Dodge Ram Camper Shell Fit Guide

Dodge Ram Camper Shell Fit Guide

Being a Dodge Ram driver, camper shells can be the perfect accessory given their number of purposes. While some people like to open their truck’s bed cargo, others want to cover it up for privacy purposes. 

Camper shells also come in handy if you wish to transform your camper’s bed cargo into a tiny living space. But, again, what’s great is the variety of camper shells on the market.

You can choose one from fabricated to metal to fiberglass, depending on your needs. Let us guide you through a Dodge Ram Camper Shell fit guide so you can make your decision.  

What Is a Camper Shell? 

A camper shell is also known as a truck cap, bed cap, truck topper, or just shell. It is a small canopy that can be placed or fixed atop one’s Dodge ram truck for multiple purposes.

You can either set up a tiny living space inside or have a sliding camper shell to keep your belongings safe and sound.

Types Of Dodge Ram Camper Shells

There are mainly six types of Dodge Ram Camper shells:

  1. DCU Commercial Camper Shell
  2. DoubleCover Tonneau Cover
  3. LSII Tonneau Cover 
  4. Z2 Truck Cap
  5. MX Truck Cap
  6. TW Truck Cap

You can select either of these camper shells for your dodge rams, depending on your needs. These accommodate everything from simply wanting to store possessions inside to transforming your Dodge Ram’s bed into a personal space.

Dodge Ram Camper Shell Fit Guide

The time has come to go through all the Dodge Ram Camper Shells fit guides.   

DCU Commercial Camper Shell

Known as a “Deluxe Commercial Unit,” DCU camper shells are rugged aluminum caps with a wide variety of windows and door options. They also offer rack choices, storage configuration as well as optional pieces of equipment.

They have full-length side doors with optional toolboxes that allow quick and easy access to your tools and equipment. Additionally, it has an optional ladder rack that prepares one for any job.

In addition to being so valuable, it is also very secure, with all its access points being lockable. These locks are programmable to your Dodge Ram’s key, so as long as you have it on you, DCU is the perfect option for you.

DoubleCover Tonneau Cover

A Double Cover Tonneau Cover is the only bed cover that lifts or retracts for quick and full bed access. It has a front hinging system equipped with Lift assist, making it easy for you to tilt it up.

On the other hand, the Double Cover features a nylon pull strap and an inset handle that aids this feature’s opening and closing process.

If you’re worried about the installation, then let us assure you that it is pretty simple to install with a No-drill clamp-on,  

LSII Tonneau Cover

These LSII Tonneau Covers are another one of the flatbed covers but instead of being thinner in width and retractable, it is a sturdier metal cap.

A carpeted interior simply rests on the height adjusters, which helps it protect the truck from any unnecessary paint wear. 

Moreover, it has a low profile composite clamp that helps lift it and a modular base rail that protects the truck with its weather-resistant seal.

Z2 Truck Cap

This truck cap is one of the higher ones that give you more space inside the Dodge Ram. It has side and front windows, a rear door, interior LED lights, and a fiberglass shell. 

Z2 truck Cap has a rear door with C-hinges both open up to give full access to the inside of the Dodge Ram Truck. 

Additionally, its exterior has trim-less edges that give it a stylish and sleek outlook. It also has a contour strip at the bottom of its door that perfectly aligns with your truck’s tailgate, making for a seamless match. 

Moreover, it has a urethane window technology that allows the side windows to bond with the cap directly. This eliminates any unsightly metal frames and screws and provides a watertight seal.

MX Truck Cap

MX camper shell is a strong and durable fiberglass truck cap that provides us with a sturdy body. Its internal skeleton also triples the weight capacity of the side toolbox and the roof rail.  

This dodge ram also has a lot of room inside, even more than the others due to its higher roof. As a result, you get more headroom and greater storage capacity as accessing your gear gets more accessible with the MX HD camper shell.

So, loading and unloading things do not get any easier than this since this provides the most headroom than any other truck caps.

TW Truck Cap

Last but not least, we have the TW truck cap, similar to an MX truck cap but with even more headroom.

The back top of this cap is slightly elevated compared to the MX camper shell. This steady rise of this TW camper shell provides easy access to tools and equipment and maximum headroom. So, this is the perfect pick for you if you are tall.

Additionally, it has an aerodynamic styling which makes it perfect for hauling any gear and provides efficient airflow up and above the Dodge ram.

So, if you want standing or sitting space within the Dodge ram’s bed or storing more extensive equipment, the TW camper shell, DCU Commercial Truck cap, or MX truck cap would be perfect for you.

The Final Word

Dodge Ram Camper Shells come in a wide range for various purposes. Hence, you can choose the perfect truck cap for your dodge ram, depending on your needs.

If you are someone that only needs protected storage space, then Double Cover Tonneau Cover or LSII Tonneau Cover would be perfect for you.

DCU Commercial Truck would also be great to easily access your equipment since this has space on the exterior to store tools. 

Therefore, when it comes to Dodge Ram Camper shells, the possibilities are endless. From high rise to flat retractable camper shells, the market is full of excellent camper shells to accommodate your needs. 

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