Best Front Kitchen Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

Best Front Kitchen Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

The demand for fifth-wheel front kitchen campers is impressively increasing. These trailers feature all the comforts of a true motorhome and make camping trips more enjoyable. With these campers, you can easily detach your tow vehicle and set off for a ride to explore your campsite and its wonders. 

However, all fifth-wheel campers are not the same. Instead, these campers come in varying models with functional kitchens and bathrooms. This makes choosing the right camper for your needs tricky. 

You can simplify your options by filtering campers according to your preferred features. For instance, if you wish to have plentiful appliances in your RV, you can list campers that offer great appliance packages. In contrast, if you’re a food lover, you may wish to have an RV with ample kitchen space to spend your camping trip cooking delicious meals. 

Regardless of what you’re searching for in a front-kitchen fifth-wheel RV, here’s a list of excellent options you can consider buying.

1.Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EFK

When it comes to choosing an RV, Forest River campers are sure to hit your mind. The manufacturer is renowned for producing incredible trailers that can fit the needs of many enthusiastic campers. 

The Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EFK is a spacious fifth-wheel camper and an epitome of luxury. It can accommodate up to 6 people and features a spacious master suite. So, if you’re traveling with a large family or a bunch of loving couples co-vacationing, this trailer can be a wonderful choice. 

It has a main living area equipped with dual convertible sofas, a 55-inch Smart television, comfortable theater seats with USB ports built-in, and an electric fireplace that can be controlled with a remote. 

The Cedar Creek Champagne Edition also has a full bathroom, featuring a porcelain toilet and a fiberglass shower. The bathroom also has a washer and drying machine to do your laundry with ease. 

The camper’s front has a kitchen, namely the “Furrion” chef’s kitchen. Here you’ll find a giant 20-cubic foot refrigerator with an ice maker, a perfect addition for readily available ice to spend hot summer afternoons. 

The kitchen also has a big stove with four burners and a large oven to make you roast that scrumptious turkey without hassle. In addition, a 30-inch microwave can help you warm up your meals in no time to enjoy your family dinner sitting on the comfortable dinette. 

2.Keystone Alpine 3701FL 

If you’re searching for a large front kitchen, the Keystone Alpine 3701FL can be your go-to choice. Its kitchen is equipped with a three-burner stove and a decent size oven. Not only that, but it has a large refrigerator to store your food and keep it from spoiling. 

This fridge is a classic RV absorption refrigerator that’s a tad more robust than your home refrigerator. You can also use propane to power your fridge whenever you’re out of electricity. 

The manufacturer offers this fifth-wheel camper with their amazing North Face Insulation Package. The package is an excellent addition to the deal since it can effectively insulate your RV’s underbelly, storage tanks, and water lines. Also, it can warm up the camper’s primary living area, so you can stay toasty on chilly days. 

If you’re planning to go camping during the winters or fall, this camper can help you enjoy the trip at best. 

3.Jayco North Point 383FKWS

This fantastic camper is available in various floor designs, with many having the kitchen in the back, yet the North Point 383FKWS has it in the front. The trailer is efficient in sleeping spaces as it has a master suite and Hide-A-Bed sofas. 

With five slide-outs, the camper can impressively expand its space. Moreover, it has a large front kitchen equipped with a generous oven for roasting a tasty broiler-fryer chicken in a breeze. 

The three-burner stove is great for preparing multiple dishes and saving cooking time. The best part about this trailer is that it has a griller station for outdoor BBQs. 

To add to your excitement, there’s even an 18-cubic foot fridge to store your food safely. If you want an extra kitchen station for preparing dinner, you can benefit from the pedestal table included on the floor plan. In addition, you can use the table as a convenient spot to gather your family and enjoy a lovely breakfast. 

The North Point camper also includes two black water tanks totaling 74 gallons of black water storage. So, if you can’t go into an RV dump station, each of these tanks can also be used as an additional gray water tank.

4.Keystone Montana 3820FK 

Speaking of power and robust trailers, the Keystone campers have earned a high spot in the list of RV competitors. Their Montana 3820FK is a popular camper choice that can offer sleeping space for almost eight people. In addition, the cample features a fully functional bathroom to enhance your camping experience. 

Not only this, but it also comes with a complete insulation package to keep your camper warm and toasty during the colder seasons. The trailer comes equipped with several valuable amenities and is an optimal choice for outdoor family trips.

If you’re headed for a rustic fall hunting excursion, the camper can come in handy for off-roading.

The Keystone Montana 3820FK has a large and spacious kitchen with two basin sinks, a decent size oven, and a three-burner stove. Adding to the list of unique features, you’ll also have a full-size fridge with RV absorption technology. The best part about this refrigerator is its sturdy engineering to withstand bumpy terrain. 

The camper also features a comfortable U-shaped dinette for four people. Moreover, the kitchen plan also comes with a freshwater tank with a capacity of 66-gallon. This much water is sufficient for your bathroom and kitchen. The floor plan also includes a big 78-gallon storage tank for greywater. 

The black water tank has a capacity of 39-gallons and is a bit decent-sized compared to the other two large tanks. Therefore, if you plan to boondock with the camper, packing up a portable tank for waste can be a great backup. 

How to Choose the Best Front Kitchen Fifth Wheel Camper?

Fifth-wheel campers come in different kitchen sizes and have multiple attractive features. Therefore, you may have trouble selecting one good front kitchen camper with so many options. So, an excellent solution to this problem is to understand what features have a high priority for you. 

Here are some aspects you can look for in your camper to make a better decision:

Refrigerator Size and Capacity

Cooking your meals yourself is hygiene and affordable option. That’s why you may need a spacious full-size refrigerator. This may help keep your food cold and keep them from perishing too soon. 

When buying an RV, you should look for a fridge with a high volume rating, such as 16-gallons or more. 

Stove and Oven Size

Many fifth-wheel front kitchen trailers have a three-burner stove with a direct propane supply from the camper’s internal plumbing system. Therefore, if you love to cook all meals yourself for your large family, a three-burner stove is a must-have to save time and cook more meals. 

Additional Appliances

Most campers feature accessory amenities to ease up your camping chores. For example, some offer a coffee maker, while others may feature a microwave. However, you must ensure these appliances are good quality and belong to reputable brands since dysfunctional machines can waste a good chunk of your money. 


Front kitchen luxury campers often have a built-in dishwasher. While the addition is nice, it may eat up a significant storage room. However, if you’re the campaign chef, you must prioritize a dishwasher for the camper. 

Storage Tanks for Water and Wastewater

With several people using the bathroom and the kitchen is used frequently, you need water in abundance. So, check the storage capacity of your camper’s water tanks. Besides, water storage tanks are essential for boondocking off-grid. 

Final Thoughts

Having a front kitchen fifth-wheel camper can make your camping cooking a lot easier due to the ample space. With handy appliances, such as a microwave or juice blender, you can spend more time enjoying the camping trip with your family and friends. 

However, you must ensure that all appliances are in check and up to the mark to avoid inconvenience during the journey.

The camper options listed above are incredibly amazing and can make your outdoor traveling experience more convenient and comfortable. 

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