Can You Use a Pool Tube for Sledding

Can You Use a Pool Tube for Sledding

You don’t have to miss out on your snow activities because you forgot to buy a sled this year. It is pretty tempting to go sledding with all the accumulated snow to make the most of the winter season.

But without proper equipment, sledding could be challenging. But can you use a pool tube for sledding? Pool tubes and other alternatives make some of the best impromptu sleds.

All you have to do is be a little creative and daring! Let us learn about a pool tube and how you can use it for sledding. 

What Is a Pool Tube?

A pool tube, commonly known as a swim ring, is a toroid-shaped inflatable water toy. It is also called a rubber ring, an inner tube, a water donut, or a lifesaver.

An inflatable pool tube is made from polyvinyl chloride. Most manufacturers make inflatable pool toys with synthetic plastic polymers that become softer when adding plasticizers such as phthalates.

A standard inflatable polyvinyl chloride pool tube is called a PVC swim ring. Pool tubes are also made from other materials.

However, some may cause allergies due to the chemicals added to PVC to make it more flexible. Here are some common pool tube materials. 

  • Durable vinyl
  • Durable PVC
  • High standard PVC
  • Polyester mesh
  • Naphthalene
  • 12 gauge vinyl
  • Plastic

Most pool tubes are made from the common PVC material. An ideal pool tube uses a high standard PVC, making direct skin contact safe as it is non-toxic and protects you from allergies. 

Some other non-toxic and safe materials for pool tubes include polyester mesh with two layers of PVC, which strengthens the pool tube material by increasing durability.

If you want to use your pool tube for sledding, it must have a polyester mesh between the PVC layers for extended life span and increased durability. 

Using Pool Tube for Sledding

You can go sledding without a sled if you own a pool tube. In addition, some inflatable pool toys can make impromptu sleds, and swim rings are one.

Pool tubes are an excellent alternative to sleds, even if they do not hold air. Inner tubes and rafts are some of the best substitutes for a sled as they are smooth and quickly go down on the snow. 

Sometimes pool tubes are not made from a combination of polyester mesh and PVC, which makes them less durable. As a result, they’re more likely to get damaged when you go sledding. This is why you should look into other alternatives for sledding. 

Alternatives to a Sled 

Besides a pool tube, there are a few alternatives that you might have at home. If you do not own a sled, you can be a little creative and turn everyday objects such as a yoga mat into a sled. Here are some popular alternatives to a sled.

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Plastic lids of large containers
  • Baby pools
  • Camping sleeping bag 
  • Yoga mat
  • Inner tube
  • Pool floatables

Garbage Bags

Using a garbage bag for sledding has become a go-to option because they are large and durable. In addition, garbage bags are the best for going down snowy hills as you comfortably put your legs inside the bag and smoothly go down the snow-covered hills. 

Garbage Can Lid

A garbage can’s lid is another popular alternative to a sled. First, however, make sure that the garbage can’s lid is clean. Then, you can comfortably sit on the lid and use it as a sled. 

Large Storage Container

If you do not have a garbage can lid, you can use a large storage container as a sled. Just hop into the container at the top of the snowy hill and push off the container.

If you have a flat-based plastic container, it will work as some of the best impromptu sleds as the flat base works well on snowy hills. 

Yoga Mats

Have you ever heard about using a yoga mat as your sled? Well, it’s your turn to try it for sledding.

Yoga mats have a smooth material, so they quickly go down the snowy hills. Just wear appropriate clothing, such as snow pants, so you don’t freeze on the snowy hills.

Inflatable Mattress

If you don’t have a sled or a pool tube, you can use your inflatable mattress for an impromptu sled. Inflatable mattresses are an excellent alternative to sleds, but they are pretty expensive, and you may damage them when you use them for sledding.

If you’re planning to get rid of the inflatable mattress, you should definitely use it for sledding as it works as a large cushion of air and is easier to ride on bumpy snowy hills.


Many people love to use a raft as an alternative to a sled. If you’re missing out on snow activities because you don’t own a sled, it’s time to be Indiana Jones! Pull out your raft and sled down the hill without a single worry! 

Vinyl Shower Curtains

Do you have old vinyl shower curtains? Many people do not use their vinyl curtains anymore. If you think your shower curtain is useless, it’s time to make a sled out of it. 

Are you glad to know that you can hop on the thick vinyl curtain to go sledding this winter? Remember to cut large pieces of the shower curtain for better control when you go down the hill.

Baby Pool 

There are multiple alternatives for adults when they do not have a sled. But what should your children use? A baby pool for sledding is quite popular.

Your children can use their baby pools to go sledding. If adults can fit into a large baby pool, they can also use it for sledding. However, pools are more expensive and might get damaged during sledding.

Safety Concerns When Sledding Without a Sled

Many alternatives such as yoga mats, garbage can lids, and garbage bags work well for sledding. However, they are unsafe for children.

Adults must also take precautions when using alternatives to a sled. Most impromptu sleds are difficult to steer when you go down the snowy hills.

While sledding is fun, it can also cause some severe injuries. You must only use safe and reliable alternatives such as pool tubes for sledding. Also, never sled down steep hills if you do not have the right equipment for sledding. 

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