Can Jeep Renegade Go Offroad

Can Jeep Renegade Go Offroad

The Jeep Renegade is a fun-sized crossover SUV from Jeep. If you want an SUV, but the idea of big bulky gas guzzlers puts you off, then you’ll want to consider this subcompact crossover.

You might be wondering, can the Jeep Renegade go offroad? The short answer is yes, depending on the trim level. However, don’t expect it to have the offroading capability of the larger offerings in Jeep’s lineup, such as the Wrangler.

Which Trim Level is the Best for Offroading?

The Renegade comes in several trim levels: Sport, Latitude, Altitude, Limited, and Trailhawk. Although the lower trims are decent vehicles in their own right, you’ll want the Trailhawk for offroading.

Aside from the entry-level Sport trim, all models come equipped with 4WD.

The Trailhawk has several features that make it a capable offroader, such as skid plates, offroad spec aluminum wheels, offroad tires, hill descent control, tow hooks, and a reworked lifted suspension.

In addition, the Trailhawk has several features that will help it scale rocky and muddy terrain. Let’s dive into the detail of these features with a bit more depth.

What Offroad Features Does The Trailhawk Have?

The Trailhawk comes with several features that help fine-tune the offroading experience.

Firstly, it has been certified Trail Ready by Jeep, a title that they only bestow upon models that they deem worthy of being offroaders. 

It has the Selec Trac management system developed in-house by Jeep. It detects changes in the terrain and modulates the power delivered to the axles, switching seamlessly between 2WD and 4WD modes.

The suspension has good articulation, which means that it does a nice job of keeping the wheels in contact with the ground.

It has several switchable terrain modes that manage torque management, and suspension height and dampening. These are Sport, Mud, Snow, and Auto.

The Auto mode is well suited for your daily commute, providing maximum comfort for normal road conditions. However, if you want to kick it up a notch and have some fun on some bendy roads, the Sport mode has got you covered. The rest of the modes will help maximize control in different terrains.

This nimble little SUV has impressive approach angles and departure angles at 35.5 and 27.5 degrees, respectively, which are amongst the best in its class.

Its ride height of 8.7 inches is plenty enough to handle the ups and downs of most terrain. However, it has also proved it can ford water up to 19 inches in depth.

For particularly bad terrain with plenty of dips and rises, its well-placed skid plates help protect the undercarriage.

What Engine Options Are Available For The Renegade

For the 2022 model, the only remaining engine is the 1.3 liter, four-cylinders turbocharged one. That’s just as well, though; you probably won’t miss the oil-burning, gas-guzzling 2.4 liters turbocharged Tigershark.

Don’t think that this 1.3 is a slouch; it has 177 HP at 5750 RPM and 210 nm of torque available from only 1750 RPM. This means that the engine will feel quite zippy around town without getting the tach too high.

The Renegade’s transmission is a nine-speed unit from renowned manufacturer ZF. The ratio spread is impressive, with closely packed initial gears and four taller gears for cruising.

With its 4.71 first gear, you’ll feel the torque in the seat of your pants from a standstill. The rest of the gear ratios are packed closer together to help keep the engine in its optimum RPM band. The last four gears are all overdrive, helping keep the revs and noise down on the highway.

The engine and transmission combination delivers decent fuel figures for its class, with 24 mpg around town and up to 32 mpg on the highway.

Is The Jeep Renegade Value For Money?

The Renegade starts with an MRSP of around $26k. If you opt for the Trailhawk trim, it will be bumped to nearly $32k. 

It’s not the cheapest subcompact SUV, but it is the most versatile. The Trailhawk’s features let’s it tackle a wide variety of situations, both on the tarmac and off-road.

Don’t forget that you are also paying for the legacy of the Jeep brand. They have been manufacturing offroad vehicles for decades, and they know a thing or two about making them properly.

Overall, if you are in the market for a subcompact SUV, this little Jeep is something you’ll want to look into. You asked, can Jeep Renegade go offroad, and we answered. Consider heading to your nearest dealer and take it for a spin to help make up your mind.

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