth of durability without breaking down too often!

These babies have all of the same amenities as hard-sided travel trailers but at a much reduced weight so they can easily fit in your car or truck if you don’t feel comfortable with driving big vehicles every day.

Pop-up campers are available in a variety of lengths, sizes, and weights so that all RVers can find something that suits their needs and wants.

But with all the different models of pop-up campers available on the market today, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out which ones are the smallest and lightest.

We know that there is a lot of information out on the web and in print about finding your perfect lightweight popup camper. We also understand how hard it can be to sort through all this misinformation, so we decided to take matters into our own hands!

By rolling up our sleeves (and doing an extensive amount of research), we were able put together this guide for you with accurate details of the best popup campers available today.

7 Best Lightweight Popup Campers You Can Tow With A Small Vehicle

Here are the seven best small popup campers that can easily be pulled by a crossover, SUV or even a large sedan:

  • Coachmen Clipper Sport 860QS
  • Forest River Flagstaff 205 Folding Pop-Up Camper
  • Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Camping Trailer
  • Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0
  • ALiner Expedition A-Frame Camper
  • Opus Off-Road Air Pop-Up Camper
  • Sylvansport Go Trailer

1. Coachmen Clipper Sport 860QS

The Coachmen Clipper Sport is one of the most versatile popup campers on today’s market. It can be towed by almost any midsized SUV and the company offers 15 different floor plans to choose from!

Camping features:

  • Lightweight and easy to tow – perfect for on-the-road tradesmen
  • 1,365-pound payload capacity – perfect for camping with a lot of gear
  • 3-person sleeping capacity – perfect for couples who love to camp
  • Contains additional seating on each side – perfect for socializing

Quick Specs:

Dry weight (lbs): 1577 Hitch weight (lbs): 230
Payload capacity (lbs): 1365 GVWR (lbs) : 2942
Water tank capacity (gallons): 16 Price: $12,999

2. Forest River Flagstaff 205 Folding Pop-Up Camper

Forest River Flagstaff 205 Folding Pop-Up Camper

The Forest River – Flagstaff 205 is one of the most successful models in their line, with a wide range of floorplans available as well as a popup or hard-sided camper versions. It comes equipped with all sorts of options that make this little house big when it needs to be. It’s also lightweight enough for mid-size SUV tow vehicle use!

Camping features:

  • Sleeps up to 6 people for a comfortable camping experience
  • 26-gallon freshwater tank means you can camp off the grid if you want
  • Easy setup and tear down makes it easy to get on the road quickly
  • 20,000 BTU furnace perfect for chilly weather camping

Quick Specs:

Dry weight (lbs): 1997 Hitch weight (lbs): 230
Payload capacity (lbs): 1233 GVWR (lbs) : 3230
Water tank capacity (gallons): 26 Price: $18,995

3. Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Camping Trailer

Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Camping Trailer

Jayco has put its best foot forward with this handy little popup camper, designed to be towed by mid-size SUVs. It’s light enough that you can take it on your next adventure without worrying about cutting any corners when it comes to comfort and convenience! You’ll find plenty of space inside for up to four people.

Camping features:

  • Spacious and comfortable for a family of 5-6
  • Tinted vinyl windows with mesh screening for natural fresh air indoors
  • Includes a two-burner propane stove and sink
  • Large freshwater storage tanks included

Quick Specs:

Dry weight (lbs): 1875 Hitch weight (lbs): 225
Payload capacity (lbs): 875 GVWR (lbs) : 2750
Water tank capacity (gallons): 28.2 Price: $11,995

4. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0


Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 – A lightweight, expandable small popup camper that can be towed by sedans with a tow package or mid-size SUVs! At just under 1000 pounds in weight, it’s very easy for the whole family to take this minimalistic yet functional setup wherever they go.

Camping features:

  • Comes with 8,000 BTU air conditioner installed as part of the standard package
  • Pre-wired for solar and has a battery box with a 30 Amp converter
  • Dinette areas can also be converted into a sleeping area
  • Can sleep up to 6 people

Quick Specs:

Dry weight (lbs): 994 Hitch weight (lbs): 124
Payload capacity (lbs): 1096 GVWR (lbs) : 2090
Water tank capacity (gallons): 5 Price: $13,600

5. A-Liner Expedition A-Frame Camper

A-Liner Expedition A-Frame Camper

The A-liner may appear different from your regular “Tent” type popup camper. Consider the A-liner to be a miniature house on wheels, complete with all the conveniences and magic that come from within. It has an unconventional design, but this means you get a highly sturdy tiny A-frame pop up camper with only 1800 pounds dry weight that can be hauled by any mid-size SUV or minivan!

Camping features:

  • Convertible sofa/dinette – sleeps up to 4 people in real world
  • Includes a cassette toilet
  • Have a 5,000 BTU air conditioner and a 1,600 BTU propane furnace
  • AC BTU rating might seem low, but you don’t lose as much cold air to the outside environment as you do with a traditional tent-style camper

Quick Specs:

Dry weight (lbs): 1800 Hitch weight (lbs): 240
Payload capacity (lbs): 1700 GVWR (lbs) : 3500
Water tank capacity (gallons):11 Price: $18,000

6. Opus Off-Road Air Pop-Up Camper

Opus Off-Road Air Pop-Up Camper

This inflatable RV is the largest and most comfortable option on our list, with enough space to sleep four adults. What makes this camper so unique is that it inflates in minutes – all you need to do is open it up, flip a switch, and let the air pump do its thing. Plus, there is plenty of storage space inside for all your camping gear!

Camping features:

  • Slide out kitchen and refrigerator to maximize external space
  • Pop-out double beds with a C shaped convertible dinette lounge area
  • Allows off-grid camping and supports several days of trips in one go

Quick Specs:

Dry weight (lbs): 2870 Hitch weight (lbs): 224
Payload capacity (lbs): 1100 GVWR (lbs) : 3970
Water tank capacity (gallons): 40 Price: $28,700

7. Sylvansport Go Trailer

Sylvansport Go Trailer

The most unique and versatile small pop-up camper on this list is the Slyvansport Go Trailer. As it has been designed with both function as well as form in mind, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to take your toys along for an adventure while camping, including surfboards, kayaks, bikes and even an ATV, thanks to its 800 pounds max cargo-carrying capacity.

Camping features:

  • Versatility: GO can be used as a towable vehicle, toy hauler, or camping trailer
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Can accommodate top-mount racking systems
  • The tilt deck feature makes loading and unloading easier

Quick Specs:

Dry weight (lbs): 840 Hitch weight (lbs): 70
Payload capacity (lbs): 810 GVWR (lbs) : 1650
Water tank capacity (gallons):11 Price: $10,995


Common Questions about Popup Campers – Answered

Can a mid-size SUV tow a popup camper?

There are a few factors to consider when determining whether or not a mid-size SUV can safely tow a popup camper. The weight of the camper, the size of the SUV, and the towing capacity of the SUV are all important considerations.

Generally speaking, most mid-size SUVs should be able to tow a pop up camper as long as that camper weighs less than 2,000 pounds. However, it is always important to check with the manufacturer of both your vehicle and your camper to make sure that they are compatible before attempting to tow anything. Failure to do so could result in damage to either your vehicle or your camper.

Does a car have the capacity to tow a popup camper safely?

It depends on the weight of the camper and the size of the car. Most cars can tow a popup camper as long as it doesn’t exceed the towing limit specified by the carmaker.

For example, a full-size sedan fitted with a towing package can tow a small pop up camper that weighs 1,500 pounds or less. Just make sure your car is rated to tow the weight of the camper, and use a sturdy hitch receiver and safety chains.

How does pulling a lightweight popup camper affect gas mileage?

The efficiency of your fuel usage when towing a popup camper is determined by a variety of factors, including weight and aerodynamics. Towing a popup camper weighing roughly 1,500 pounds is expected to cost 5-7 miles per gallon.

Does a popup have a toilet?

Built-in toilets are available in certain big popup campers. The freshwater and black water tanks necessary for toilets, on the other hand, raise the total gross vehicle weight rating, making it impossible for a mid-size SUV to pull when loaded.

Only a few cassette toilets with a black water capacity of roughly five litres are available in compact pop-up campers.

Is a popup difficult to set up?

Popup campers are usually easy to set up as they have built-in cranks and slide-outs. Many campers are able to set up their folding camping trailer on their own. However, a two-person crew is more efficient when it comes to setting up the camper, especially when it comes to leveling.

Do small pop up campers have heaters and air conditioning?

Some RV manufacturers provide AC and heaters as optional upgrades in pop-up RVs to save weight.

In most situations, the manufacturer will instal the necessary pre-wiring, and you or the dealership may then select whether to install an air conditioner or a propane furnace.

However, some come with pre-installed heating and air conditioning. Although this adds some weight to the vehicle, it isn’t excessive for most midsize SUVs.

What are the extra features to look for?

All campers come with some extra features. Some come with cabinets for additional storage, a cooktop, or a portable refrigerator. A luxury popup camper will have a built-in toilet or shower!

Look for these additional features:

Toilet                                   Electric heater or furnace

Closet space                       Refrigerator

Exterior lighting                  Interior lighting

Stovetop                              Large freshwater tank

Sky lights                             Outdoor grill

Vent fan                              Shower

Water heater                      Sink with electric water pump

Battery bank

Should I buy a new or used popup camper?

There is no definitive answer to this question – it depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you are looking for a lower-priced option, then buying a used pop up camper may be the way to go.

However, if you want the latest features and amenities, then buying a new one would be the better choice. New campers usually come with more facilities and amenities than older models, so you’ll have more to enjoy on your camping trips. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your situation.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Popup Camper for You

  1. Decide what you need and want in a popup camper. There are many different types and styles of popup campers, so it’s important to figure out what is most important to you. Do you need a lot of storage space? A queen-size bed? A large kitchen? Once you have a good idea of what you need, you can start narrowing down your choices.
  2. Consider the size of your vehicle. Not all popup campers will fit on all vehicles. You’ll want to make sure the one you choose will fit on your vehicle comfortably.
  3. Research different makes and models. Read reviews and compare specs to find the best one for you. Once you’ve done all of that, you should have a good idea of which popup camper is the perfect fit for you.


In terms of construction quality and engineering, popup campers have gone a long way, making them lighter than ever before. This may be both good and bad news for customers; while there are more options than ever before, determining which popup camper is perfect for your requirements can be tough.

When searching for a popup camper, keep your tow vehicle specs in mind so you don’t wind up with something that is too heavy or dangerous to haul at highway speeds.

You’ll be able to choose a popup camper that properly matches your family’s camping style if you keep your tow vehicle in mind and follow our easy guidelines.

The 2020 Aliner Expedition is the greatest option on the market if you want a lightweight popup camper with all the conveniences of a typical RV. It has a toilet and can withstand the weather because to its thick hard sides. It also has a heater and an air conditioner to keep you comfortable regardless of the season.

If you’re looking for a lightweight popup camper with a large cargo capacity, the 2020 Coachmen Clipper Sport 860QS is a perfect choice. With a weight limit of over 1,300 pounds, it is ideal for professionals who travel frequently and want easy-to-carry housing that can be deployed rapidly.

Have you decided on a popup camper yet? What are you waiting for if you don’t? Choose one of the lightweight popup tents featured below and discover some of the most beautiful locations in the United States!

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