How Big are 36 Acres?

How Big are 36 Acres?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘acre’ being spoken about in farmland, estate development, farms, and other topics. 

Have you ever wondered how big 36 acres is? Let’s look at it in a way that’s easy to understand. But first, we would like you to know what an acre is.

What is the Definition of an Acre?

An acre is a land-specific measuring unit. The US Customary and Imperial systems are the most common examples. You can determine the size of an area within a specific border. 

An acre is the same as 43,560 square feet of space, and 36 acres is 1568160 square feet. The international acre is the most often used acre today. The international acre and the US survey acre are famous in the United States. However, the differences are just two parts per million. 

The acre is the most often used unit of measurement for land properties. A single international acre is equal to 4,046.8564224 square meters.

Visualizing an Acre in Terms of Cities?

The size of each city varies. The average ‘Large Town’, on the other hand, will most likely be around two and five acres in size. The average city block is 217,800 square feet in size, equalling five acres.

According to the United States Census Bureau, New York City covers 300,000 acres. However, this figure includes aquatic bodies within the municipal borders. 

Central Park, New York’s most popular and busy park, is 843 acres in size and is located in the city’s heart.

How Long Does it Take You to Walk 36 Acres?

Are you thinking about how long it takes you to walk 36 acres? It depends on how fast you walk and what path you take.

Acres represent the size of an area, and people usually walk in lengths. For example, it would take approximately1.4 kilometers to walk 36 acres from one end to another.

Many individuals walk at a speed of 4 to 6 kilometers per hour. Most individuals can walk one kilometer in 8 to 10 minutes. Thus a 1.4 kilometer stroll would take around 15 to 18 minutes. Therefore, you can walk 36 acres in 15 to 18 minutes.

Visual Interpretations

We have numerous graphic viewpoints to help you comprehend how big 36 acres are.

Comparison with a Football Field

The size of American football grounds is the most frequent technique to compare land dimensions.

Although a soccer football stadium is more significant than a football ground in the United States. 

Soccer fields are typically 2 acres, and football grounds are 1.32 acres in size. So, it means 18 soccer grounds and approximately 48 football grounds are equivalent to 36 acres.

Comparison with a Tennis Court

If you watch tennis, you would be able to relate to this comparison between tennis court and acre. When playing tennis in doubles, you must confine the game within a 2808 square foot area. 

When you calculate this to acres, you’ll see that an acre can cover around 15 and a half double tennis courts. And 36 acres can cover around 36*15.5 = 558 tennis courts.

Comparison with the Garden at Buckingham Palace

If you have ever visited London and roamed around Buckingham Palace, you have noticed the garden at Buckingham Palace. 

It is a vast private park belonging to the monarch’s London home. It’s behind Buckingham Palace in a 36 acre area in the City of Westminster.

Comparison with a Running Track

An average 400m running track can fit two acres. It’s ample enough space to handle all the other sports, including hammer throw and a typical soccer pitch.

So, 18 running tracks can fit the area of 36 acres.

Comparison with Aircrafts

The aircraft is another excellent comparison. For example, the Boeing 737-700 has 110 feet 4 inches (33.6 meters) and a wingspan of 117 feet 5 inches (35.8 meters). 

One acre can hold 3 Boeing 737-700 planes parked side by side. 

Therefore, 36 acres can hold 108 aircrafts.

Comparison with a Baseball Field

A baseball field is another example we have for you. Because baseball grounds vary in size, this one is more difficult. 

According to the official guidelines, the distance between home plate and left field should be 320 feet. 

As a result, one acre would occupy roughly 0.43 baseball fields compared to this size, and 36 acres occupy almost 15.50 baseball fields.


The most common unit of measurement for landed properties is the acre. While acres are most commonly associated with the imperial or US systems, they are used to determine land areas worldwide.

Now you can predict how big is 36 acres by imagining the visual interpretations mentioned above. 

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