Best Toy Hauler Bunkhouse Floor Plans

Best Toy Hauler Bunkhouse Floor Plans

Best Toy Hauler Bunkhouse Floor Plans

Summers are finally here. If you’re heading for outdoor adventures, a toy hauler is your best investment to carry ATVs or dirt bikes. In addition, it also offers ample space to load your snowmobile as well. 

Once you reach your destination, you can transform the toy hauler into a cozy and practical living space. What’s better than feeling at home while enjoying the scenic views? Nothing, right?

If you have a large happy family with cute little ones who love to travel around, toy haulers can offer extra sleeping space and enough space to perform your daily activities. They can equip a bunkhouse where the kids can rest peacefully. 

However, finding a good toy hauler is often challenging since RV manufacturers offer a variety of attractive and spacious floor plans. So, how can you get your hands on a convenient toy hauler that fits your needs? It’s easy. Simply read this post to check our list of some excellent toy hauler floor plans. 

8 Best Toy Haulers With A Bunkhouse

Many people look for toy haulers with different requirements. For example, some may want extra space for doing laundry, cooking food, or storing their equipment. In contrast, others may prefer a toy hauler with bunkhouses for a spacious sleeping area. 

Toy haulers allow people to travel with their complete family conveniently while avoiding accommodation issues. 

Therefore, you should check your toy hauler’s floor plan in detail to see if it meets your expectations. The following list contains toy haulers’ floor plans that meet multiple niche needs. This way, you can select the best toy hauler for traveling.

Dutchmen Coleman Lantern

The Dutchmen Coleman Lantern 300TQ spans around 38-feet in length. This makes this travel trailer one long and spacious toy hauler. It offers cargo space that’s 10-foot long with a payload capacity summing up to 3,000-pounds. So, you can easily store any snow machine or ATV at your camping site. 

In addition, the garage can convert into a comfortable sleeping space at night once you’ve set the camping fire and have pulled out your toy vehicles. It also features a big overhead bed and couches to provide enough sleeping space for all family members.

What’s more, this floor plan has a 10-foot extended cargo bay area with a bunkhouse at the rear side which connects with the midship bathroom. The rear 10-foot cargo bay bunkhouse area is connected to the midship bathroom. 

Undoubtedly, the layout is ideal if your kids are teenagers as it can offer them their own hangout area and a bunkhouse, so you can sleep at peace. 

Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 

This fifth-wheel toy hauler features a 13-foot-long cargo garage at the rear end. The Forest River – XLR Thunderbolt 413AMP also provides a loft with a bunkhouse for sleeping. You can convert the garage at your camping site for a night sleeping area after offloading your ATVs or other toys. 

If you’re a frequent camper who loves to visit different sites, you might often encounter bad weather conditions. However, with this toy hauler, the weather will not bother you anymore, as the loft bunk space can save you. 

In addition, the area is separated from your main convertible living space at the rear, allowing more people to sleep in the garage. So, if you’re tight on space, don’t worry. Your toys will stay safe from the rains and storms while serving as extra resting space. 

Jayco Seismic

Here’s another fifth-wheel toy hauler with an 11-foot-long backend cargo garage. The Jayco Seismic hauler is large and spacious and can offer a lot of sleeping areas. 

Its garage is located at your travel trailer’s front, which increases the tongue weight. Therefore, you can avoid suffering from slow speeds and too heavy a rear weight when traveling on the highway. 

In addition, the toy hauler features two sufficiently large bunk beds that can flip down when needed. This allows you to convert your garage area into a bunkhouse easily. 

Despite all these benefits, you will still have ample floor space left, perfect for young kids to enjoy in their playroom. Moreover, the space can also be used to hang out and play indoor games. 

The best part is that the keystone compensates for extra weight on the tongue with the help of the power jack in the front. This way, you can disconnect your toy hauler while loaded without straining your arm. 

K-Z Venom 

This travel trailer K-Z Venom V4114TK is a 2021 14-foot long toy hauler that can convert into a large bunkhouse. 

Once you reach your campsite, you can take your ATVs or dirt bikes out of your garage and install the spacious sleep and sit bed with an attached ladder. The bunkhouse and rear garage combo layout offer sufficient floor area for hanging out. 

It’s ideal for younger children as a playroom or for teenagers to chill out.  In addition, there’s a loft bed permanently installed across the room. It extends from the power sit and sleep bed and with a size of 40″ X 90″. 

Moreover, there’s a dryer prep and washer installed under the bed. You can camp off the grid for several days with your toys and family thanks to the enormous 70-gallon fuel tank with large freshwater and wastewater storage tanks.

In addition, the 2021 K-Z Venom V4114TK can be one of the best toy carriers for a large family who enjoys camping dry in the amazing outdoors. 

Heartland Fuel

Heartland’s iconic fifth-wheel toy haulers now have a travel trailer version in the form of  Heartland – Fuel 305, launched in 2021.

With an excellent payload capacity, this toy hauler lets you store several toys and other necessary equipment in the spacious 16-foot-long garage at the backend. 

The back of the garage includes an electric-powered bed that can lower down to hover over the opposing twin sofas when you take your toys out and park them outside. In addition, the queen bed can be positioned to provide spacious sleeping space for an adult, while the sofas can be used as sleeping beds for young kids.

This arrangement allows you to establish a sleeping place for visiting couples with children or teenagers. The king-size master suite, on the other hand, is located on the opposite side of your toy hauler, which serves you with additional privacy.

This allows your grandchildren and children their own sleeping place if you wish to travel with them. Moreover, it can be quite useful if you’re traveling with a large family and want your teenagers to keep a watch on the little tots at night. 

Dutchmen Endurance

This floorplan features a 17’1″ cargo compartment which is a large room that can be used as a living space or garage. In addition, the interior of the Dutchmen Endurance is not separated from the cargo compartment. 

Moreover, the in-command control system can turn your toy hauler into a smart RV. This enables you to remotely control the lights, slide-outs, generator, and other things. This series is also great for extras.

For example, the premium package may offer you a furnace with 30,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU AC, a fuel station with 30-gallon storage capacity, a stovetop with a built-in oven, LED TV, a refrigerator, and several other features. The list goes on as you can also have a 5.5KW generator as an option for exterior add-ons. 

It’s a reliable toy hauler that provides ample space for sleeping and living. So, your kids and teenagers can enjoy their time hanging out and playing games. In addition, with so many valuable features, you can avoid several issues such as keeping your food cold, cooking meals, and running out of fuel. 

Forest River XLR Nitro

The Forest River XLR Nitro is a spacious fifth-wheel toy hauler. Its garage area can be converted into a convenient living area. So when you park your toys outside, there’s sufficient floor space left for the family to sit and relax.

It also features an extra electrical bed, armchairs, a pass-thru dinette, TVs, and more. The best part is that the toy hauler has two toilets. So, if you’re traveling with a large family, this feature can be a plus point. 

In addition, the toy hauler is a standout in terms of packaging. Its standard package includes culinary items such as a cooktop with three burners or a big 12-cubic-foot, as well as entertainment features such as LCD TV and JBL speakers.

Additional options include a generator with 5.5KW power, an extra 13,500 BTU air conditioner, and a management system for your AC’s energy. 

However, most people do not need an additional AC, but the generator can attract several potential buyers. 

Do All Toy Haulers Have Convertible Garages?

Several toy haulers have features that can convert your garage into a convertible sleeping space. However, this isn’t the case with all toy haulers since all of them do not have overhead sleeping areas or bunks. 

Instead, some toy haulers can convert the backend garage into a spacious dining room or outdoor/indoor patio. In contrast, other toy haulers emphasize a functional room for laundry and storage space for important equipment. 

Therefore, if you prefer a bunkhouse area for your toy hauler, you must check the floorplan of the model before purchasing.

Is a Front Garage Better than a Rear Garage?

Many travel trailers come with rear garage toy haulers. These are great as it makes it easy to drive large or long toys inside and outside through the access ramp. It’s even handier for storing multiple toys if you travel with a large family. 

Therefore, when you convert your garage into a convenient sleeping space, it offers more area. That’s how you can always enjoy your night stays outdoors without dealing with tight spaces.

However, rear garages cause one big problem as they add extra weight on the backside of your trailer while you may wish for added weight near your hitch. As a result, you’re at risk of trailer sways while driving at highway speeds. 

Therefore, several trailers offer a front garage that you may convert into a sleeping or living area. Front garages are great as they can add weight to the hitch and tongue, reducing driving issues at high speed. 

However, this floor plan may allow you limited space for sleeping. In addition, you can only fit up to one ATV with the space given. 

Final Thoughts

Carrying your toys to a camping site is indeed a challenge. But, with these incredible toy haulers, you may not have to deal with a lot of hassle. They are spacious, convenient, and offer multiple add-ons to enhance your traveling experience. 

The convertible bunkhouses and garages are a great feature to accommodate several people. Therefore, you can invest your money in buying a suitable toy hauler. After all, an outdoor trip without ATVs or dirt bikes is always incomplete. 

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