Best Sunseeker RV Floorplans

Best Sunseeker RV Floorplans

RV manufacturers are now elevating their vehicle designs to bring you even more comfort. Similarly, the Forest River has also updated its travel trailer, fifth wheels, and motorhomes in 2022. However, the Sunseeker RVs have impressed us the most this year among all floorplans.

The Sunseeker RV is a range of incredible Class C campers. The lineup includes the Sunseeker LE, Classic, TS, and the Sunseeker MBS, which successfully bagged the RV Pro award in 2020 for the best of the show. Regardless, all models in the Sunseeker range have been updated or revamped and are ready to head outdoors. 

This post will help you find some of the best new and improvised floorplans for 2022. Most of these models have similar designs to old models, but they have become more sleek, comfortable, and modern. So, let’s check out all RV series and their respective subseries. 

Sunseeker Classic Floorplans

This series features the following RVs:


There are two slideouts in this 2440DS Class C RV. The one in the back has a queen-size bed, while the other has a U-shaped dinette and a pantry. At the rear of the motorhome, you’ll find a sizable dry bath. 

Moreover, a vanity, shower, medicine cabinet, toilet, linen closet, and wardrobe are all included in the floorplan. 


Three slideouts are evenly distributed across the design of this 2500TS RV. One slideout at the back of the trailer is used to increase the bedroom space and holds part of a comfy queen-size bed. A spacious wardrobe is located in the second bedroom slideout. 

The fourth slideout accommodates a U-shaped dinette and several overhead storage shelves in the main living area. The bathroom in this concept is horizontally laid out and divides the main living room from the bedroom.


The 2860DS is one of the Sunseeker RV floorplans with the most space. It has two slideouts, including one that expands the main bedroom by adding additional space surrounding the queen-size bed. 

The other is in the living area, with a 2-person sofa, microwave, convection oven, and several ceiling storage shelves. There’s also a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator, various closets and storage rooms, and a booth-style dinette in this layout.


The 3010DS motorhome design provides a lot of walking areas, which is ideal if you need some extra space. It also features two slideouts, one in the bedroom for extending the bed space and one for the U-shaped dinette 66-inch sofa in the living area. 

A full kitchen with a large sink, a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator, a pantry, and plenty of counter space is set across from this slideout.


The 3050S RV has an impressive slideout that expands the entire floorplan toward the right side of the camper. The slideout is so long that it can accommodate many furniture and appliances. These items may include a giant bed, a sink, a closet, a booth-style dinette, a vanity, and most kitchen counter space. 

Sunseeker LE Floorplans

The LE floorplans in the Sunseeker RV range include the following RVs:


This C Class RV features only one slideout, and its entire floorplan is relatively more compact than others. The slideout is used to hold a U-shaped dinette and a wardrobe. The bathroom and bedroom are located at the back of the design. 

In contrast, an additional bunk is located in the front cab overhang. This offers a lot of separation for small families traveling together.


This motorhome, like the previous one, has only one slideout. On the other hand, this one is used to store a portion of the large bed at the back. This RV also has a small dry bathroom in one corner. The primary living area comprises a pantry, a booth-style dinette, and a small kitchen setup.


This floorplan differs from most on this list as it does not include any slideouts. Although this reduces the amount of space available, the RV is designed for comfort and effortless maneuvering. 

There’s a queen-size bed in one corner, and in another, there’s a separate dry bath. There is a small kitchen and a U-shaped dinette in the main living area. 


The 2550DS has a bit more room than the other LE models. It also includes two slideouts, one in the bedroom for the bed and the other in the living area for a 2-person sofa and booth-style dinette. 

The floorplan of this RV focuses on maximizing storage space. Therefore, most walls are lined with overhead cabinets and closets, wardrobes, and other spaces for storage. 


Because of the one huge slideout, this RV is lovely and spacious. Because all the appliances and furniture are flat against the walls, this floorplan has plenty of open space in the middle for walking. 

A 2-person sofa and a booth-style dinette are contained in the slideout, located in the main living area. A large primary bedroom with a dry bath is situated at the rear of this floorplan.


This RV is ideal for vacationing with a group of family members. Due to its large size, it can accommodate more passengers, with multiple sleeping spaces. 

The RV also has an over-cab bunk in the front and a kid’s sofa sleeper with a queen-size bed in the rear. Moreover, the large couch set in the living area can be used for sleeping if needed. Lastly, you can easily expand the RV’s living space by extending two slideouts.

Sunseeker MBS Floorplans

This MBS series features the following RVs:

2400B MBS

Only a single slideout is used to increase the floorplan of this compact RV. Its slideout holds a U-shaped dinette, storage space, a pantry, some overhead cupboards, and a portion of the queen-size bed. Moreover, a dry bath is located in the back corner, while a functional kitchen is designed along the wall.   

 2400Q MBS

This design is jam-packed with areas to relax, sleep, and store things. Only one slideout is available that is used to store a portion of a large bed. A dry bath can be found in one of the back corners. 

An L-shaped counter in the kitchen lies against one wall, beside an L-shaped seating space. Moreover, the seating area is wrapped around a table to save space. 

2400T MBS

Although the length of this RV is similar to the earlier two, it is more spacious due to its large slideout on the side. The slideout can hold two power theater seats and a soda that converts into a Murphy bed. 

The opposing wall is lined with storage and a full kitchen. In contrast, a dry bath is located in the back.

Sunseeker TS Floorplans

Finally, the TS series have incredible RV floorplans such as:


The floorplans of the TS2370 series do not have a cab-over bunk area, unlike typical Class C RVs. Instead, they concentrate on increasing headroom and storage space above the ceiling. 

A dry bath in the back and twin beds can be changed into a single spacious bed. A two-person sofa and a refrigerator are housed in the slideout.


Although there are no slideouts on the TS2380 design, it is still very comfortable and spacious. In the back, there is a dry bath and a double bed against a wall. Moreover, the RV features ample space for cooking and eating together with an L-shaped kitchen and adjacent dinettes.

Most walls have above cabinets to maximize storage capacity.

Final Thoughts

All Sunseeker RV floorplans are one of a kind. Most of these RVs focus on maximizing storage capacity, while others prefer to increase the living space.

So if you’re traveling with a group of people, several models can satisfy your sleeping space requirements. However, you need to decide what RV floorplan meets your needs to make the best purchase decision. 

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