Are Target Fishing Poles Any Good?

Are Target Fishing Poles Any Good?

A fishing pole or rod is an angler’s favorite equipment for sport fishing. It helps fishing enthusiasts catch bites on varying distances. 

However, you must set your goal before selecting the best fishing pole. With an excellent fishing pole, you can detect strikes, set your hooks, and lure your fish. 

To shop for an ideal fishing pole, you can find many options available on the internet and in-store locations. Similarly, the renowned retailer, Target, has a separate fishing gear category at almost all its stores. So, if you often shop from Target, getting a fishing pole from your go-to store sound’s pretty convenient. 

But are Target fishing poles worth your money? Let’s find out.

Fishing Rods and Poles at Target

Target offers several fishing poles to satisfy your fishing requirements. Here are a few high-reviewed options you can select from:

Redington 590-4

The Redington 590-4 is an excellent choice for anglers with different skill levels. It has a fly rod made from graphite and is optimum for medium to fast action fishing. Casting with the Redington 590-4 is a breeze as it can help you catch trouts effortlessly. 

With an accurate and smooth fly, the fishing pole is compatible for fishing with buggers and nymphs. The pole is versatile in its nature and comes with alignment dots to help you set it up without hassle. 

It measures 9 feet in length and weighs 5-pounds. Moreover, you can break it down into four pieces to organize your fishing gear.  

Kid Casters No Tangle

This incredible fishing rod is designed for the little anglers out there. It has a 34-inch inline rod with a reel and is made from plastic. So, your kids can grip the rod firmly with their tiny hands. It’s lightweight and comes with a snap swivel and rattle bobber. The fishing rod is tangle-free to allow your kids an untroubled fishing experience. 

Redington 990-4S

The Redington 990-4S is another amazing choice for saltwater fishing. It comes with a strong Crosswater reel and is pre-spooled with the floating line for RIO saltwater. In addition, the fishing rod features a smooth casting and is an excellent choice for medium or fast-action fishing. It has a fly rod made of graphite and measures 9 feet in length and 9 pounds in weight. 

You can use this high-quality rod for catching your favorite fish, such as redfish, golden dorado, salmon, or spooky permit. The best part is that the rod has an aluminum anodized reel seat. So, you don’t need to worry about your fishing equipment corroding from the salty water. 

Zebco 33 Cork Comp

With a fiberglass rod and large gear ratio, the Zebco 33 can make your fishing dreams come true. That’s because the rod is made from durable materials and can help you catch your fish 20 times faster. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy its multiple features such as QuickSet anti-reverse, no-tangle design, and Bite Alert. The fishing rod is great for different action types and has a 100% cork handle. 

Lews Mach Smash 

The attractive Mach Smash features a lightweight frame and is ideal for baitcasting. It’s a one-piece fishing rod and gives anglers maximum control for a productive fishing day. 

The fishing rod is always ready for action and features three drain ports, speed gears made from robust brass for strength, and the signature Lew’s Combat Grip™. Its thinner blank diameter reduces the bulkiness and makes fishing more comfortable. 

Should You Buy Your Fishing Rods and Poles from Target?

Target maintains its standards by delivering products as it promises. These fishing poles come from various brands and fall into multiple categories. So, the effectiveness of a fishing rod depends on what you use it for. 

To pick the best fishing rod or pole, it would help if you understood their varying types. Here, have a look.

Freshwater Poles

Freshwater poles are generally made from reed or canes. They come with a reel to let you close and open your pole. If you’re drawn to freshwater fishing, these poles can be your most preferred choice. 

You can catch crappies, catfish, and even fly fish with these fishing poles since they can be ideal for catching specific fish. 

Saltwater Poles

For the daring anglers, who set out in the great blue oceans to fish, saltwater poles are available in multiple designs. These poles are used for several different species and have a higher reeling capacity. 

So, if you’re lucky enough to catch a 100-pounder, saltwater poles have your back. 

Casting Rods

Casting rods are excellent for fishers who fish with precision. They feature a heavy frame and offer professional anglers the freedom to catch larger fish. These rods are available for multiple skill levels and offer great versatility. 

Spinning Rods

A leisure and fun fishing day is incomplete without spinning rods. These rods are small, light, and perfect for catching fish with comfort. 

If you’re a beginner angler, these rods can be quite fruitful. They feature spinning reels that hang under your fishing rod while the casting reel sits in the opposite direction. 

Trolling Rods

Headed for catching game fish? Get yourself a trolling rod. These fishing rods are optimum for reeling larger, fast, heavy fish. However, when shopping for these rods, you should remember the type of fish you’re aiming for, as it may help you pick a better one. 

Fishing rods and poles are usually used as synonyms in the fishing world. However, there’s a slight difference in both fishing equipment. 

  • Fishing poles are crafted from natural materials. These include bamboo, cane, and reed. So, they’re ideal for lightweight fishing.
  • Fishing rods are modern fishing tools commonly made from graphite, kevlar, and fiberglass. These rods are bulky and can come in handy for catching heavy fish. 

Final Thoughts

By fishing with the right poles and rods, you can alleviate your fishing experience. Target has hundreds of fishing poles available at its stores to let you decide what is best for you. Their products are highly reviewed and can serve you for a good time. However, you must pick your fishing equipment wisely to avoid a troublesome fishing day. 

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