How Big Is 19 Acres?

How Big Is 19 Acres?

Conversations about land, whether in regards to real estate or agriculture, are often peppered with various units of area. One of these units is the acre, which is among the most common ways of defining the area of land.

But have you ever thought about how big one acre is? If your answer is no, you’ll probably have trouble understanding how big 19 acres are.

To fully grasp the size of 19 acres, we must start from the basics. With that in mind, let’s look at the origin and definition of the acre. 

The Origin of Acre as a Unit of Land Measurement

Throughout human history, we have used a wide variety of ways and units to measure and define the area of land. What’s fascinating is that before our reliance on the scientific method, we used somewhat vague units of area measurements. 

For example, people would measure the area of a given piece of land based on how much crop it yields or how much work it requires. The area unit “acre” was one such way of defining an area of land. 

People began to use acres as a unit of land area as early as the Middle Ages. However, as mentioned before, the definition of an acre wasn’t as formal as it is today. 

Essentially, one acre was defined as an area of land that one farmer and their team of oxen could plow in a single day. 

What is an Acre? 

It didn’t take long for the acre to become a standard of area measurement for land and remains the standard in both the imperial and US customary systems today. 

The historical definition of an acre was an area of land measuring 1 furlong in length and 4 poles in breadth. “Furlong” and “poles” are old-timey units of length standard throughout the Middle Ages. 

In modern-day terms, an acre is an area of land with sides measuring 660ft by 66ft. This rectangular shape of an acre directly resulted from the long strips of furrows that would run lengthwise along each arable field.

That being said, the shape of an acre of land is not always rectangular. Instead, it can take on any shape— regular or irregular. 

What Does an Acre Equate to? 

We just discussed how an acre of land could assume virtually any shape. However, if you want to envision one acre, it might be more useful to picture it as a square shape. 

One acre of land is roughly equal to the following square units of area: 

  • 1640th of a square mile
  • 4,840 square yards. 
  • 43,560 square feet
  • 4,047 square meters
  • 40% of a hectare (1 hectare = 10,000 meters square or a square area of land with 100m sides). 

Clearly, one acre of land comprises a considerable area. You can easily calculate how big 19 acres are with the equivalencies above.

What Do 19 Acres Equate To?

A square area of land equal to 19 acres would measure approximately 910ft by 909.7ft. Furthermore, 19 acres of land is equal to the following measurements: 

  • 0.029 square miles
  • 91960 square yards
  • 827,640 square feet
  • 76,890.3 square meters
  • 7.7 hectares

How to Visualize 19 Acres

Instead of using various confusing numbers to define 19 acres, it is better to visualize it using different references of things we are most used to seeing.

For example, take the following references: 

  • An American football field measures 57,600 square feet, and one football field is just a little larger than an acre of land. Hence, 19 acres of land is roughly equal to around 14.3 American football fields. 
  • A standard tennis court measures around 2,808 square feet. This means that 19 acres can easily fit a little more than 295 tennis courts. 
  • NBA basketball courts are typically around 4,700 square feet. Therefore, 19 acres of land is roughly equal to around 176 NBA basketball courts. 
  • While the area differs from store to store, target stores are generally 125,000 square feet. Hence, 19 acres of land could fit 6.6 target stores. 
  • City blocks are typically 217,800 square feet in area. Thus, you could build almost four city blocks on 19 acres of land.


19 acres is roughly equal to a square area of land with sides measuring 910ft and 909.7ft. 

If you want to compare 19 acres of land with something you can easily visualize, it’s simple. All you have to do is divide 827,640 (which is 19 acres in square feet) by the area in square feet of your reference. 

The number you end up with will tell you how many of a certain building or structure can fit into 19 acres of land.

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