Are Pugs Good Hiking Dogs

Are Pugs Good Hiking Dogs

If you’re a hiker and a proud pug owner, you might have wondered about taking your dog to your next adventure at one point in your life. But are pugs good at hiking or should you drop the idea as soon as possible?

Pugs are friendly dogs that prefer staying at their owner’s house. However, with proper preparations, they can be good hiking dogs too. 

Since hiking usually gives a tough time, you must know several things before taking your pug on a hiking trail. 

Can Pugs Go On Hike?

Yes, your pug can go on a hike if the dog’s health and the weather should be in their optimal conditions. More importantly, you should have stored food and water in a backpack for your pug. 

What matters the most is the temperature. Pugs barely survive if the hike’s temperature crosses 75°F (24°C). Simply put, these dogs are heat-sensitive, and it’s better not to bring them for hiking if the weather is too hot.

Also, while preparing your teardrop camper with AC, make sure you keep all the necessary stuff for your pug like:

  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Identification tag
  • Food
  • Water
  • Plastic bags
  • Collapsible bowl
  • Backpack
  • First aid kit

Reasons Pugs May Not Be Good Hiking Dogs

You already know that pugs love to walk when you take them for a stroll on the streets. But that doesn’t mean they also love to hike. There’s a difference between a leisure walk and hiking. Therefore, pugs prefer not to endure the hardships of a hiking experience.

Some reasons why you shouldn’t take your pug for hiking are:


Apparently, those small punched-in noses of pugs look cute, but they could be problematic for the dogs.

Having a short nose makes the flow of air constricted. When the air doesn’t reach properly inside the pug, it results in two things:

  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • More time required for the pug to cool down

These two factors are important for hiking. If you take your pug hiking without knowing these facts, you are putting their life in danger.

That’s why you have to first train your pug to enhance its endurance for hiking in jungles and mountains.

Train Your Pug for Hiking

Of course, you can take your pug hiking, but it’s necessary to first train them beforehand.

Just like humans, pugs can also be trained. However, it will take more time to train a pug as its natural lung capacity is quite low.

To increase that capacity, you have to train your pug how to cool down fast and start breathing again fast.

Take them on a walk and start jogging on the track. Gradually increase the speed and laps while reducing the break time. That way, your pug will learn how to inhale and exhale without putting much pressure on the lungs quickly.

Carry Your Pug

Your pug doesn’t need to keep walking with you on the hiking trail. You can pick them up and continue moving forward. Moreover, pugs weigh between 14 – 18 lbs (6.3 and 8.1kg) on average.

Pugs love to be picked up by humans. However, picking up your pug while hiking on difficult terrain is not easy. That’s why you can buy a good pug backpack and keep your hands free. That backpack can accommodate the pug and its essentials.

In addition to that, make sure your pug is safe inside the backpack. Its head must be popping out of the bag to avoid suffocation.

Hot Weather Condition

Pugs are weather-sensitive and give an intense reaction when exposed to hot temperatures. Therefore, always do your research before leaving for camping and hiking in your pop-up truck camper.

Your pug will tell you by breathing through the mouth that it’s too hot out here. It needs more air to survive.

Besides, if you can’t find suitable weather conditions for your pug, you can take your pug early in the morning or at sunrise. At these times, the temperature is relatively low and suitable for your friendly dog.


Your pug is a responsible animal. However, the innate ability to go crazy in the woods might be dangerous for your pug. You have to be careful while hiking because a pug can let go of the leash and follow other animals. As a result, your pug might get lost.

In case your pug gets injured, you should have a medical kit to treat the wound instantly. Moreover, always keep an anti-tick spray with you to kill the ticks your pug brings to you.

Final Words

While hiking with your pug, make sure you take good care of your friendly dog. Keep it hydrated so that it can enjoy every moment with you during the hike.

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