Are Snowboarding Full Face Helmets a Good Idea (8 Recommendations)

Are Snowboarding Full Face Helmets a Good Idea (8 Recommendations)

Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport, but it has a greater element of risk. According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, snowboarders had a high rate of injuries. Snowboarders are also 50% to 70% more likely to get injuries than skiers. 

Snowboarders are involved in numerous accidents that cause ankle injuries, wrist fractures, and collarbone fractures, as snowboarders use their hands to stabilize themselves when they fall.

Moreover, hitting jumps and grinding rails is an integral part of the snowboarding culture. Therefore, there’s a higher chance of dislocated shoulders, elbows, ankle injuries, wrist fractures, etc. 

Wearing protective gear and helmets can reduce the chances of fatal accidents. In addition, helmets drop head injuries by 50%. Therefore, they are an essential part of your protective gear.

Even expert snowboarders tumble now and then. So the next time you tumble on the snow, make sure that you have a high-quality snowboarding helmet to protect your head and face. Here are the advantages of a full-face helmet and why it’s necessary for snowboarders. 

Advantages of a Full Face Helmet 

One of the primary advantages of a full-face helmet is the added protection it provides to snowboarders. If they accidentally tumble down on the snow, helmets can prevent serious head injuries and protect their face and chin. 

Full-face helmets also protect against wind, rain, cold, stones, and hails. Besides the enhanced protection, full-face helmets are a single-piece protective accessory. You don’t have to wear protective goggles or a half-face helmet anymore. 

Moreover, full-face helmets protect you from the sun, and you no longer have to carry your sunglasses as most helmets come with a tinted visor. 

8 Best Full Face Snowboarding Helmets

Athletes know that there isn’t a thing as a perfect protective accessory. What works for one snowboarder may not work for another. 

Some snowboarders prefer to wear completely sealed full-face helmets that provide added protection to the chin and their face. Others prefer a half-face helmet that has better breathability and offers clear visibility. 

But if you wish to invest in a single-piece protective accessory, a full-face helmet has you covered. You won’t have to buy eyeglasses, sunglasses, or anything additional, as a full-face helmet will accommodate you well. 

However, you must look into the helmets that provide maximum safety. Make sure that it doesn’t strain your neck and weighs less.

Remember to only purchase a full-face helmet that doesn’t block your vision while snowboarding. If you’re unsure about what to buy, here are eight great recommendations for a full-face helmet. 

Bell Qualifier 

Bell Qualifier is a budget-friendly helmet that provides added comfort and safety. It features interior padding, a closure strap, and a lightweight, aerodynamic polycarbonate shell. 

The Bell Qualifier is packed with premium features such as a removable antibacterial liner, adjustable ventilation, and contoured padding. It comes with a clear lid, but you can always order an optional tinted shield. 

Besides the comfortable fit, the Bell Qualifier features aggressive styling with the NutraFog II shield, speaker pockets, anti-fog visor, padded wind collar, and a five-year manufacturer warranty. 

While Bell Qualifier is the best full-face helmet you could buy on a budget, it does lack in some areas. For example, if you’re snowboarding on a windy day, this helmet can get noisy. 

But it comes at a reasonable price with maximum head protection. 


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable interior padding 
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable ventilation 


  • Visor may lift under windy conditions
  • Helmet may get noisy 

Ruroc RG1-X Spirit Full Face Snowboard Helmet

If you’re looking for a comfortable, quiet, and safety-conscious full-face helmet with chin guards, then the RG1-X Spirit is worth looking at. The RG1-X features the standard Ruroc helmet, goggles, and chin guard, but it comes with a front-facing mount, additional goggle lens, and a detachable peak. 

You can detach the goggles and the chin guard or wear them independently so you can customize the helmet however you want. Ruroc designed the RG1-X for freestyle snowboarders and skiers. 

It comes with unique features that provide comfort and safety, allowing you to efficiently perform snowboarding stunts. In addition, it has seamless integration between the chin guard, goggles, and the helmet. 

If users have prescription glasses, this snowboarding helmet is perfect for them as it can be worn over them.

Moreover, it keeps your goggles mist free due to advanced airflow channels. This full-face helmet is very durable since Ruroc designed the RG1-X from ABS hardshell and EPS foam. 


  • Can be worn with prescription glasses
  • Suitable for freestylers
  • Advanced airflow channels
  • Highly durable 


  • Requires additional thumbscrews to use the GoPro mount
  • Expensive

Ruroc RG-1 DX Core Snowboard Full Face Helmet 

If you’re looking for a comfortable and lightweight snowboarding helmet, Ruroc’s RG-1 DX full-face helmet is an ideal protective helmet. This full-face helmet features a removable face guard, integrated goggle technology, a protective ABS outer shell, and an energy absorption liner. 

If you’ve suffered face injuries by rails or tree branches, you must purchase the RG-1 DX, as it’s specially designed to protect your face and head. The helmet doesn’t have gaps, but it features Ruroc’s patented airflow anti-fog system. 

Overall, it is lightweight and features 2-inch comfortable neck support with low-density comfort foam. 


  • Removable faceguard
  • Aeroflow anti-fog system
  • Neck support


  • Expensive 

Typhoon Snowmobile Helmet

The Typhoon Snowmobile Helmet is a typical snowboarding helmet featuring a heated shield for eliminating icing and fogging. In addition, this helmet comes with two lens shields that have an anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating. 

Moreover, the Typhoon helmet features an adjustable chin skirt and a breath box. It also has an adjustable ventilation system for different weather conditions. The best part about this snowboarding helmet is that it meets DOT safety standards as its custom-designed for snowboarders. 

The Snowmobile Typhoon comes in various sizes, so you can find the perfect fit. In addition, this helmet comes at an affordable price with a chin skirt, power cord, RCA connection, and double pane heated shield. 


  • Retractable tinted sun visor
  • Available in different sizes 
  • Features heated shield 
  • Affordable


  • Not high-quality internal inserts

Caldera Electric Snow II by Vega Helmets

Vega Helmets engineered the Caldera Electric Modular Snowmobile Helmet for maximum comfort, safety, and functionality. As a result, you no longer have to worry about hitting a jump or performing on rails during the winter. 

The Caldera Electric Snow helmet features a multi-position shield for improved view. It also has contoured edges for better viewing angles. In addition, the helmet has interior cheek pads for a better fit. 

It has many features such as a fog-reducing breath box, modular flip-up system, detachable electric snow shield, advanced ventilation, waterproof design, removable liner, and pre-drilled eps.

In addition, it exceeds the DOT standards; thus, it is very reliable and safe for snowboarding. Overall, it’s cost-efficient for its features and lasts longer than most full-face helmets. 


  • Versatile features
  • Exceeds DOT standards
  • Reliable and highly recommended
  • Full protection
  • Fits perfectly


  • A bit pricey 

Castle X Mugello Helmet

The Castle X Mugello Helmet is where style meets functionality. This futuristic snowmobile helmet is suitable for snowboarding as it comes with a heated shield and larger viewing angles. 

Featuring a dual-lens, electric, anti-fog shield, and a breath box with a chin curtain, this helmet covers every feature you’d want in your snowboarding helmet. 

The Castle X Mugello helmet has an aerodynamic design that makes it perfect for performing snowboarding stunts. It also features interior padding for added comfort.

Moreover, it has hypoallergenic and antibacterial material. The chin curtain and the breath box are removable. In addition to this, the helmet has advanced air circulation channels.


  • Advanced features
  • Comfortable interior padding
  • Aerodynamic design
  • DOT certified


  • Fogs up easily 

Vega V-Star Full Face Helmet

The Vega V-Star Snowboarding Helmet is a world-class, full-face helmet having unique features. It has a durable DOT certified ABS shell for maximum head protection and EPS foam lining to protect you in case of an accident.

The Wick-Dri liner is extremely soft and comfortable. It also keeps your head dry.

In addition, the helmet features a D-ring on its chin strap, which keeps the helmet secured to your head. The comfort liner is removable and washable.

Moreover, the helmet has a seal shield lock technology that prevents water and air entry, reducing fogging. Besides this, the V-Star helmet also has a rear exhaust vent that keeps snow out of your helmet. 


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Adjustable fitting 
  • Removable liner for washing


  • Only available in one size 

Ski-Doo BV2S Full Face Helmet

The Ski-Doo BV2S Full Face Helmet is amongst the most expensive snowboarding helmets due to its additional features and advanced technology, such as precise vision technology. 

The Ski-Doo helmet offers maximum protection to the head as it features a polycarbonate shell. In addition, this helmet has a built-in sun visor. You can lower it according to your need. You can also remove the comfort liner to wash it. 

The Ski-Doo is a full-face helmet, but its front mask system is adjustable as you can open it. Moreover, the helmet’s back features a red light for better visibility.
Overall, it is a Dot-approved, reliable helmet with extra features that make it suitable for snowmobiling and snowboarding in extreme weather conditions.


  • Lever-activated sun shield
  • Washable inner liner
  • Fog-resistant mask system
  • Soft surgical rubber seal 
  • Front push-button release for jaw piece
  • 180° peripheral vision


  • Very expensive 

Final Words

We understand the dangers and the compounding effects of severe head injuries. There are numerous ways to stay safe when you tumble down on the snow, but full-face helmets are the only efficient way of protecting your head. Therefore it’s crucial to select the right helmet before you go snowboarding.

You must look for baseline features such as adjustable fit, ventilation, impact protection, and shell durability.

Although your buying decision depends on your budget and the features you require, you must never compromise on your safety. You’ll find a high-end helmet with maximum protection with these eight recommendations! 

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