Does Walmart Sell Crickets?

Does Walmart Sell Crickets?

Traditionally, fishers used live baits to attract fish. Nowadays, there are artificial baits like electronic lures and plastic baits. However, fishing enthusiasts know that the live baits do better in catching a wide variety of fish.

Nightcrawlers, worms, crickets, and smaller fish are some organisms used as live baits. 

Crickets are a favorite among fishermen and pet parents alike because they can be used as live bait and pet food. Rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals, they are loved by trout, reptiles, birds, and other animals. 

Fishing enthusiasts exceptionally choose crickets as they are cleaner. But where can you buy crickets? Can you pick it up on your next grocery run from Walmart? Let’s find out. 

Can You Buy Crickets at Walmart? 

As a beginner, buying crickets from a pet store might not be the most economical option for you. 

Fortunately, Walmart sells live cricket bait that costs around $3 for a pack of 50 crickets. The cost will be at least three times higher in a pet store. 

However, these are only available to be bought in-store and not online.

Factors to Consider When Buying Crickets from Walmart 

Before you go to your nearest Walmart, there are some factors you should know. Knowing this beforehand will help you find the best bait for your next fishing trip. Plus, you can use crickets as reptile food too. 


Crickets have a lifespan of about eight to ten weeks once they have hatched. After that, they generally die. However, cool temperatures can often also kill adult crickets. 

Food for Crickets

You can also keep the crickets alive for three to four weeks by feeding them water, corn, and other food items. To provide water, use a damp sponge as crickets can drown in water containers.

There are several artificial cricket foods as well in the commercial markets. However, they’re not always the best nutrition source. 

So it is preferred to feed your crickets foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Although crickets can survive without food and water for up to two weeks, it is not a good idea to do so. They might cause quite a havoc if starved. 

When hooked, crickets cannot live for long. They will die in two to three minutes. However, cricket is very attractive to the fish, and usually, the fish bite them before the bait dies. But, if you fail to attract and catch fish quickly, you will not be able to use the same cricket for the whole day. 

If you do not wish to store the crickets for long, a tip is to store crickets in a bottle, away from sunlight. This will keep them thriving for a day easily.

At times it is not feasible to have fresh crickets right when you need them. In this case, you can freeze your crickets in a cooler and just thaw them before putting them on the fishing hook. 

This will kill them, and so the movement will not be there, which attracts the fish. The scent, however, will attract the fish. It will just take more time to catch fish with frozen fish and you will need more skill and practice to hook frozen cricket to the fishing hook.  

Some anglers do not like to freeze the crickets and only prefer to use fresh, live bait. 

Cricket Scarcity

Due to increased demand and urbanization, there has been an increase in cricket farming. The unsustainable practices have resulted in the damage and destruction of the habitat. 

Global warming is also another reason. The wildfires have also harmed the natural system and caused a scarcity in the number of crickets. 

Do Crickets Smell Bad?

If the cricket poo comes in contact with moisture, it will cause unfavorable smells. Dry cricket poo does not smell bad at all. So, to prevent unpleasant odors, avoid moisture as it will cause fermentation when it comes in contact with cricket poo.

Do Crickets Bite?

Although cricket bites are not fatal, they cause painful sores and several diseases. It is just not the bite, but physical contact and cricket feces can also spread these diseases. 


While handling crickets might not be easy, they will prove worth it because they are inexpensive and readily available in stores such as Walmart. You can find them in standard-sized containers of 12, 24, 30, and 50. 

You can catch various fish using cricket, such as bream, trout, crappie, bass, bluegill, yellow perch, and pikes. Therefore, if you consider buying crickets from Walmart, you will not be disappointed.

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