German Precision Optics Review

German Precision Optics Review

The optoelectronics market is growing exponentially, with projections of it nearly doubling in size and reaching $9.83 billion by 2026

Owing to the market’s projected success, everyone wants in. 

The optoelectronics market has remained highly competitive over the years. Major players such as Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi Toshiba Electric, Hamamatsu, Osram, etc., have more or less dominated the game thus far. 

However, new up-and-comers are swiftly emerging and shifting the tides in their favor. German Precision Optics is one such optoelectronics brand. 

In this post, we will go through a quick overview of this new player in the high-end optics market and provide a detailed review of their product range. 

An Overview of German Precision Optics (GPO)

German Precision Optics (GPO) is an up-and-coming German-based optoelectronic manufacturer. The company was founded by two ex-employees of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics: Richard Schmidt and Michael Jensen. The company has a German division and a North American division based in Midlothian, Virginia. 

GPO specializes in the development, engineering, and design of various optoelectronics. Their product range is large and wide, including riflescopes, thermal imaging instruments, binoculars, and laser rangefinders. GPO’s mission is to provide premium precision optics to assist outdoor, birding, hunting, tactical, and golf activities. 

GPO boasts a “unique corporate structure” whereby they offer high-quality products at market prices, unlike competitors who cheap out on quality management to sustain their massive production infrastructures. 

Another distinctive characteristic of GPO is its efforts toward ecological and wildlife conservation. From every sale, GPO claims to donate a portion of the revenue to the American Birding Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the Safari Club International. 

GPO Proprietary Technologies

GPO created their proprietary lens-coating technology under the name of GPObright™. GPObright™ is present in all GPO products and is supposed to improve the light transmission levels through each surface. 

Typically, uncoated high-performance lenses tend to absorb only 95% of the light that strikes their surface, reflecting the remaining 5%. However, GPObright™ vacuum-coats the lenses and allows them to transmit up to 99.7% of the light through each surface of an optical element. 

At the end of the day, GPO products using GPObright™ offer improved performance in low-light environments. 

Additionally, GPO has also created PassionDrop™, which it uses on its binoculars. The PassionDrop™ coating protects the lenses from dirt, debris, and dust and acts as a water repellent. 

List of GPO Products

GPO offers a wide variety of products, totaling 35 products in total. They specialize in high-end rifle scopes, thermal imaging devices, binoculars, and laser rangefinders. Here is a quick overview of GPO products with their prices: 


GPO offers a total of 16 riflescopes across 6 product series, including: 

  • SPECTRA™ 1 x series: 
    • SPECTRA™ 7,5x50i
  • SPECTRA™ 4 x series: 
    • SPECTRA™ 4x 2,5-10×44
    • SPECTRA™ 4x 2,5-10x44i
    • SPECTRA™ 4x 4-16x50i
  • Spectra™ 5 x series:
    • SPECTRA™ 5x 3-15x56i
  • Spectra™ 6 x series:
    • SPECTRA™ 6x 1-6x24i
    • SPECTRA™ 6x 1,5-9x32i
    • SPECTRA™ 6x 1,5-9x44i
    • SPECTRA™ 6x 2-12x44i
    • SPECTRA™ 6x 2-12x50i
    • SPECTRA™ 6x 3-18x56i
    • SPECTRA™ 6x 4,5-27x50i FFP
  • Spectra™ 8 x series:
    • SPECTRA™ 8x 1-8x24i
    • SPECTRA™ 8x 2-16x44i
    • SPECTRA™ 8x 2,5-20x50i
  • Spectra ™ Dot:
    • SPECTRA™ Dot

Thermal imaging devices

GPO currently only has one thermal imaging device: the SPECTRA TI 35 Dual Use Thermal Device. It costs €2,999.99. 


There are currently 11 GPO Binoculars, all high-end for professional use: 

  • Passion™  ED Binoculars
    • PASSION™ ED 8×32 
    • PASSION™ ED 10×32
    • PASSION™ ED 8×42
    • PASSION™ ED 10×42
  • Passion™ HD Binoculars
    • PASSION™ HD 8×42 
    • PASSION™ HD 10×42
    • PASSION™ HD 8,5×50 
    • PASSION™ HD 10×50 
    • PASSION™ HD 12.5×50
  • Passion™
    • PASSION™ 8×56
    • PASSION™ 10×56

Laser rangefinders 

GPO’s RangeGuide 2800 series offers five products: 

  • RangeGuide 2800 8×50 
  • RangeGuide 2800 10×50
  • RangeGuide 2800 8×32
  • RangeGuide 2800 10×32
  • RangeTracker 1800

Harness With Chest Pockets

Apart from the optoelectronic products, GPO also offers a harness with chest pockets designed for binoculars. The harness prevents the annoying, uncontrolled swinging of binoculars so that you can fully concentrate on your outdoor activity. 

GPO Binoculars Review

The GPO Passion series is GPO’s flagship series and offers some interesting features and innovations. These binoculars are the perfect instruments to enter the world of professional, high-quality optics. 

The Passion series binoculars offer all the vital features that you would find in any leading European binocular brand, with the addition of one game-changing element. This element is GPO’s double-HD glass technology, which is otherwise common only in high-end photography lenses. Side note: the double-HD glass tech is only available in the Passion HD series. 

The GPO binoculars perform just as well as, if not better than, its high-end competitors, especially in terms of image brightness, colors and contrast, color fringing, and image distortions and blurring. 

Key Features:

  • Fully multi-coated optical system
  • Magnesium-coated chassis and bridge
  • Protective lens and outer coating
  • GPObright™ lens coatings with a light transmission of 99.7%. 
  • Double HD Lenses (only in the HD series)
  • Locking diopter
  • Aluminum eyecup housing

GPO Riflescopes Review

GPO has a wide range of rifle scopes that promise to elevate your hunting experience to the next level. 

While each series differs according to your unique hunting needs, they all have one thing in common: their impressive low-light capabilities. The iControl microdot illumination tech equips the scope with additional light and improves shot placement on dark targets and silhouettes. 

Moreover, a specialty line (the Spectra 8x series) caters to the most demanding of users who pursue big game hunting.  

Key Features: 

  • Slim design and lightweight
  • 30 mm main tube
  • GPObright™ lens coating
  • Protective lens coating
  • iControl illumination technology
  • Additional accessories include an instruction manual, cleaning cloth, bikini scope cover, CR2032 battery, throw lever

GPO Thermal Imaging Review

The SPECTRA™ TI 35 is a thermal imaging device made by hunters for hunters— and it shows. The device boasts the latest thermal imaging technology and offers visibility of up to 1.3 km, even in poor weather conditions or at night. 

Indeed, the TI 35 is more than just a thermal imaging device. It offers various functionalities such as live view through your phone, distance estimation and tracking of the heat source, and integrated filming technology.  

Key features: 

  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • 12 color and ambient filters
  • Live view connected to your phone
  • Integrated filming and technology
  • Distance estimation
  • Picture-in-picture and automatic marking
  • Tracking of the heat source
  • It can be operated using a power bank
  • Additional accessories include an eye-piece, adapter to RUSAN, protective cap, and shard case for safe transport. 

GPO Laser Rangefinders Review

The GPO RangeGuide 2800 laser rangefinder series represents the pinnacle of design, function, and performance. They provide excellent light transmission, edge-to-edge sharpness, close focus, close focus, and outstanding color reproduction. 

The one downside to these rangefinders is their focus mechanisms which do not lock. Hence, the focus can get messed up in between uses. Moreover, the black display can make it a little difficult to see the readings in low lighting. 

All in all, though, the RangeGuide 2800 series gives you brilliant ranging abilities, sheer visibility, and ultra-fast ranging speeds- all under a thousand euros. 

Key features: 

  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Full magnesium housing 
  • A range capability of 2800 meters
  • Angle range compensation
  • Temperature and angle reading


German precision optics is an up-and-coming manufacturer of optoelectronics that is swiftly knocking its competition out of the park. 

Currently, their products include binoculars, laser rangefinders, riflescopes, and thermal imaging devices. While they certainly have a long way to go still, GPO is more than just another player in the game; they have contributed a lot to improving the quality of optoelectronic devices for outdoor use. 

It’s safe to say that GPO products perform just as well as their competitors. But with more affordable price tags, GPO products will easily surpass their competition.

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