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Yapq is the premier outdoor blog for all things adventure, travel, and exploring the outdoors. Yapq was founded in 2005 by two friends with a passion for exploration who wanted to share their own adventures and provide an outlet for others to do so as well.

From mountain biking and climbing to kayaking down Class V rapids, from backpacking through remote regions of Tibet or driving across America’s West Coast, they’ve shared it all on Yapq over the past years.

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  • Zebco Closed Face Reels Review
    Whether to choose open face reels or closed face reels has always been a hot debate among all anglers, whether newbie or experienced. While some might find closed face reels useless, they can be pretty easy to use. Zebco is one of the best manufacturers of closed face reels. Let’s take a look at some …

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  • Yamaha YFZ50 Top Speed
    Yamaha has a long-standing reputation in the ATV world due to their back-to-back ATV hits. They have given us the likes of Yamaha banshee and Grizzly EPS. The Yamaha YFZ series inspires quads when it comes to style and durability. The remarkable design and striking colors make the ATV a must-have. The YFZ50 is suitable …

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  • Will a Camping Fridge Drain My Car Battery
    A camping fridge does drain your car battery. Yet, it’s the most affordable and efficient method to keep your food and beverages chilled while camping. Since a camping fridge gets its power from your car battery, you must have a backup power option in case the battery completely runs out of juice. Therefore, this post …

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  • Why is Skiing so Expensive?
    Have you been thinking about going on a ski trip? Skiing is a great way to enjoy time with family or friends. But, as fun as it might be, skiing is an expensive retreat.  It is indeed a liberating sport, but you must have the financial capability to make it happen. However, it is not …

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  • Why Is Outdoor Furniture So Expensive?
    People love to spend quality time with their families in their garden, enjoying the comfort of their outdoor space and the privacy of their home. So it is evident that outdoor furniture is on their list of things to get for furnishing their outdoor space. However, with the increasing demands, you must ask, “Why is …

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  • Why is Camping so Exhausting
    A lot of people complain that camping is a tiring experience. It drains all of their energy and leaves them exhausted. No doubt, what they are claiming might be true. But to make a sound judgment, it’s necessary to see the reason behind “why is camping so exhausting.” This post will tell you about factors …

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