How Big Is 33 Acres

How Big Is 33 Acres

Land measurements can be pretty hard to understand or grasp for people who wish to write about a big garden or a field. Either way, the questions that arise are, “How much is a mile?”, “How much is an acre?”, “How much are 33 acres?”  

Sometimes, we simply need the dimensions, the relative length, and comparison to understand how big something as specific as 33 acres is?

Let us embark on the journey of understanding how big is 33 acres?

How Big Is An Acre?

Just as everything in life has a building block, so do 33 acres. Their building block is an acre, so it is vital first to understand how big an acre is?

First, to answer it a bit technically:

“An acre is a unit of land area measurement equal to 43,560 sq ft. It is primarily used in the United Kingdom, the United States, as well as some land occupied by the British empire.”

This doesn’t help that much, right? So, let’s take a few examples of comparison to understand how big an acre is.

How Many Dollars Can Fit Inside One Acre? 

Let’s start with something we are all familiar with; a dollar. If you don’t, a dollar is 6.14 inches long and 2.61 inches wide, making it 0.111 square feet.

If we were to line the dollars side by side in a perfectly filled square, about 391,419 Dollar bills would make up one acre. 

How Many People Can You Fit In One Acre? 

If we were to pack people with an average of 15 inches shoulder width and an average height of 1 foot, an average person would take up to 1.25 square feet.

Putting these people together as tightly as possible would mean that we can fit 34,848 people into one acre of land.

How Many King-Sized Beds Can Fit Inside One Acre?

Let’s choose a larger object that many of us would know of; a king-sized bed. The measurements of a king-sized bed are 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. Converting that to square feet, one king-sized bed is 42.2 sq ft, which means that about 1,032 king-sized beds would fit inside one acre.

How Big Is an Acre Compared to a Football Field? 

The dimensions of a football field are 53.3 yards wide and 120 yards long. Converting this to feet, we find out that a football field is 160 feet wide and 360 feet long since one yard equals three feet. 

This means that an acre would be 75% of a football field.

How Big Is 33 Acres?

Now, towards the critical question, how much are 33 acres? 

While an acre is 43,560 square feet, 33 acres would be 1,437,480 square feet. That is a considerable number, so to simplify this, it means 33 acres would be a square with all its sides being 1199 feet. 

Let’s see how much 33 acres can fit inside itself. 

  • Talking about the football field, if one acre is 75% of a football field, 33 acres can fit in approximately 24.9 football fields in itself.
  • If one acre can fit 1,032 king-sized beds within itself, 33 acres would fit in 34,056 beds within itself.
  • If one acre can fit 34,848 people with an average shoulder width of 15 inches and an average height of 1 foot, then 1,149,984 people would fit into 33 acres of land.
  • If one acre can fit in 391,419 Dollar bills, then 12,916,827 Dollar bills would amount to 33 acres.

All of these measurements provide us a pretty good idea of how 33 acres actually can be.

The second comparison shows the stark difference between one acre and 33 acres, with how many king-sized beds could fit within 33 acres. From 1,032 beds, the numbers jumped to 34,056. 

Additionally, if it can accommodate 1,149,984 people within itself, it is big enough to hold a famous artist’s concert. 


In conclusion, 33 acres is a massive piece of land.

It is so prominent in size that you may have noticed how your brain could still imagine how big an acre was in comparison to other things. However, when we jumped to 33 acres, the numbers suddenly spiked so much that our brains could not even grasp the comparisons in their entirety. 

To summaries, 33 acres can fit 1,149,984 people and 24.9 football fields in one go. That’s a lot!

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