How Fast Does A 110cc ATV Go?

How Fast Does A 110cc ATV Go?

110cc ATV models have a unique design for the young generation. They are off-road bikes for children aged ten and above. The engine size for all-terrain vehicles is the most significant limitation for speed. Thus, such low cc engines are used in them. 

Normally, their speed is limited to 30 mph (miles per hour).

However, we can increase the engine speed with additives, but manufacturers typically keep it within the 25 mph to 30 mph range. The most powerful ATVs with 1000cc engines can go up to 80 mph and look like racecars in front of 110cc ATVs. 

Since these ATVs are for kids, their speed limit is justified. However, thrill-seekers and adventurers like to tune up their ATVs and ride on different terrains.

What is an ATV?

The term ATV stands for “All-Terrain Vehicle”. They are also known as quads or quadricycles. All-terrain vehicles have more than three wheels and may range from three to six. 

As the term “All-Terrain” indicates, they can handle all types of terrains, from smooth roads to rough and rocky off-road.

These vehicles run on low-pressure tires. However, they have handlebars for steering the vehicle instead of a traditional steering wheel. Its extra wheels give it stability at all speeds on off-road terrains, making it extremely easy to use. 

They start from 110cc engines and go all the way up to 1000cc.

Is It Possible To Limit Their Speed?

Many factors contribute to the speed limits in ATVs. However, owners can work on these speed limits and take the necessary steps to reach their 110cc engine’s full potential. Firstly, the owner can limit the overall weight and limit the number of supplies they bring on their ATV.

Secondly, refrain from unnecessarily tuning your ATV with aftermarket parts like mirrors, bumpers, and heavier additives. Thirdly, we recommend you don’t go for bigger tires as they play a significant role in limiting your overall speed.

And finally, gear reduction is a great way to increase your power and torque, but it lowers your top speed by 10-15%.

What Can You Do To Make Them Faster?

Is it tiring to have a slow ATV for your adventure trips? Then, boost it up a little bit. You can touch your ATV’s top speed with a few easy steps.

Let’s have a look at how you can do that and enjoy your ATV at speed higher than just 30mph. First, however, we recommend you do not tune your children’s ATVs for safety purposes.

Reduce Weight

Adding weight can slow your ATV down, so reducing weight can speed it up. If you want to hit your ATV’s maximum speed, your best bet is to keep the weight as little as possible.

Whenever you are planning new upgrades for your ATV, pay close attention to the weight of your parts. If they seem to add extra weight to your ATV, it might cost you in the form of minimized speed.

If you’re running stock with no added weight on the ATV, touching the maximum speed will be no problem. The manufacturers intended this speed when they advertised these ATVs in the market.

High Gear Kit

Gear reduction is a widespread phenomenon among ATV owners. However, it only ends up limiting your speed. So instead, we recommend you get a high gear kit. High gear kits are complete opposites of gear reduction and reduced torque and acceleration.

They are an excellent means to increase your ATV’s maximum speed but end up making your vehicle sensitive to weight. Furthermore, large tires do not go well with high gear kids as both have the same effect on torque.

Clutch Kits 

Lastly, clutch kits are your saviour for high-speed performances. They are the best way to obtain extraordinary performance from your engine without making any major changes. Clutch kits optimize your RPM curves to deliver maximum horsepower.

Carefully tuning your ATV’s acceleration curve also affects the vehicle and makes the experience much more fun.


Whether you wish to make significant changes or want to enjoy your time on the ATV, these tips are the best way to get to your engine’s full potential. Thrill-seekers and adventurers riding in rough terrain like to get the best out of their ATVs and benefit from these tips.

However, it might not be the case if they plan to travel with loads of bags and supplies, thinking they will hit the 30mph mark. Therefore, whichever customizations you settle upon, we recommend you keep your ATVs safe for yourself and your family.

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