How do full time RV living get mail?

How do full time RV living get mail?
As a full-time RVer, I have found that getting mail can be a bit tricky. However, I have found a solution that works perfectly for me – RV mail forwarding services. Here are some of the ways that full-time RVers can get their mail:

  • RV mail forwarding services: This is the most popular option for full-time RVers. These services provide you with a physical address that you can use to set up a residency for your mail. They will then sort and store your mail until you are ready to have it delivered to you or to a friend’s or resort home.
  • General delivery: If you are only staying in one location for a short period of time, you can have your mail sent to the local post office using general delivery. This means that you can pick up your mail at the post office using your ID.
  • Virtual mailbox: If you prefer to have your mail digitized, you can use a virtual mailbox service. This service will scan your mail and send it to you electronically. You can then choose to have the physical mail forwarded to you or shredded.
  • Amazon locker: If you frequently order items from Amazon, you can have them delivered to an Amazon locker. These lockers are located in various locations across the country and allow you to pick up your packages at your convenience.

Overall, there are several options available for full-time RVers to get their mail. It’s important to find the option that works best for you and your lifestyle.

How Do Full Time Rv Living Get Mail?

As a full-time RV dweller, one of the most common questions I getasked is how we handle receiving mail on the road.

It’s not just about getting birthday cards and bills – for manypeople living in an RV, their business may rely on dependable access tomail.

Fortunately, there are several ways that full-time RVers can receivemail while they’re traveling around the country.

In this article, we’ll explore some common options for handling yourmail as you live life on the open road.

Whether you’re a digital nomad or simply someone who loves exploringnew places from behind the wheel of your home-on-wheels, understandingyour options for mail delivery will help ensure that you stay connectedwith the world outside your rig.

So let’s dive into how full time RV living gets mail!

Overview Of Rv Living

RV living is a lifestyle that provides freedom and flexibility totravel the world without sacrificing home comforts.

To make full-time RVing work, it’s essential to have all thenecessary RV essentials, such as electrical adapters, sewer hoses,leveling blocks, and water filters. Route planning is also crucial for asmooth traveling experience. Travel tips from experienced RVers can helpavoid common mistakes and streamline your journey.

Communication options are vital when on the road. Many campgroundsoffer Wi-Fi connections, but having an internet hotspot device orsatellite service may be necessary in remote areas. Keeping in touchwith family and friends while on the move is easy thanks to moderntechnology like video chat apps and social media sites.

When it comes to receiving mail on the road, several post officeoptions are available. Knowing how to get mail while living in an RV isessential because many things require physical delivery addresses suchas vehicle registrations or insurance policy documents.

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most popular waysfull-time RVers receive their mail while exploring our beautifulcountry.

Post Office Options

If you’re a full-time RV’er, you’ve probably wondered how you can getmail. Well, there are a few options, like General Delivery and PO Boxes.Let’s take a closer look at each.

General Delivery

As a full-time RVer, you might be wondering how to get your mailwhile living on the road.

One option is General Delivery. This service allows you to pick upyour mail at any post office in the country using your name and addressinstead of a P.O. box or street address.

It’s an ideal solution for travelers who don’t have a permanentmailing address or RV mailbox. However, keep in mind that some postoffices may not offer this service, so it’s best to call ahead beforesending anything important there.

Also, storing mail securely can be a concern with General Deliverysince anyone could potentially pick up your package if they know therecipient name and location. Be sure to check with the post office abouttheir policies regarding ID requirements and other security measuresbefore opting for this option.

Po Boxes

Now that we’ve talked about General Delivery as a post office optionfor RV mailing, let’s explore another popular choice: PO Boxes.

Many full-time RVers opt for this service since it provides apermanent mailing address regardless of where they travel.

Plus, with the rise of digital RVing and online shopping, having asecure mailbox is crucial to prevent mail theft or loss.

However, keep in mind that not all post offices offer this service,and fees vary depending on the location and box size.

It’s also essential to prioritize mail security by using a reliablelock and checking your mailbox frequently to avoid overflowingpackages.

Mail Forwarding Services

Figuring out how to get mail while living in an RV full-time can betricky, but luckily there are lots of mail forwarding servicesavailable. Exploring the different mail service options and the benefitsof using a mail forwarding service can make managing your mail muchsimpler.

Mail Service Options

When you’re living the full-time RV lifestyle, managing your mail canbe a challenge. Fortunately, there are several Mail Forwarding Servicesthat offer different options to suit your needs.

One popular option is RV Storage facilities that also provide mailboxrentals for their customers. This allows you to have a physical addresswhere you can receive all of your mail and packages while on theroad.

Additionally, some Mail Forwarding Services offer package deliveryservices, so you don’t have to worry about missing important items orhaving them stolen from your doorstep.

With these convenient Mail Service Options available, keeping up withyour mail has never been easier!

Mail Forwarding Benefits

Now that we’ve discussed the various Mail Forwarding Servicesavailable for RVers, let’s explore some of the benefits these servicesoffer.

One major advantage is having a consistent mailing address, which iscrucial when it comes to receiving important documents like driver’slicenses and registration renewals.

Additionally, many Mail Forwarding Services provide package trackingso you can keep an eye on your deliveries even while on the move.

Another perk is being able to utilize mailbox rentals at RV storagefacilities, making mail management even more convenient.

Overall, utilizing a Mail Forwarding Service can greatly simplify thetask of managing your mail while living life on the road.

Digital Mail Alternatives

Like a river constantly flowing, full-time RV living is always on themove. And with that movement comes the challenge of managing mail whilenever staying in one place for too long.

Fortunately, digital mail alternatives have emerged as a solution tothis problem. Virtual PO Boxes are an excellent option for receivingphysical mail without having a permanent address. These services provideyou with a street address where your mail can be sent and then forwardedto your current location.

Digital notaries and digital signatures also make it possible to signimportant documents remotely without ever needing to physically bethere. Scanning services allow you to access your mail online byscanning each piece so that you can view it from anywhere at any time.Finally, cloud storage makes it easy to keep track of all your importantdocuments digitally and securely.

Managing finances on the road requires careful planning andorganization. From budgeting expenses to keeping track of receipts,every detail matters when managing money while traveling.

Managing Finances On TheRoad

As we discussed in the previous section, digital mail alternativesare becoming increasingly popular for full-time RVers. However, thereare still some situations where physical mail is necessary.

So how do you manage your mail while living on the road? Firstly,it’s important to have a reliable mailing address. Many full-time RVersuse a mail forwarding service that allows them to receive their mail ata designated address and then have it forwarded to wherever they arecurrently located. Some popular options include Escapees Mail Serviceand Dakota Post. Another option is using a family member or friend’saddress as your permanent residence for legal purposes. Whatever methodyou choose, make sure it fits with your lifestyle and budgetingstrategies.

To further simplify managing finances on the road, consider settingup online banking accounts for all of your financial needs such as cellphone bills and fuel costs, instead of relying on traditional paperstatements sent through the postal system. This can save you time, moneyand provide an extra level of security by reducing the risk of lostdocuments or identity theft. Additionally, make sure your insurancecoverage stays current no matter where you roam – especially whentraveling between states with different regulations around autocoverage.

Utilize virtual mailbox services like iPostal1

Consider renting a P.O Box from USPS

Use General Delivery – this is free but only available at certainpost offices

Have Amazon packages delivered to secure lockers

Overall, finding ways to stay organized while on the road can takesome initial effort but will pay off exponentially down the line bothfinancially and logistically-speaking!


So there you have it, fellow travelers – a comprehensive guide on howfull-time RVers get their mail! As we’ve discussed, there are severaloptions available to ensure that your paper mail reaches you no matterwhere the road takes you.

From utilizing post office services like General Delivery and PO Boxrentals to signing up for a reliable mail forwarding service, RV livingdoesn’t have to mean sacrificing communication with loved ones orreceiving important documents.

And for those looking to reduce paper clutter and streamline theirlives even further, digital mailbox alternatives offer an innovativesolution.

As someone who has been living the RV lifestyle for years now, I canattest to the importance of finding a reliable way to manage yourfinances while on the go. One interesting statistic I came across duringmy research is that nearly one-third of all Americans have utilized someform of mobile banking in the past year alone!

So whether you’re hitting the open road for good or just taking aweekend getaway, know that there are plenty of resources out there tohelp make sure your mail (and money) stay safe and secure.

Happy travels!