How do you shower when Boondocking? – Tips and Tricks for Staying Clean on the Road

How do you shower when Boondocking? When I’m boondocking, I prefer to take quick showers using a bag shower or tent shower. I fill up the bag with water and let it heat up in the sun before hanging it from a tree or my RV. I use a biodegradable soap and focus on washing the essential areas. I also bring wet wipes for a quick clean up. I try to conserve water by not washing my hair and using a rinse off method. An elongated bath is a luxury, but not always practical when boondocking. Overall, staying clean on the road requires some creativity and conservation.


Pro Tips

1. Use a solar shower bag: A solar shower bag is a great option for boondocking as it can be filled with water and left in the sun to heat up. Hang it from a tree or your vehicle and enjoy a warm shower.

2. Bring biodegradable soap: When boondocking, it’s important to be mindful of the environment. Use biodegradable soap to avoid polluting the surrounding area.

3. Use wet wipes: Wet wipes are a great alternative to a full shower when water is limited. They can be used to freshen up and keep clean in between showers.

4. Plan your shower schedule: When boondocking, water is a precious resource. Plan your shower schedule accordingly to conserve water and make it last longer.

5. Utilize public showers: Many campgrounds and rest areas offer public showers for a small fee. Take advantage of these facilities to save water and enjoy a more comfortable shower experience.

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