How Fast is 110cc in MpH

How Fast is 110cc in MpH

Offroading is getting more common than ever because it’s affordable, easy, and relieves stress. It’s one of the ways you can spend your leisure time. So if you love to spend time off-roading, you should know everything about a 110cc dirt bike.

A 110cc off-road or dirt bike runs up to 49 MpH or 79 KmH. That speed is more than an ordinary car’s speed on the streets. Moreover, the dirt bike is suitable to ride for adults as well as young ones.

Can You Upgrade the Top Speed of a Dirt Bike?

That’s possible, but at the cost of the bike’s warranty. As offroading is getting common, you can see more and more dirt bikes. Moreover, the fanatic riders frequently modify their bikes, including engine modification, aesthetics, wheels, and lights.

You can also modify the engine of your dirt bike and upgrade its top speed. After modification, you will be able to hit up to 57 MpH.

Once you do that, the warranty of your bike will be void.

Different Top Speeds

You will find variations in the top speeds of different off-road bikes. This variation is due to the manufacturing difference in the bike companies. For example, Yamaha TT-R110E is the fastest dirt bike available in the market now.

In competition to Yamaha, KTM 125 SX is another top-speed marvel, but this one lies in the high-end bikes category. You can also check out CFMOTO ATVs if you are into quad bikes.

Besides, the Chinese versions of dirt bikes are not recommended at all. Why?

These bikes lack important features like safety and modifications. Although these bikes are cheaper, you can’t get the best off-roading experience riding these bikes.

So if you already have a dirt bike standing at your home idly, you should consider upgrading it. Moreover, you should know what factors impact the performance of your bike other than the engine.

What Factors Determine the Performance of a Dirt Bike?

There are several factors that impact the end-performance of any bike. These factors might not concern the bike only but also the rider and other natural circumstances.

Rider’s Weight

If you bought a bike for yourself or for your kid, the weight of the rider affects the performance of your dirt bike. Specifically, kids of age 9-14 will most likely be riding that bike. So you will see a clear difference in the weight and performance matrix.


Another factor on which the performance of a dirt bike depends is the tires. The tires of any vehicle determine how well that particular vehicle will get along with the road.

Since we are talking about an off-road bike here, the tires are suitable for offroading. Besides, high-quality tires will assist you in quickly reaching the dirt bike’s top speed.

Wind Direction

The direction of the wind also helps your bike to perform better. A 110cc bike stands fast against the winds. However, your bike might fail to reach its top speed if the wind is blowing in the opposite direction.

But if the wind and your bike-riding are sharing the same direction, you will quickly experience the top performance of your bike.

Rider’s Confidence

Apart from the mechanics of a dirt bike, the confidence of the rider also counts for a smooth ride. If a rider is at a beginner’s level, no matter how upgraded the bike is, it will never perform due to the rider’s low confidence and lack of experience.

On the other hand, a veteran rider can easily experience the top performance of a dirt bike because their confidence usually stays at its peak.

Riding Style

The confidence and riding style both count if you want to check the top performance of a dirt bike. The riding style refers to how well a rider maneuvers against the strong winds and manages the balance while taking sharp turns.

These are the factors that determine the performance of a dirt bike. For adults, it’s just a matter of time to acquire such skills.

However, kids will require more time to understand how a dirt bike performs. Since it’s not an ordinary motorcycle that you see on the roads every day, there’s a huge difference between riding a bike on the streets and on off-road.

Kids will gain confidence over time, and there’s no need to hurry. Make sure that your kid is practicing within limits and trying to test what’s the highest speed of the dirt bike. If the kid is urging for the latter, there’s a high chance of getting injured off-road.

How to Choose the Right Bike?

While planning to buy a dirt bike for your off-road journeys, remember that the average cost is $999 for a 110cc model. Therefore, you have to do your research before making the final buying decision, just like for a truck camper for your summer camping.

No doubt, the top speed of a dirt bike is one determining factor that affects your buying decision. But that doesn’t mean you overlook all other important metrics like maintenance, suspension, spare parts, and warranty.

There are a lot of manufacturers who advertise their dirt bikes just by mentioning the top speed. That might be alluring for your kids. However, it’s rare that your kids are going to hit the top speed of the dirt bike. So it would be futile to buy a bike on which the rider is not going to run at top speed.

Moreover, if you are an experienced rider, a 110cc dirt bike might be slower for you. So what are you going to do now? Look for a second-hand dirt bike by motorbike giants like:

  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • KTM
  • Yamaha

Their dirt bikes might be expensive. That’s why it’s better to go for their second-hand model.

These dirt bikes are made for offroading with high-quality engines of generational trust. In addition to that, all these bikes are long-lasting. You can easily find their parts as well because all these companies use universal auto parts.

So with a high-performing bike, you get a quality engine, globally available spare parts, fine acceleration and braking, and on top of that, affordability. Therefore, look for each factor before buying a second-hand high-power dirt bike. But if you are buying one for your kid, it’s better to invest in the newest model.

Final Thoughts

The top speed of a 110cc dirt bike is the number one priority. Since it’s safer to run a bike off-road than on residential streets, it really matters how long a particular 110cc dirt bike takes to reach its top speed.

Besides, always check the terrain you are testing your dirt bike’s performance to avoid any chance of accidents. That way, you can easily test the top speed without any harm.

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