Cargo Trailer Shelf Ideas

Cargo Trailer Shelf Ideas

Looking to expand your workstation? A cargo trailer is an excellent way to increase your workspace and help you achieve more productivity.

However, you can’t make the most out of cargo trailer shelves if you don’t choose the best ones. For your ease, we have listed a few shelving ideas for your cargo trailer that can help you maximize the space and utilize your storage space. 

From storing more stuff to customizing your workstation, these ideas will surely inspire you. So have a look at these shelving options.

Increase Shelf Stability With Wall Brackets

You can install a 2×4 bolt and lumber to your walls inside to stabilize your shelves. It is a simple way to install shelves in your trailer as you’d only need screws, bolts, and washers. The good thing is that these tools are readily available in the market.

Remember to get screws that are longer than an inch compared to 2×4 thickness. Once you find them, insert them by drilling holes and adding bolts for maximum stability. Make sure that the brackets are aligned, even, and straight.  

Install Removable Shelves 

To store your equipment, using removable shelves is a great idea. Why? Because you can easily use and adjust unused shelves and store tall equipment, such as weighing scales or tanks. 

To build a removable shelf, you must purchase an E-track rail and attach to your inside walls with the help of screws. Once done, you can take a pre-made shelf and install brackets on the bottom corners. This will make the shelf slide on the installed E-track.  

Use Vertical E-tracks and Maximize Space

You can use vertical e-track mounts to make shelves that have adjustable heights. For this, find e-tracks and mount four of them on parallel sides to each other. Once done, build shelves as per your calculated measurements. 

However, you must ensure sufficient clearance between your tracks and shelves for convenient detachment and installation. 

Install Drawers and Cabinets

Cargo trailer shelves are a basic storage idea. However, if you want to store more equipment, you can try installing cabinets, storage modules, and drawers. In addition, cabinets and drawers allow you to categorize different items categorically. This can be convenient for finding everything on time. 

4 Useful Cargo Shelving Products You Can Use

You can use several shelves according to your preference. However, to give you a few useful examples, here are some ideas you can use for shelving your cargo trailer items.

Aluminum Shelf Variety Cabinet

This is a versatile shelving option. It can easily store up to 9 cans, ten oil quarts, and several jugs. 

Prominent Features

  • Versatile
  • Large capacity

Shelving Kit for E-track

E-track kits are helpful for installing e-tracks and other essentials. This kit comes with everything you need to build cost-effective shoring beams for your covered utility trailer.

The e–track rails are composed of galvanized and durable 12-gauge steel. With these rails, you can build a strong and affordable shoring beam with ordinary pieces of lumber in size 2×4 with the wooden end sockets that come with the kit. 

These end sockets make snapping out and in the e-track rails easy. This way, you can always adjust and customize your setup whenever you want. 

Prominent Features

  • Strong
  • Convenient
  • Durable

Overhead Storage Rack

If you deal with a lot of infrequently used items. Then you can use your trailer’s ceiling space and store these items easily. 

This will also help you keep your important things protected from potential damage. The rack features high-quality selected screws with hardwires that have passed strict quality tests. 

The cold-rolled and heavy-duty steel construction allows you to store up to 600 pounds safely. In addition, the combined grid design provides you with added stability and makes the rack more sturdy than other wired and framed options. 

Prominent Features

  • Good quality
  • Safe use
  • DIY installation

Pit Posse Storage Cabinet

This incredible storage cabinet can let you store multiple aerosol cans, several oil quarts, etc., to make your gear organized and neat. With the durable storage cabinet, you can store your everyday essentials.

The unit is made of anti-rust aluminum and has a paper towel dispenser with loaded springs for maximum convenience. 

Prominent Features

  • Easy installation
  • Convenient storage space
  • Durable and reliable
  • Workstation included

Tips For Cargo Shelving 

Before you head over to install shelves in your cargo trailer, you need to keep a few points in your mind to achieve your desired results. Some of them are:

Ensure Durability

When installing shelves, durability should be your primary preference. So, you can not just go to the market, grab a few wooden planks, and attach them on the walls. Instead, do your research, find out the best brands and products, and then install them. 

Avoid Using Wood

Wood can be used to make shelves easily, but you must avoid using it. Why? Because it is not as durable and robust as you may think. You will hardly find any shelving idea that uses wood. 

The worst part about using wood is that it contracts and expands depending on temperature and humidity. 

For instance, your wood shelves will barely make it through and break over time in humid, hot summers. They also add weight to your trailer. Moreover, it warps and bends, not allowing you to store items conveniently. 

Use Metallic Shelves

Metal shelves are an excellent option for shelving your trailer. They come in pre-built models and are composed of steel or aluminum. They are light and weight, robust, and will serve you for years compared to wood. 

These shelves are also used for industrial storage purposes, meaning that they can lift heavier weights. Moreover, they give your trailer a tidy and neat look. 

How Do Cargo Shelves Make Your Life Easier?

Cargo trailers have several advantages. They allow you to increase your storage capacity and more workspace. In addition, they even protect your equipment and tools from damage. 

Cargo trailers also offer great customization opportunities, so you can store your equipment with convenience. For instance, you can add shelves to your cargo trailers. They serve many uses and are a handy addition to the trailer. 

Here are a few benefits of cargo shelving:

  • It offers improved tool and equipment organization, which allows for more productivity and efficiency. You can use this productivity boost to raise your business profits. 
  • You can achieve a cleaner workspace. Plus, you can enjoy more room for work. 
  • It helps you organize your essentials correctly and safely, minimizing workplace accidents. This keeps your employees safe at work and on-road. 
  • You can easily find an item from the inventory with cargo shelving. Moreover, you can keep track of stored items and restock items about to end. 
  • They improve your mental health since visual clutter can create mental stress. 
  • A professional and organized workspace creates a positive impact on your clients. Not only that, but it also makes your business more trustworthy. 

Final Thoughts

Shelving your cargo trailer is an essential task for expanding your business. With ever-increasing inventory, you can easily maintain your records and store your equipment. Undoubtedly, cargo shelving helps you enjoy the freedom to customize your cargo trailer.

If you’ve decided to try cargo shelving, avoid wood as it is no longer a sustainable idea for storing things.

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