Are Doc Martens Good for Hiking

Are Doc Martens Good for Hiking

Nothing is more important than grabbing the right pair of hiking boots if you want to hike on your next outdoor trip. Undoubtedly, hiking demands strength, durability, and comfort to keep going. You will face challenging terrains, but if you are wearing the right pair, you can easily ace your hiking experience.

You should keep hiking boots in your travel trailer before leaving for a campsite that offers a good hiking opportunity. Since every pair of high-top shoes can’t survive while hiking, you should better check what qualities Doc Martens offer.

If you’re confused about whether to go for Doc Martens or not, this guide will help you for your upcoming hike.

Overview of Doc Martens

Since 1960 when Doc Martens first launched its pair of boots, the company focused on providing boots that fit the best in a working environment. 

Basically, Doc Martens are working boots that are used by on-site industry workers. The environment inside the industry is no doubt a demanding one; intense temperature, lack of ventilation, and metal-hard surface, and shock surely give a tough time. So these shoes were especially designed to be durable and comfortable.

Not only that, but Doc Martens also gives extra protection to your feet with the help of welted construction and a cushioned sole. In addition to that, there’s a model which has a steel toe-box and shock-absorbent soles.

But do Doc Martens suit well for hiking? Let’s find out.

The Perfect Size

We are talking about hiking here, and it makes sense that your boots’ size must be inch-perfect. You can’t compromise on the size, especially if you are buying a pair for hiking. Therefore, always invest your money in boots that allow your feet to enter and exit smoothly. The boots should fit snugly and give your ankle and toes some space to wiggle.

You should look for perfection when it comes to footwear sizing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to walk without pain. The good thing is that you can easily find the right size in the Doc Martens pair of boots. 

However, since these boots are for a working environment, the sturdiness might hinder you when you break-in. So, you will find wearing these boots a bit tough for the first time.

Therefore, it’s recommended to wear a thick pair of socks when trying on your boots. After that, try to walk for a moment and then decide whether you will get along with the boots in the long run or not.


When you start your hike, you might not feel any discomfort. But as you walk and pass the milestones, your feet plead to breathe. The breathability of shoes depends on how well your feet can relax and have some air while you continuously walk. 

Fortunately, Doc Martens are famous for providing good breathability in their boots. It allows oxygen to flow and keep the moisture away from your feet. Of course, your feet need proper ventilation to ensure their hygiene.

If you don’t let your feet breathe, they will begin to stink and might get infected by fungus.


This term refers to how well the shoes resist a slippery surface. The traction is an important factor to look out for because not every hiking terrain is the same. So, you might encounter slippery surfaces while hiking.

If you don’t equip yourself with a pair of boots having good traction, slipping on the terrain might injure you.

Doc Martens comes with a slip-resistant sole made of rubber that makes sure you are totally safe on all types of surfaces. Therefore, don’t worry about putting on a pair of Doc Martens while going for a full day hike on slippery terrains.


You should look for lightweight hiking boots because while hiking, you have to be as lightweight as possible. This factor determines how well you are going to perform on your hiking journey.

Unfortunately, Doc Martens don’t have a lightweight pair of boots that are suitable for hiking. That’s because these shoes are installed with the right safety materials, so their overall weight can be uncomfortable for hikers, especially those wearing these boots for the same time.

However, if you’re a seasoned hiker and have tried Docs Marten before, weight won’t be a problem for you.

Final Words

Doc Martens are safety work boots that can be used for hiking. All the safety features in the pair make sure that you can hike on all types of terrains without any worry. However, the weight of these boosts can be troublesome when hiking. Therefore, give these boots a thorough try before you opt for them for your next hiking expedition.

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