Best Guide to Trailer Guides for Snowmobiles

Loading and launching a snowmobile isn’t one of the best aspects of owning a motor sled. But it is an important activity for you to store your snow craft properly.

Gliding your snowmobile from your trailer is a challenging task. However, you can make it more convenient by purchasing the right trailer guide accessories.

What are trailer guides, and how do they help with launching and loading? Here is a detailed guide to trailer guides for snowmobiles. 

What Are Trailer Guides?

Snowmobile trailer guides come in different materials and sizes, suitable for various types of motor sleds. These are durable UV-resistant guides that help install your snowmobile to your trailer.

Trailer guides are low profile, and let your snowmobile glide over them. The design causes minimal interference in launching and loading the motor sleds. Moreover, trailer guides can accommodate every type of snowmobile. 

How to Choose Trailer Guides for Snowmobiles?

Snowmobile trailer guides can safely attach to your trailering truck to allow safe and secure load and unload of the motor sled. These are simple trailering accessories that can prevent accidents during the loading of snowmobiles.

The trailer guides are available in various styles, sizes, and materials. So how do you pick something that suits your snowmobile? Here is a detailed guide to trailer guides for your snowmobile. 


The style of the trailer guides is one of the critical considerations because you need to purchase something that suits your needs.

Consider the shape and size of your trailering truck, the weight of your snowmobile, and the type of ramp you want to use. 

If you have a heavier snowmobile, you need to guide them on your trailer. For this purpose, you can purchase rollers. However, simple trailering mats are suitable for smaller snowmobiles and trailer trucks. 

Material and Durability

The material of the trailer guide must be durable. It should be made of a gentle material that does not break when you load or unload your snowmobile.

Moreover, it should not damage the bottom of your snowmobile. For example, PVC is a gentle and durable material that makes an excellent guiding trailer as it does not break under heavyweight. 

Besides this, you must purchase trailer guides that are UV resistant. Moreover, the material should be lightweight as you need to layout the trailer guides often.

Heavy material isn’t a suitable choice as it will make launching and loading your snowmobile more challenging as you’d require help. 


It would be best to look for adjustable trailer guides for better loading and launching.

Most of the guides have universal compatibility, but you need to confirm that the trailer guide you purchase accommodates your snowmobile. 

Look for adjustability in width, length, and height to accommodate your motor sled’s shape and size.

Snowmobile Trailer Accessories | Buying Guide

Snowmobile accessories such as guides are ideal for trailers. The deep channel designs suspend runners that reduce friction between the snowmobile and the trailer, making loading and unloading easy and quick. Here are the best snowmobile trailer guides and accessories. 


Caliber Multi-Glides Double Set 13310

The Caliber Multi-Glides Double Set 13310 is ideal for mounting various snowmobiles on the same trailer deck as it has up to a 7-inch variance. 

These trailer guides prevent damage to the trailer decking, which is popularly caused by carbide ski wear rods. Each multi-glide is about six inches wide and five feet long.

These are friction-free, so they do not break, chip, or wear out. Grips are separately sold out. 


  • Includes all hardware 
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Up to 7-inch variance
  • Allows various ski stances to load up
  • Glides measure six inches wide and five feet long

Caliber Edge Glides 2.0 13391

The Caliber Edge Glides 2.0 are about 9 inches wide, capable of accommodating different types of snowmobiles, skis, ski stances, etc. These trailer guides are easy to install as they are incredibly lightweight.

In addition, they use friction-reducing technology to provide enhanced grip for the tires of your snowmobile. The edges have a gliding design for easy loading and unloading of your motor sled as they offer a smooth transition between the ground and the ramp. 


  • Works well with open and enclosed trailers
  • Comes with three edge glides 
  • Each glide is 9 inches wide and 24 inches long
  • Uses friction-reducing gliding technology 
  • Enhanced grip for tires
  • Easy installation

Discount Ramps Black Ice SKI-G60 Snowmobile Ski Carbide Glide Protector

Discount Ramps is a popular name in the snowmobile industry, and rightfully so. They produce the most durable and affordable equipment for hauling, loading, and various mobility needs.

The Black Ice Ski-G60 is another excellent accessory by Discount Ramps that makes loading and unloading your snowmobiles extremely convenient. The glides do not break under heavyweight as they are made from weather-resistant PVC.

In addition, they have enhanced durability and UV protection, so you no longer worry about the trailer guides’ wear. 

The PVC guides do not chip or crack, so they are suitable for reliable long-term use. The trailer guides feature a thick grooved surface that significantly reduces ski carbide friction. It has a total glide length of 40 inches and comes with eight packs of five ski protector glides. 


  • Suitable for utility trailers, pick up truck beds, large trailers 
  • 40 inches total glide length 
  • 0.25 thick grooved surface for reduced friction
  • Weather-resistant PVC material 
  • Screws are required to mount the guides 

Caliber Edge Glide Tilt Set 13362, 4-Pc Kit

The Caliber Edge Glide Tilt Set 13362 is a four-piece kit that accommodates different sizes of snowmobiles. This USA-made product is exceptionally durable and lightweight. 

This innovative trailer guide accessory forms a bridge between the ground and your trailer for smooth ramp loading and unloading. It also prevents snow buildup in the door.

Moreover, it uses friction-reducing technology for snowmobiles to easily mount on your trailer truck. This kit comes with four edge slides. Each glide is about six inches wide and nine inches long. 


  • Features edge protection system
  • Includes four glides of considerable size
  • Accommodates different sized power sport vehicles 
  • Uses friction-reducing technology 
  • Slotted fastening system for contraction and expansion
  • Does not come with hinges 
  • Mounting hardware is included

Caliber TraxMat Snowmobile Traction 13210, 54-inch

Caliber’s TraxMat Snowmobile Traction is an essential accessory for your trailer deck. It makes unloading and loading your snowmobile much more convenient with extra braking control and traction. 

TraxMat’s bottom features a unique design that dissipates and dries out the water, preventing your trailer deck from rusting and rotting. These trailer guides are about 16 inches wide and 54 inches long, ideal for large snowmobiles.

Moreover, it comes with stainless steel hardware. The versatile design works on every solid surface, such as tilted ramps, enclosed trailer decks, and V-front. You can stretch the TraxMat to prevent it from becoming wavy over time.


  • Protects the surface of your trailer 
  • Provides better braking control and excellent traction
  • Includes stainless steel hardware
  • Has a versatile design to accommodate different surface ramps
  • Makes launching convenient by forming a bridge between the trailer deck and the ground

Raider Snowmobile Protection Trax Trailer Track Mat

Don’t wreck your trailer deck anymore by providing it with the track mat from Raider, a reliable name amongst snowmobilers.

Raider’s snowmobile protection Trax trailer track mat protects your trailer from the studded tracks of the snowmobile. It also saves your trailer from moisture. 

This must-have trailer accessory is vital for snowmobilers as its unique bottom groove design allows the moisture and water to dissipate. Therefore, it efficiently dries out water, preventing deck rot. 

Moreover, the Trax Track mat is extra wide, providing optimum protection to your trailer truck. It measures about 18 inches wide and 54 inches long. 


  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Provides excellent traction for loading and unloading
  • Efficiently dissipates moisture from the trailer
  • Prevents deck rot
  • Unique bottom groove design

What Are the Benefits of Trailer Guides for Snowmobiles?

Trailer guides are a must-have accessory for snowmobilers because they prevent your trailer truck’s deck from rotting.

You can easily damage the bottom of your snowmobile or your trailer’s surface if you do not take proper measures to secretly load and unload your snowmobile.

Trailer guides work as a bridge between the ground and your trailer for easy mounting of the snowmobile.

Moreover, they reduce friction and allow you to safely secure your snowmobile on the trailer truck. In addition, you can quickly load the snowmobile on the trailer whenever you need it, without seeking help. 

Final Words

Trailer guides are a vital accessory for launching your snowmobiles. But there are numerous trailer guides available for different types of snowmobiles.

So you must pick the one that suits your budget and needs. Make sure to look into these six trailer guides, their pricing, materials, and durability before purchasing. 

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