Banshee Quad Top Speed

Banshee Quad Top Speed

The Yamaha Banshee Quad was among the fastest production Quad made during its time. It was the only twin-cylinder, two-stroke Quad ever released to the public. The concept for Yahama’s Banshee Quad was revolutionary in the ATV world.

The four-wheeler was an instant hit and dominated its niche. It caught other ATV manufacturers off guard and silenced any attempts of a counterpart model from the competition.

The all-out performance, market domination, and versatility made it an excellent product. However, its speed and race features are what made it special. Let us have a detailed look at its top speeds and features that make it a special ATV model:

Banshee Quad

The Yamaha Banshee is the most successful, longest-standing, and most prevalent four-wheeler in ATV history. The vehicle has a two-stroke machine and tons of horsepower, making it a great competitor for racing ATVs. In addition, their simple design and 350cc power mill make their presence noticeable on the race tracks.

The vehicle made history as one of the best two-stroke quads in the ATV industry. The legendary ATV was produced from 1987 to 2012 and had an outstanding performance chart. In addition, its RD350-based twin-cylinder made it a Baja-winning ATV.

Yahama’s Banshee Quad was later discontinued due to strict EPA regulations about emission control limits. Since Banshee’s emission limits were above the regulations’ numbers, Yamaha had to halt sales of the quad. However, the bike is still available in the ATV market from previous owners.

Top Speed

The Banshee Quad is designed for riders who like to go fast, and it is not for inexperienced drivers. You can only ride one if you can handle swiftness. The machine maneuvers sideways at high speeds, making it biased towards experienced riders who can get the most out of the experience.

The ATV was marketed for the top speeds of 65 mph. However, the Banshee Quad can go up to 118 mph with aftermarket support. The advanced speed requires power mods, altering front fairings, and taller gearings. However, you can easily reach way above 65 mph in your races once the setup is complete.

How to Increase Top Speed?

A typical Banshee Quad comes with a 65 mph top speed. You need to make a few modifications to your ATV to get better speed. These modifications can cost a bit but are better for your performance if you want to participate in races and competitions. Here are some modifications for your Yamaha Banshee:

Air Filter

First and foremost, remove the air box that comes with your Banshee. Instead, replace it with premium air filters. This will give your Banshee’s engine more breathing space and boost its performance. Furthermore, periodically change your air filters for better performance as dirty air filters affect power and performance.

Reduce Weight

Reducing weight is a cheap and effective way to increase the speed and performance of your Banshee. First, get rid of the extra plastic and pipes on your vehicle. This will effectively reduce extra weight, making it easier to top speeds out on the track.

Aftermarket Exhaust and Silencer

Thirdly, some ATV riders recommend investing in a good exhaust and silencer for your ATV. The aftermarket mufflers and silencers are bolted directly to the exhaust, making a huge difference in your ATV’s performance. Furthermore, the exhaust enables better airflow in your quad’s engine, helping it reach top speeds.

Lectron Carburetors 

Many experienced riders recommend Lectron carburetors for Banshee. They use divergence to effectively create a fuel-lift effect for your ATV. The shape and ground surface controls the fuel that is allowed to be drawn up in response to each signal.

High Compression Piston

Lastly, you can invest in a high compression piston for your Yamaha Banshee Quad. This will enable better fuel efficiency in your engine. The two-stroke engine offers improved thermal efficiency for your ATV, but the high compression piston will pair that with exceptional fuel efficiency.


Yamaha can come a long way since its foundation was laid and has gone to produce some outstanding vehicles, including the Banshee Quad.

In addition, the company still pioneers the ATV industry four decades after the release of the Banshee Quad. These factors work together to make the Yamaha Banshee the king of off-road performance vehicles.

With exceptional top speeds and modifications, it competes with the most modern quad bikes. Its components, such as its transmission, neat high-rev engine, sliding ability, long-travel suspension, and foreseeable handling patterns, make it a special product for the ATV community.

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