Honda TRX 700XX Top Speed

Honda TRX 700XX Top Speed

Back in 2008, the release of the Honda 700XX let Japanese manufacturers step into the world of All-Terrain Vehicles or ATVs. Finally, Honda had a one-of-a-kind ATV that rocked the off-roading world upon its release. It was one of Honda’s short-lived lineups but was certainly a step in the right direction.

The Honda TRX 700XX, also known as the “King of the Hill,” has a unique chain drive system and a high-quality engine that redefines sport ATVs. The vehicle offers great comfort and handling, making it the top choice for desert terrain, two tracks, and dunes.

The standards it set regarding versatility, ergonomics, and reliability remain unbeaten to this day. Considering all the praise and high rankings this ATV has achieved in the last decade, let us look closely at the top speeds it offers.

The King Of The Hill

The 2008 Honda TRX 700XX allows for double A-arms and longer axle shafts, permitting more predictable handling in uneven terrain. In addition, with its cooling system, the vehicle can maintain its operating temperature in extreme conditions.

The ATV community appreciates what the Honda 700XX offers, as it is a dependable, rugged, and affordable quad bike. It can be used for various tasks, including off-roading, farming, or climbing sand dunes in quad races.

What is the Top Speed of Honda TRX?

The Honda TRX 700XX has an engine of around 700cc. The power engine enables the vehicle to reach the top speed of around 71 miles per hour on a straight line.

However, you can reach even higher speeds with a few modifications, reading up to 90 miles per hour. 

Making your TRX faster is a piece of cake, with only a few installations. These installations enable you to clock at 90 miles per hour, sometimes even higher.

How to Make Your Honda TRX Faster?

Here are some tips to make your Honda TRX 700XX faster:

Reduce Overall Weight

Reducing weight is the cheapest and most effective way to reach maximum speed. Unfortunately, many TRX models hold on to useless plastic, including detachable parts and back fenders. You can easily remove around 20 to 30 pounds from your ATV without affecting its functionality.

Install a Performance Exhaust

Another cost-effective way to enable top speeds in your ATV is installing a good-performance exhaust. Buying one from good brands such as FMF can be your best option. It improves your ATV’s speed and optimizes performance.

Install New Air Filter

Another overlooked way to increase your maximum ATV speed is installing a new air filter. This helps nimble up your quad and is cheaper than installing a performance exhaust. A good air filter will not cost you a lot and is perfect for all the added horsepower you will be getting for your ATV. In addition, freeing up your TRX’s airflow will give you a much better speed.

Some Specs To Consider

If you make the necessary modification to your Honda, you should consider a few specs from the vehicle before doing so. Here are those specifications:


The 700XX is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine installed transversely. This helps reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and reach higher speed. The quad also has a forced pressure dry-sump lubrication system with an oiled urethane foam air filter.


The King of the Hill has a constant mesh, five-speed manual transmission system for its power. A gear-driven counterbalance reduces the engine vibration and makes the ride smooth and comfortable.

Tires and Brakes

The Honda TRX 700XX uses Dunlop tires. They mount on 11-inch steel wheels and come with removable mud scrapers. On the other hand, it has a dual-sealed hydraulic disc brake system at the front and a single sealed hydraulic brake at the rear. The vehicle’s brake is operational from the left hand, adding to the overall stopping power.

Wrap Up

The success of the Honda TRX 700XX makes it evident that it was loved by many ATV enthusiasts and still is to this day. Even after being discontinued by Honda, the vehicle holds great value for money and has a very high resale value.

Consumers who are fortunate enough to try the ATX for themselves have given high praise for its functionality and power. With new ATVs coming in every year, the Honda TRX 700XX remains among the best of the best.

With the tips we recommended, you can easily reach the top speed for your Honda TRX 700XX with a comfortable ride.

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