Best Rear Living Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Best Rear Living Travel Trailer Floor Plans

The market is flooded with several travel trailers, with rear living trailers being the most-demanded. One apparent reason for the popularity is their wide range of floor plans. 

This makes us wonder: “Why do manufacturers offer so many floor plans for rear living trailers?” and “Why do people even opt for a rear living floor plan?”

Rear living-room travel trailers seem to blend effortlessly into the primary living area. This makes you feel less isolated or blocked. In addition, the floor plan for these trailers often has multiple windows, so you can enjoy a better view without feeling too congested.

Now, coming to the real deal for which you’re here, we have listed some incredible rear living room trailers for you. Therefore, you can read this post and skip the tiring process of assessing hundreds of trailer floorplans. 

Why Are Rear Living Travel Trailers Popular?

Several features make rear living travel trailers an upper hand over others. First of all, they feature a spacious lounge area where the entire family can gather to watch a movie or play a fun indoor game. 

Second, you can have extra privacy in these trailers since they have separate bedrooms from the living area. Third, rear living trailers are equipped with an additional kitchen space. So, you can cook a meal for the family while enjoying their presence around you. 

Lastly, these trailers also have more access to natural light. This means you can spend the day without wasting much fuel and energy. 

12 Best Rear Living Trailer Floor Plans

Below are the best rear living trailer floor plans out there:

1.Sunset Trail Super Lite

With a barreled ceiling, the Sunset Trail Super Lite travel trailer measures 37 feet in length. In addition, it weighs around 7688 pounds and offers ample space. 

This travel trailer is an excellent choice for a family of 4-8 people, depending on what model you buy. It has several luxury features, which makes buying this trailer worth your money. 

2.Heritage Glen 273RL

The Heritage Glen 273RL is a fifth-wheel rear living trailer that has a width of 96 inches and measures 34.4 feet in length. The trailer is excellent for sleeping six persons since it is pretty spacious. 

You can find a queen-sized bed and a trifold sofa to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Moreover, the standing island in this floor plan can offer ample counter space, so you can cook your favorite meals without feeling isolated. 

3.Apex Ultra-Lite 279RLSS

The 31-feet-long Apex Ultra-Lite 279RLSS with a rear living room is an ideal family travel trailer. It features a U-shaped dinette and can accommodate five people. In addition, it has a separate entrance for the main bedroom, which has a queen-sized bed. 

The living area can be accessed with a separate entrance with convertible furniture. This trailer also features a bathroom connected to the living room and the bedroom with pass-through storage. 

4.Catalina Legacy Edition 333RETS

The fantastic Catalina Legacy Edition 333RETS can accommodate four people. It measures around 35 feet and 10 inches. The best part about this travel trailer is that it has three slide-outs which are great for expanding space. In addition, it has a U-shaped kitchen that is connected to the primary living area. 

The trailer offers comfortable reclining Thomas Payne lounge chairs and a fireplace. Therefore, you can enjoy sipping delicious coffee and spend quality time with your family during winter. To add to your excitement, there’s an optional fireplace for the bedroom as well. 

5.Wilderness 3375KL

Perfect for four people, the Wilderness 3375KL is 39.8 feet long. It has an exquisite touch of luxury since it features a king-size bed. In addition, a sleeper sofa and ample storage space are also included on the floor plan. 

Its U-shaped kitchen is connected to the living room, equipped with dining tables, a couch, and two comfortable recliners. With this trailer, you’ll feel homesick. 

6.Winnebago Minnie 2606RL

Don’t be confused by the name, as the Minnie 2606RL is a popular choice for immense outdoor fun. It’s lightweight and easy to pull. 

It is a compact trailer that exceeds the limits of traditional trailers. The trailer can sleep up to five people and measures around 25 feet. The spacious queen bed, private bathroom, and large gallery make this amazing trailer an excellent choice. 

7.Airstream Flying Cloud 27B

The Airstream Flying Cloud 27B is a family-friendly and in-demand rear living family travel trailer. This amazing trailer has a more modern feel compared to the classic floor plans. In addition, it has sufficient sleeping space for up to 6 people. The trailer is 8 feet wide and offers ample space to live and enjoy your time inside the trailer. 

The Airstream trailer also has a rear hatch that can convert into a comfortable dinette for enjoying your tasty lunch while appreciating the outdoor view. You can also use the hatch for other purposes, such as loading and unloading your camping gear. 

The manufacturers have even added several premium appliances and extra storage space to make this trailer a perfect selection. 

8.Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2860RLS

With the Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2860RLS, traveling is a breeze. The trailer is 32 feet and 6 inches long and offers a lot of space to enjoy your outdoor trip. It’s great for a family of 4-6 people as it’s equipped with a queen-sized bed alongside two convertible beds. 

You can easily store all your belongings in this trailer as it has a copious storage space. Moreover, you can benefit from using several appliances in this floor plan. 

9.Gulf Stream Conquest 262RLS

The Gulf Stream Conquest 262RLS is enough for sleeping six people. It measures around 31 feet and 3 inches and has a large spacious living area. In addition, the rear living area has access to natural bright sunlight, which can help you save on energy. 

With a u-shaped family-sized dinette, and generous storage space, the floor plan also features convertible sofas. The best part is that the kitchen comes equipped with several valuable appliances. 

10.Keystone Laredo 275RL

The Keystone Laredo 275RL measures around 32 feet and can sleep up to six people. It has a trifold couch for sleeping and an under-storage dinette that offers extra space for storing your belongings. 

The wardrobe storage, a queen-size bed, and bright LED lighting in the bedroom make this floor plan a good competition for other trailers. It also features a modern style with premium amenities. Most importantly, the floor plan is family-focused so that you can enjoy your family trips at best. 

11.Springdale 311RE

This amazing trailer can elevate your camping experience with its incredible sleeping arrangements. With a master suite equipped with a queen-size bed, a sleeper sofa, and a convertible dinette, the Springdale 311RE is enough to sleep six people. 

The trailer also has an optional fireplace, copious storage space, and a lot of other comforts. 

12.Lance 2375

You can rely on the Lance 2375 to sleep up to 5 people. The trailer’s sleeping spaces include a queen-size bed, reclining chairs, and an optional convertible sofa. It measures approximately 28 feet in length and has a lot of storage space. 

Its lounge area in the backside is wonderful for relaxing. In addition, the lounge room includes a USB charging port to power your electronic gadgets. 

The best part about this trailer is that you can customize the floor plan according to your needs. 

How to Choose an Ideal Travel Trailer?

When planning an outdoor family trip, you definitely would love to buy a travel trailer. However, the floor plan of any travel trailer is a critical aspect to enhance your experience. 

Therefore, you need to carefully evaluate and weigh your options before settling on the best available choice. In addition, understanding how a floor plan may work for your family trip and lifestyle can also help you make a better decision. 

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group of friends and family members, you must select a floor plan that satisfies your needs the best. Here are some factors you can consider when picking your travel trailer:

  • Number of sleeping people
  • Overall interior space
  • Privacy
  • Interior storage space inside the kitchen, sleeping areas, and living room
  • Exterior Features 
  • Overall length
  • Storage bays
  • Mobility-accessibility 
  • Pet friendliness

Final Thoughts

Rear living trailers are spacious, so you can enjoy your family trips with plenty of living space. These trailers also have open living rooms, ample storage spaces, natural lighting, and more privacy. 

With their open kitchen designs, you’ll feel like cooking at home. In addition, they are easy to clean and offer great outdoor views. So, choose a travel trailer from the above-given options and embark on your adventure. 

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