Can You Have a Truck Camper On Flatbed Trailer?

Can You Have a Truck Camper On Flatbed Trailer?

Are you short on funds and unable to make ends meet? You will need to make do with the materials you have available. If you have a camper that can be mounted on a pickup truck, you are in luck. However, if you do not have a pickup truck available, you can use any vehicle that can pull a flatbed trailer around.

Flatbed trailers are very cheap and easy to mount. They are gaining popularity due to their compact design. Let us dive into all the information you need to be a truck camper on a flatbed truck.

How to Install a Truck Camper on a Flatbed Trailer? 

Flatbed trailers are a bit different from standard truck beds. They do not have side rails like standard ones. Therefore, mounting the flatbed truck camper is a different process. There are two mounting options that you can consider:

Permanent Flatbed Installation

The first option is to install your flatbed truck camper using a subframe and bolts. This is known as permanent flatbed installation. The support will separate the frame from the truck’s chassis. This saves your camper’s chassis as shifting the weight will minimize damage in uneven terrains.

However, permanently installing your camper comes with a few cons. First, you can no longer remove or add your truck camper whenever you need it. Therefore, this mounting style is considered inconvenient for campers. It is also prohibited in adventure trails that have low clearance bridges.

Removable Flatbed Truck Campers

On the other hand, a removable flatbed truck camper gives you the liberty to discover rougher terrains. They can also go through low overhead clearances. These flatbed truck campers have electric or manual camper jacks.

These camper jacks assist in lowering or raising the camper on the flatbed trailer. Furthermore, you can also use a turnbuckle to help anchor your truck with tie-downs. These mounts can secure your vehicle during traveling.

This method of installation is preferred over permanent installation. It is also economical and reversible if you want to stop living in a camper and get a place for yourself.

Benefits of a Flatbed Truck Camper 

Flatbed truck campers have numerous benefits as compared to other types. Here are a few:

More Storage

One can never have too much storage space. Since flatbed truck campers have a square bottom, it significantly increases storage space for campers. Based on the design, it can be both internal and external storage.

Floor Space

Having an utterly square base, the flatbed truck camper allows you to have a greater surface area for flooring. The increased floor space offers more creativity and options for your floor plan. One can never have enough space when it comes to truck campers.

Off-Road Stability

The camper units have flat bases. These bases provide them added stability whenever they are traveling off-road. However, you shouldn’t get too extreme when off-roading due to a higher center of gravity. Furthermore, they also offer more stability in terms of routes and travel.

Costs of Installing

If you want to convert your trunk into a flatbed, you can choose between two options: a commercial  or a DIY. Commercial flatbed trailer installation can range from $30,000 to $60,000, including the materials and installation.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can go for the cheaper alternative. A DIY installation will save you thousands of dollars. Furthermore, it will provide you with many customization options. You can also make an exception and install a regular truck camper on a flatbed trailer if you want.

What Do You Need? 

Mounting a truck camper on a flatbed is not a challenging task. There are certain items that you may need to perfectly complete the installation, including:

  • Flatbed trailer to haul a camper
  • Tie-down hardware with camper
  • Heavy-duty floor jack
  • Power Winch
  • Arc Welder and saw
  • Steel tubes and eye hooks, and more.

If you are inexperienced in hardware installation for your truck, you can also seek professional help. There are experts out there who can help you successfully mount your flatbed.

Best Truck Campers

Various truck camper brands are manufacturing new models that can be mounted on a flatbed truck or trailer. Hallmark and BunduTecUSA are among those few popular camper names. Here are some specifications for these campers:


Hallmark manufactures flatbed truck campers for short and long flatbed trucks with 7 feet and 8.5 feet lengths, respectively. Customers can customize these campers and choose a side or rear entry.

However, it comes with a few setbacks. The door’s position will limit your choices in terms of floor plans. You will have to redecorate your camper according to your door’s position.

All models have a fiberglass composite exterior that increases durability. The support system is made of standard wood. However, customers can upgrade to an aluminum material for around $2000.

Hallmark’s campers come with a 6-gallon water heater, a refrigerator, a cassette toilet, and a ducted heater. Furthermore, solar-powered systems and air conditioning can be added later in customizations.


BunduTecUSA is amongst the leading camper manufacturers. They provide customers with several options for customization. Their campers have 20-gallon freshwater tanks, two stoves, and a queen-sized mattress.

Their Odyssey model is 6 feet-4 inches high. Furthermore, their tinted windows provide added privacy. In addition, customers can add upgrades like air conditioners, wireless electric jacks, and a skylight. BunduTecUSA also offers a list of additional features like steps, ladders, awnings, and more.

The customization options ensure that all customers are comfortable in their space and have all the amenities.


To sum it all up, getting a camper truck for a flatbed trailer is a great idea. They are cheap and are an excellent long-term investment. People who have chosen flatbed campers as their on-the-road home shared terrific experiences.

Furthermore, all the top campers come with amenities like freshwater tanks, refrigerators, ladders, and more. Travel enthusiasts, especially those who like to travel on the road, have tried truck campers on flatbed trailers with their four-wheelers.

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