Best Fifth Wheel Loft Floor Plans

Best Fifth Wheel Loft Floor Plans

Fifth wheelers are the most luxurious travel trailers. They have sufficient space to accommodate numerous people.

Fifth-wheel trailers also have more sleeping capacity. You can also add bunkhouses to the fifth-wheel trailers to increase the sleeping capacity of these recreational vehicles. 

However, installing bunkhouses for more people may overcrowd your trailer. If you don’t want to feel claustrophobic, it’s best to look into some of the best floor plans for fifth-wheelers to save storage space. 

7 Best Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

If you incorporate the best floor plan to maximize space, fifth-wheel trailers share a similar vibe to cozy cottages.

Having the best bunkhouse configuration can make a significant difference in your travel trailer. So let’s look at some of the best fifth wheel floor plans. 

2021 Keystone Avalanche 395BH

The 2021 Keystone Avalanche 395BH is ideal for a king-sized bed because it has a master bedroom and many storage options. This floor plan also covers washer set up, dryer set up, and comfortable beds. 

The master bedroom features a shower and a tub combo, a sink, and a toilet seat. You can access these facilities from the living area, but you may have to ascend a few stairs. 

This floor plan features dual recliners and a tri-fold sofa seat downstairs to create a movie theater. So if you’re stumped for flooring plans, the Keystone Avalanche 395BH will provide you with an extra room for some entertainment. 

This fifth wheel floor plan also features a kitchen with a central island, microwave, double sinks, a small pantry, a refrigerator, and a three-burner cooking range. 

The loft area right above the rear living space features the bunks. This area also includes a sofa seat.

You can also add a TV to the wardrobe here as it has sufficient space for keeping your monitor or LCD. Directly below this space is another small bathroom. Therefore, the Keystone Avalanche provides adequate space to accommodate large families.

This smart design allows numerous people to store their belongings on the wheel safely. 

2020 Jayco North Point 377RLBH

2020 Jayco North Point 377RLBH is where comfort meets class. This unit measures about 43 feet, offering you sufficient space with many amenities that make you feel at home. 

The Jayco North Point floor plan comes with a master suite that dominates the trailer. It features a queen-sized bed, a bathroom with shower space, and a compact closet. 

The hall features a large window that allows natural light into your trailer. The center of this rig features bunks. It fills out the space right above the bonus room featuring a desk and a TV combo. 

The rear living area is quite spacious. It features a comfortable sofa set that forms an L shape around a fireplace.

It is a cozy entertainment spot for your trailer. This space also has an overhead fan and ottoman stools, providing maximum comfort. 

The kitchen features a center island, microwave, refrigerator, pantry, double sinks, and a three-burner stove. 

You can also set up a dinette to accommodate up to four people. But this fifth wheel loft floor plan has sufficient seating space, so the table may not be in use.

2021 Forest River Arctic Wolf 287BH

2021 Forest River Arctic Wolf 287BH is similar to other floor plans with a master bedroom, bathrooms, and bunks. But this floor plan has oversized bunks that are uncommonly wide. It also has additional storage, such as underbed storage and a standard wardrobe.

Arctic Wolf 287BH’s extra features include 20-foot basement storage and auto-leveling capabilities.

Moreover, a privacy door closes off the living area from the bunkroom. This floor plan also features a U-shaped dinette suitable for accommodating six adults. The dinette is adjacent to a tri-fold sofa.

Besides this, the entertainment corner has a TV prep, overhead cabinet storage, and an electric fireplace. 

The kitchen features a fridge, a three-burner stove, pantry, microwave, pans and pots drawers, and a stainless steel sink. The Forest River Arctic Wolf 289BH also has an outside kitchen with a two-burner stove, separate refrigerator, freezer, and a sink for the camp chef. 

2021 Grand Design Reflection 28BH

The 2021 Grand Design Reflection 28BH has an exceptional layout with more storage space in the master bedroom. In addition, the bathroom is smaller, featuring a shower instead of luxurious bathtubs.

The bunkroom has a different layout with a double bunk and two single bunk beds. The double bunk is about 48 inches wide. Thus, it can accommodate two people.

A pocket door separates this bunkroom from the living space.

Adjacent space features the kitchen. The kitchen comes with a stainless steel sink, fridge, microwave, stove, and sufficient countertop space.

Across the master bedroom is a U-shaped dinette that can accommodate five people. You can also replace the table with theater seating across the entertainment center. The entertainment center features a fireplace, overhead cabinets, and a sofa. 

The bathroom is spacious, but it features a shower instead of a bathtub. In addition to this, the bathroom has a large wardrobe with drawers, a vanity, and a sink.

The master bedroom has a queen-size bed, wardrobe with drawers, and overhead cabinets for more storage space. This floor plan also has a 21-foot unobstructed storage space and an outdoor kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and spray port. Therefore, the Grand Design Reflection 28 BH is among the flooring plans with maximum storage capacity. 

2021 Grand Design Solitude 3740BH

The 2021 Grand Design Solitude 3740BH is a fifth wheel loft floor plan that lives up to its name by providing solitude on your trips. This floor plan is popular amongst people who love to stay on the road as it comes with a plethora of camping amenities. 

The Grand Design Solitude features a wardrobe and a dresser, a bedroom with a walk-in closet, and a spacious and well-ventilated bathroom. 

The main level features the kitchen with a center island, a microwave, fridge, stove, and sink. In addition, it has a standing dinette and a sofa that can accommodate about six people down the stairs.

The living area has a TV and a fireplace combo, so your entertainment spot is comfortable. Besides this, the bunk area offers more sleeping capacity, accommodating four people. You can also convert the smaller bunks into a sofa when you’re not using them.

You can access the second bathroom through the bunkroom. It also has outside access, making it convenient for campers who plan to spend more time outdoors.

This floor plan is ideal for campers that wish to have a small barbecue outdoors. You can grill your food and easily access the outdoor bathroom without worrying about making trips to the bathroom in the master bedroom. 

2019 Crossroads RV Volante VL295BH

If you’re looking for an open floor plan, the 2019 Crossroads Volante VL295BH is just what you need. This floor plan is under 34 feet, making it compact, but the living area offers sufficient storage capacity. Therefore, the camper’s primary large unit is in the living area. 

The master bedroom falls short on luxurious amenities, but it has adequate space with a queen-size bed and two closets. This compact floor plan features one bathroom adjacent to the sleeping area. The small bathroom features a stall shower, a sink, and a toilet.  

When you descend the main level, you get access to the pantry. It is tucked behind the entertainment space and the fireplace.

This area features a U-shaped dinette and a tri-fold sofa. Their location provides an unobstructed view. 

The L-shaped kitchen offers a refrigerator, a stove, a double sink, and a microwave. However, the bunk is crammed into the rear with one small wardrobe. This makes the floor plan suitable for a small group of people. 

2020 Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL

The 2020 Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL has an excellent bedroom configuration, making it some of the best floor plans for a fifth-wheel loft. The bunk area is located adjacent to the master bedroom. In addition, the master suite features a spacious bathroom.

Since the bunks are located right next to the master bedroom, everybody has equal access to the bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, sink, and considerable showering space.

The master suite has a queen-sized bed, dryer/washer option, and a wardrobe. The pocket door provides enhanced privacy.

The second bedroom features double bunks, while the living room features a center island that offers sufficient countertop space and seating for two. Moreover, the kitchen is equipped with double sinks, overhead cabinet storage, a refrigerator, microwave, pantry, and a stove. 


These seven fifth wheel loft floor plans come with enough amenities to accommodate many people. Your choice of floor plan depends on the age of your children and your family’s interest.

Some floor plans have more bunk space, while others aren’t as wide. Some are ideal for families with children, while the others feature larger bunk beds ideal for accommodating adults. 

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