Are Walmart Trailer Guides Any Good?

Are Walmart Trailer Guides Any Good?

Do you own a boat but find it hard to load and unload it at times? Then, it seems like you need some trailer guides in your life.

If you have been thinking of quitting fishing because loading and unloading your boat is too much a hassle, then just wait a minute and hear us out.

Trailer guides are the answer to your worries. They make it easier to maneuver your boat and minimize wear and tear, scratches, and accidents.

Coming in endless options, you can get a trailer of any size, color, and construction at varying price points, so there are many options in the market. Of the many brands that sell trailer guides, Walmart is one of them.

Let’s find out; are Walmart trailer guides any good?

What Are Trailer Guides?

Boat trailer, otherwise known as a “guide-on,” is essentially a frame to support your boat trailer. All you have to do is attach the boat trailer guides to your trailer and quickly load or unload your boat.

It doesn’t get any safer and more accurate, so it’s a fantastic product to purchase.

Do Trailer Guides Help?

Yes, they most definitely do.

A good trailer guide will make your life easier than imagined. They simply get attached to your boat trailer and avoid accidents or damage. While there are many types of trailer guides available, they all essentially do the job of helping you hoist up your boat and support its trailer.

Benefits of Walmart Trailer Guides

Trailer guides sure do come with a bunch of benefits. You will know it when you’re using them, but here so just some of them:

  • It is beyond simple to use them.
  • You don’t need to center your boat onto the ramp manually.
  • They support your boat’s trailer.
  • They prevent the bottom of your boat from any damage.

Types of Walmart Trailer Guides

Now, let’s talk about the different types of Walmart trailer guides.

Boats come in different shapes, sizes, and weights, requiring a particular type of trailer guide that matches its attributes. Therefore, before purchasing a trailer guide, you need to know which trailer guide may go with your boat. There are essentially three main types of trailer guides, which are all available at Walmart:


These are best for smaller boats that are lighter in weight. Made of non-marking PVC, they have adjustable metal brackets that hold up in the water when you back up your boat.


This one is rather sturdy, making it perfect for larger boats. They are also made of non-marking rubber, which prevents your boat from getting scratched.


The guides hug your boat, ensuring a safe grip in heavy winds or water currents, better for more extensive and severe weather conditions. Bunk style guides are carpet-covered wood to protect your boat’s body.

Walmart Trailer Guides Reviews

If we talk about the kinds of reviews Walmart trailer guides get, then it is safe to say that most of them are pretty great. We already know what to check when purchasing something; price, good or bad reviews, and delivery time, so let’s discuss them.


Prices of Walmart trailer guides seem to vary according to the elements you get with your central trailer guides. But, overall, the prices seem reasonable for trailer guides, which means an average person with a boat can probably afford it.

Good or Bad Reviews

Some of their products have gotten excellent 5-star reviews. The customers are delighted with this product as they claim that the trailer guides fit perfectly and are very helpful.

Similarly, other products with great reviews state that the Walmart trailer guides were “Better than expected” as they easily carry heavy boats and don’t take long to install. Additionally, customers claim to repurchase this product.

Like this, there are many reviews on how the product quality is spectacular. However, some customers are not as satisfied due to some inconsistencies either within the product or the customer’s boat.

Some customers state that the posts about Walmart trailer guides are misleading because they never got some of the parts listed. On the other hand, some customers have issues with the adjustments, complaining that “the metal arms are flimsy.”

Delivery Time 

While the reviews may be mixed, one thing that most certainly has satisfied the Walmart customers is their delivery time. Many customers have praised their quick delivery service, claiming that the products have reached their doorstep at the perfect time. 

Are Walmart Trailer Guides Any Good?

It’s finally time for the big question; are Walmart trailer guides any good?

First off, it is necessary to look at the reviews of what you wish to purchase since reviews are available for the same product. Your job is to look at the one with the best reviews and then add it to your list.

Sometimes, what happens is that even if the product is good, there can be some bad batches that get sent out to customers. If it isn’t the product’s fault, your boat probably does not have the proper alignment that fits perfectly with the trailer guides.

Overall, most of them have gotten great reviews if we talk about the Walmart Trailer guides. Many customers claim that their product is sturdy, strong, has a perfect fitting, and easily supports their boat trailers. So what more does one need? 

The Final Verdict

We would say that Walmart Trailer Guides are indeed good to purchase for the final verdict.

Coming at a reasonable price, they cater to all of their customers and have a great variety of Trailer guides. Additionally, it isn’t just their variety but also their quality that has amazed the customers.

What decision have you made about Walmart trailer guides after reading this article?

Are Walmart trailer guides any good for your boat?

If you don’t wish to order online, you can always go to your nearest Walmart and check out the quality yourself.

Let us know what you have decided, and ask away if you have any queries.

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