Cargo Van Flooring Ideas

Cargo Van Flooring Ideas

Van flooring installation is one of the first camper van projects an adventurer takes upon. The floor makes up the bottom of your van, restricting you from any further upgrades before it is completed.

Van flooring requires you to look into various layers like insulation, storage, etc. Furthermore, you need to consider factors like durability, thickness, and costs of the whole project.

Keeping all the factors in mind, there are many options and parts to choose from. Your van will have several layers of flooring, and it is better to be safe and explore all options instead of regretting it later.

Important Considerations

Before deciding upon a floor, you should consider a few essential factors. Let us look into them.

Weight and Thickness

Using lightweight materials for your floor should always be your priority. Firstly, consider the thickness of the van and the total thickness of the subfloor and flooring materials. Secondly, see how the added thickness will affect the interior’s height.


There are many budget-friendly options for cargo van flooring. Make sure to do your research and compare. If you’re doing DIY for your van floor, check out reliable products on seller’s websites or marketplaces for your van flooring.


The topmost concern for your van’s flooring should be durability. It is better to invest in an expensive product for a long-lasting performance instead of a cheap one and replace it repeatedly.

Consider materials that absorb moisture well and are easier to clean. Furthermore, if you have pets, you should look at scratch-resistant floors.

Sound and Insulation

One of the essential things in a van’s flooring is sound dampening and heat insulation. Proper heat insulation provides all the essential and necessary components for creating an efficient and comfortable experience.

Without proper insulation in your van, you will end up losing a lot of heat and cool air via the floor. Therefore, you will have to walk around the van with cold feet during harsh winters. On the other hand, an insulation system will keep your environment warm and cozy.

Similarly, sound dampening systems also help you have a relaxing time. They reduce road noise and engine noise when you’re on the road.


Afterward, it would help if you focused on a suitable subfloor for your van. We recommend you install a plywood subfloor layer due to its durability. You can also use the factory floor as your template if you are building the floor yourself. This will save you a lot of time on your hands, and you will not have to spend hours taking measurements.

For example, you can use materials like marine-grade plywood for extra-strong flooring. It is thicker and heavier than regular flooring but provides a tough layer of protection. However, if you wish to keep your floor lightweight, several thinner options are available for that.

Top Layer

The top layer is an essential part of a van’s flooring. It is the layer you will be standing on and looking at every day. Your plans may vary depending on the layout and floor plan of the van. Specific spaces in your van may also need different types of floors.

For instance, if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing and smooth floor to make your space more presentable, you can choose one. They are durable and come in great options for your van.

Furthermore, if you are doing a DIY for your top layer, you can choose between first installing the top layer or having the key pieces of your van built. The top layer will protect your van from spills and scratches, saving you money.

Materials for Top Layer

Let us have a look at all the materials you can choose for your top layer:


Laminate floors and easy to install and inexpensive for your budget. They come in various colors and designs, making them a popular pick for DIYs. Even though hardwood floors are beautiful, they are very think and heavy. Therefore, tongue-and-groove laminate floors are trendy.

These floors have many looks, including wood. So if you want to have a wooden look in your van but do not want the extra weight, they are an excellent option. However, we recommend looking for high-quality, water-resistant laminate to avoid molds.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl planks are excellent flooring options because of their waterproof build and wood look. They are very easy to install with a click-lock mechanism. They are a little more expensive than laminate flooring but are more durable.

Furthermore, they can also withstand moisture and make your van slip-resistant. Lastly, they can be installed using adhesives, making them an accessible material to replace when the time comes.


Vinyl is another prevalent flooring option for cargo vans. It is waterproof, lightweight, and strong. Many companies around the globe manufacture high-quality vinyl flooring for cargo vans specifically.

You can go for high-density vinyl flooring in your living space with light-colored vinyl. These floors make a great contrast with your materials and give an aesthetically pleasing look to your van. You can also choose something with a smoother texture to make sweeping and cleaning an easier chore.

Vinyl Rubber

Another great flooring option for your can is vinyl rubber. It is easy to install, clean, waterproof, and can withstand a lot of rough use. However, it may not be an aesthetic pick.

If you want your van to look very presentable, rubber is the last option to pick. However, if looks are not your biggest concern, hop on the trend. You may choose from famous vinyl patterns such as coin grip.


Lastly, you can skip all the installation altogether and get a rug. Many van owners like to use mats to protect their floors from scratches and rough use. Rugs also add unique designs and colors to your space. However, we do not recommend using a thick and plushy rug. Even though it may feel nice on your feet, it is challenging to clean and dry.

Instead, use a machine washable rug for your van. These rugs are easy to wash and dry in a regular washing machine and make cleaning tenfold easier for you.

Benefits of Van Flooring

Van flooring is a necessary step for your van for various reasons. Not flooring your van may cause you problems in the future as well. It is an important step for:

  • Your safety
  • Protection
  • Reduction of Noise
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Aesthetic appearances

They also provide a good base for all your things in the van. Combined with the sound control and heat insulation, they are very cozy to add to your living space, making the experience easier and more enjoyable for you.


Finding the suitable materials and ideas for your van flooring can be hectic. Especially because you now have many options to browse and choose from. Look through the available products for your van and see what works best per your needs.

Lastly, make sure you keep yourself safe in the process. Flooring DIYs are fun, but you should contact a professional installer to help you out in case you’re stuck. Flooring your van the right way will add more value to your van.

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