Do You Need a Permit to Build an Underground Bunker?

Do You Need a Permit to Build an Underground Bunker?

People have been concerned about the world’s doom for ages, yet the technology to keep us safe is now more advanced. Although underground bunkers have been erected for decades, they still appear to be a concept for protection from another World War.

Fortunately for all of us, such a war hasn’t happened yet after the second world war. However, still many individuals nowadays are interested in building an underground shelter. 

Is it Allowed?

To be precise, you’ll need permission to dig underground for a particular number of feet, not to build the bunker. Since underground bunkers are not as typical as they once were, there are no specific laws or building codes to follow when building one.

Permits are used to safeguard your and everyone else’s safety while working on the project. Not getting permission to build an underground bunker can be costly and even dangerous. Since you don’t want to begin digging and constructing an underground bunker just to be halted and fined, getting a permit is the safest way.

Following are some of the kinds of permits that are solely dependent on location and area:

  • Grading Permit
  • Electrical Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Discretionary permit
  • Plumbing Permit

However, besides getting permission, you may need to know and follow a few prerequisites to get started with building your underground bunker. Now, let’s dig in!

Find an Appropriate Location

After getting permission to build an underground bunker, decide where you want to build your underground bunker. If privacy is important, it must be secure and sheltered.

Avoid digging in an area where trees and vegetation are present and near major water bodies since they are more likely to flood, compromising the structural integrity of your bunker. Similarly, don’t consider any combustible area.

Design a Blueprint for your Underground Bunker

Measure the area you have to work with after you’ve decided where you want to build your underground bunker. You’ll have an idea of how you can create your blueprint from there. You should design a blueprint for your underground bunker, just like you would for a house. Unlike a house, though, you’re not building for luxury; instead, you’re building for protection and security.

Choose the Best Underground Bunker Building Material

Ensure the construction of an underground bunker is of a sturdy material that will not crumble when flooded in the dirt because not all building materials are created equal, specifically when dealing with underground construction. The following are the most common building materials:

  • Concrete
  • Metal Sheeting
  • Bricks

Get the Right Digging Equipment

Excavators are multipurpose earthmoving machines that can be used for everything from trench digging to mining. Digging equipment that can dig fast as well as in awkward or tight locations is required. You’ll be able to effectively dig a hole for your underground bunker using one of the various varieties of excavators accessible.

Don’t Forget to Add the Key Living Materials

An underground bunker must be able to provide you and your family sustainability for a lengthy period. Water, air ventilation, and electricity are some of the items you mustn’t forget to include.

Use the Right Digging Method

According to OSHA, digging is one of the most dangerous construction activities. Make sure you’re following the right digging safety procedures by implementing protective devices to prevent cave-ins. Sloping/benching, shoring, and trench shield installation are some of the most popular protective measures.

How to Get a Permit to Build an Underground Bunker?

The procedure to get a permit to build an underground bunker may vary from country to country and state to state. In general, here’s what the procedure to get a permit to build an underground bunker looks like:

  1. You’ll need a structural engineer to design an underground bunker before getting permission to build an underground bunker.
  2. You may also need a pre-application consultation.
  3. Lastly, include the pre-application consultation report along with the underground bunker design, the property layout, and a description of additional structures on the property in your planning permission application.

Wrap Up

If you’re still wondering if you need a permit to build an underground bunker, then the interesting answer and fact are that you’ll only need a permit to dig the depths of numbers of feet underground but not to build an underground bunker.

However, all types of digging permits are related to the interface you’ll be making in the landscape because there are no building codes and regulations to dig an underground bunker.

Still, check with your local municipal or land authorities to confirm the right procedure. 

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