How Fast Does A 150cc Atv Go?

How Fast Does A 150cc Atv Go?

When speaking of driving off-road, ATVs are a popular favorite. The vehicle is well-known for maintaining a firm road grip and can be used for all terrains. You can enjoy a recreational day riding these quads on dirt roads. In addition, they may also help you climb hills. 

However, a common concern when selecting an ATV is its speed. If you’re planning to buy a 150cc ATV, you may be wondering: “How fast will it go? How can I maximize my 150cc ATV’s speed?” 

To find answers to these questions, keep reading this post till the end.

How Fast is a 150cc ATV?

ATVs that come under the 150cc range offer a speed limit of 40mph. However, you can boost this speed by upgrading and maintaining your ATV well. In addition, you can also lower or control the speed with a regulator. 

Is Upgrading Your ATV Safe?

Several people wonder if upgrading their ATV will increase the vehicle’s speed. In addition, they also wonder whether it is safe to upgrade their ATV or not? 

An upgrade will help you enjoy a higher top speed and improved acceleration with increased torque and horsepower. However, this will put more workload on the engine. 

Luckily, ATV upgrades are safe. You can limit the wear and tear caused by riding your vehicle harder or faster than usual by maintaining them regularly. A routine maintenance check can fix minor damages in time and prevent serious performance issues.

However, you must remain cautious of factory warranties. Any change in your ATV can void your warranty. Therefore, you should check if your quad is under warranty before heading for an upgrade.

Besides, several riders believe all upgrades are safe as they upgrade their quads each year. 

How to Make Your 150cc ATV Go Faster?

Here is how you can enhance your ATV’s speed:

Choosing the Right Engine

If you need a better speed for your ATV, you might want to select the right engine size. Since the value of ‘cc’ or cubic centimeters stated next to ATV’s name represents the size of its engine. This can help you estimate the cylinder volume. 

For instance, if you are considering buying a 150cc ATV, the volume of the ATV cylinder is 150 cubic centimeters. Moreover, you need to pick the right engine type with respect to age.

Here are a few engine categories for different age groups:

  • 70cc or lower: These ATVs are suitable for children aged 11 or under.
  • 70cc – 90cc: These are ideal for young teenagers aged 12 – 15 years.
  • 125cc to 250cc: Both teenagers aged 16 or above and adults are eligible to use these ATVs.

Change Your Fuel

Using high octane fuel can help you boost your engine’s performance. It’s an easy and quick change that delivers efficient results. Although several quads do not necessitate higher octane fuels, using such fuels can do wonders for your engine.   

In addition, you should prefer using higher octane options in place of ethanol-based fuels. Although high-octane fuel is expensive, it significantly impacts the engine’s performance. However, you can notice the improvement when you hit the throttle. 

How Does it Work?

Higher octane fuels can burn better and cleaner. Therefore, they offer better mileage. In addition, they reduce the corrosion of the fuel system’s mechanical parts and improve your ATV’s performance. 

Moreover, some users may add octane to their gasoline themselves. These riders usually enjoy a higher boost than most fuels available at your local gas station. You can get yourself an octane booster from Amazon easily. 

Adding a small amount to your fuel and mixing it well is the way to go. Rock your ATV back and forth to ensure a good mix. However, a good way to add the booster is to mix it in a gas can and then put the fuel in your gas tank. This way, you can measure the right amounts while mixing them correctly.

Change Your Air Filters

You should check your air filter on a routine basis and clean it if necessary. If the air filter gets clogged, it will reduce the air your engine uses to run. If you ignore this step, it may seem as if you are suffocating your engine as you ride. 

Several riders replace their air filters with lifetime warranty filters. However, you must ensure what type of filter is suitable for your ATV model and make for a good purchase. 

The enhanced airflow provided by these filters will allow your engine to receive more oxygen. More air in the fuel mix equals more power. It’s a simple method with effective results.

Adjust Your ATV’s Throttle Limiter Screw

On most ATVs, a governor can be found on the right-hand side of the handlebars, near the throttle. A screw will extend from the governor; this is your throttle limiter. While riding, the throttle limiter may restrict the gas amount you may feed your engine.

If you wish to give maximum throttle, ensure the screw is twisted all the way out. In addition, you can adjust this by loosening the lock nut that holds the throttle limiter screw in its correct position. You may simply adjust this screw and tighten the lock-nut back to its place. 

If you have kids who can ride your ATV, you may screw this throttle limiter in place. However, before handing over the vehicle to your young ones, check the limiter to allow a set speed limit for them to ride. 

Change ATV Tire Pressure, Weight, and Size

The terrain type you’re riding in may impact tire pressure. For instance, a lower tire pressure makes you faster in sand or snow, but higher tire pressure makes you faster on flat, hard ground.

As a general rule, we recommend a pressure of roughly five psi. However, to determine the correct tire pressure, you can learn in detail about terrain differences and tire pressure. 

What About Tire Weight?

When it comes to tire weight, you can consider replacing the wheels. Sure, big heavy dirt tires don’t make your vehicle go faster, but many people face the most significant issue with steel wheels. For this, aluminum wheels are ideal as they are lightweight and can increase your quad’s speed. In addition, performance tires are also great. 

How Can Tire Size Increase Speed?

Moreover, the tire size can make a significant difference in speed. Therefore, you should check if you’re getting the correct sized tires for your rims and ATV. In addition, you can select a small tire if you wish for quicker acceleration. But, if you want to increase top speed, large tires are a better option. 

However, replacing your tire size is similar to changing your sprocket for gearing. Since it takes more energy to turn a larger tire, it covers more area per revolution. Hence, you shouldn’t change the tire size if it isn’t mandatory. 

Final Words

Regardless, if you plan to park your RV for camping this summer, making your ATV run faster is a great idea. You can head to the hills at any point of the year as a 150cc quad is excellent for recreation. 

You can enhance your speed from 40mph by following a few useful tips. Don’t forget to run regular maintenance checks to look for any lingering engine faults and ensure optimum ATV speed. 

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