How Fast Does a 125cc ATV Go

How Fast Does a 125cc ATV Go

If you want to experience offroading on a speedy ATV, a 125cc off-road bike is what you need. The 125cc ATVs are getting more common these days for several reasons, including their top speed, which is 40 mph.

Moreover, these ATVs are affordable and best for your kids to teach them how to ride a big bike in the future. The recommended age group is 16 and above. This post will help you discover more about 125cc ATVs features for young riders.

Features of a 125cc ATV

Generally, all 125cc ATVs have the following features in common. We’ll discuss each of them in detail later. They are:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Catalytic converter
  • Speed limiter
  • Utility racks
  • Engine shut-down fob

The 125cc ATVs have done a remarkable job by providing reliable safety features and high maneuverability to enhance the off-road experience for your kids. If you have seen a 110cc off-road bike, it will be easier to compare the capabilities of a 125cc ATV.

The 125cc off-road bikes are the advanced version of the 110cc quad bikes. Therefore, you will find almost all the features are common. However, the pricing factor might create a difference because of the engine installed in both ATVs.

A 125cc ATV can go up to 40 mph under normal conditions. On the other hand, the top speed of a 110cc ATV is 30 mph. Such speed limitation shows that the 110cc models are built for kids of age 10 and above years.

However, the top speed of 125cc ATVs varies from company to company. For example, the Apollo-DB-X18 is a 125cc ATV that reaches up to 45 mph. This quad bike is equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine.


If you want to surprise your kid by getting them a 125cc ATV, you have to first decide which category would be the ideal. There are three categories famous in the 125cc ATV models:

  • Utility
  • Sport
  • Hybrid

Utility ATVs

The utility ATVs are less of a sporty version but are more suitable for running daily errands. They are, however, capable of offroading as well. But since their manufacturing differs from a sports ATV, you can ride them on residential streets without any worry.

For this reason, these ATVs are known as UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles) or Side-by-Side (SxS) ATVs.

Apparently, a utility ATV looks similar to a sports ATV. But if you observe, this quad bike has larger tires than a normal off-road bike. Moreover, you don’t have to think about attaching some sporty add-ons to a utility ATV.

The top speed of these ATVs is 80 mph (128 km/h). But if you are buying a utility ATV for your kid, it’s better to limit the max speed as a safety precaution.

Sport ATVs

This category is famous for kids’ ATVs. If you love off-road sports and want to transfer the same passion to your kids, buy them a sports ATV.

A sports ATV comes in multiple versions. You will see a wide range of engine variations from 90cc to 150cc and more. The difference in the installed engine impacts the top performance of a sports ATV.

Moreover, a sports ATV offers more bells and whistles than a utility quad bike. Since it’s built especially for offroading, you will find several modifications in these ATVs like enhanced suspension, reverse gear, and maximum torque.

Hybrid ATVs

These ATVs are hybrid in nature, which means you can easily go offroading as well as run daily errands on these ATVs. Although they are quite versatile, their price is no doubt higher than all other ATVs.

Moreover, the hybrid ATVs are equipped with a dual-purpose engine. Therefore, you can easily compete in an off-road sports tournament and drive it on the residential streets for routine tasks.

You can take a hybrid ATV to a campsite in a half-ton towable 5th wheel hitched to a powerful truck.


Since the engine configurations didn’t change much in the recent models, you will only see the difference in the engine displacement. That’s the difference between a 110cc and a 125cc ATV engine.

Additionally, the manufacturers focused on the fuel capacity and made a common fuel tank for all the 125cc quad bikes. That’s 4.2 L or 1.1 US gal.

As you already know, temperature affects the motor oil, among all other factors. Therefore, you have to first make sure that the temperature is normal. Only then go for 10W-30 or 10W-40 engine oil. Besides, you can also use synthetic oil for your ATV engine.

The engine uses air-cooling technology in all 125cc ATV versions, which is the most optimum for off-road riding. Therefore, the engine will not heat up under normal circumstances. However, if you or your kid feels that the engine is getting hot, contact your ATV manufacturer support center and avoid riding the ATV for a while.

Moreover, the engine’s capacity determines the top speed of any quad bike. But that factor depends on the weight and skillset of the rider. For example, a rider weighing more than 80lbs might be too heavy for a 125cc ATV.

The electric engine starting system is another noteworthy point. It’s easy and simple to start the 125cc ATV with a push-start button. Also, you can kickstart your quad bike as well.

So if you are looking for a high-performing ATV, check out CFMOTO ATVs that use a 500cc engine. That might suffice your need.


Most of the 125cc ATV models allow the power transfer to the wheels from a centrifugal clutch system combined with the transmission. The transmission can either be automatic or semi-automatic, including reverse and neutral.

Moreover, the 125cc ATVs are CARB-compliant which means they produce least to no amount of harmful fuel emission. This compliance to standards for making the earth clean and green is possible with the help of a three-catalytic converter, an integral part of a 125-cc ATV.

In addition to that, the speed limiter is the biggest safety feature which allows you to reduce the top speed to as low as 5 mph. So, if you want to train a newbie, this feature is perfectly fine.

Also, the key fob can wirelessly turn off the ATV’s engine if you see your kid too fast.

Does a 125cc ATV Worth It?

A 125cc ATV is truly worth it only if you choose the right model. Since the difference in models impacts the performance of an ATV, it’s wise to do your research. You can contact the ATV experts and take suggestions from them as well.

Moreover, an average 125cc ATV will cost you from $500-$1,650, excluding the shipping cost. If you choose a cheaper option, you might receive dead ATV components.

If you order those components separately again, that will cost you more than the average cost. Therefore, make sure you choose the right vendor. Always check out the reviews before making your final buying decision so you won’t end up losing most of your money.

Final Thoughts

The 125cc ATVs are the perfect off-road bikes for young ones. The fully or semi-automatic transmission allows them to quickly learn how to ride a motorbike. Moreover, parental control limits the speed of a 125cc ATV so that your kid can’t ride more than the safety limits.

Therefore, if you are planning to invest in a 125cc ATV, that would be one of the best surprises your kid can ever have.

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