How Many Fishing Rods Can I Use in Texas?

How Many Fishing Rods Can I Use in Texas?

In Texas, as in most of the states in the US, you must have a fishing license. In addition, you can only use a limited number of fishing rods in the fresh and salty waters. By the number of rods, we mean the number of rods you use to fish at a time, not the number of rods you can own. 

So How Many Fishing Rods Can You Use in Texas?

Now, if you are planning to go and enjoy fishing in the waters of Texas, you must know the number of fishing rods you can use in their waters. 

According to the Outdoor Annual Hunting, Fishing, and Boating Regulations, it is clear that anglers can only have two rods while they are fishing. You can keep as many rods as you want on the boat with you, but you can only use two rods at once.

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to catch a game fish or a non-game fish; the rules are the same for all. You are allowed to use only two rods in the waters of the Lone Star state. Each pole can have no more than 100 hooks.

Yes, and you should also consider the length limit set by the laws. According to the fishing laws in Texas, the minimum length limit for largemouth bass or smallmouth bass is no more than 14 inches.

Although the standard rules are to use two fishing rods per person in Texas, these rules can easily change in different parts of Texas. Some parks will allow for more; some parks will need a second pole validation. Some parks are strict with their rules, while some are very lenient.

And once you are in Texas and out fishing in areas with the two rods limitation, you must take care that you are only using mouth-hooking with 100 hooks only.

It seems the people of Texas are very considerate of marine life. It is for the purpose of conservation that the authorities made other methods like foul-hooking and snagging completely unlawful.

Other Regulations for Fishing

The government says only two rods are enough to catch a fish. Anglers in Texas can only use two rods while fishing. But there are more restrictions than that, and all for the sake of keeping the species of fish going.

So before you go fishing in Texas, please keep these points in mind: 

  • Age Limit: In Texas, people cannot hunt a fish that is either too old or too young. Simply speaking, there is an age limit. You can only hunt fish that is in the eligible age range.
  • Breeding Season: You cannot fish some species in the breeding season, as it is prohibited. This is to give the fish some time to lay her eggs and continue their race.
  • Bag Limitation: There is a bag limitation in Texas. The rules are here to stop you from overfishing. You cannot hunt more than a given number of fish, and the number varies with the species.
  • Boat Safety: Obviously, there are boat requirements, but that is for your safety. So do not forget to keep fire extinguishers with you. Also, please make sure that the boat has a proper lighting system.

What Happens If You Do Not Follow the Rules?

Some people will now think, “Why should I follow these rules? What benefit does it bring to me?”. There are several reasons you should stick to the laws of the Texas Wildlife Department. Here are some of them:

  • Fishes are important to our ecosystem, and most of the species are already endangered. We don’t want to lose them like we lost many different animals.
  • Compassion is the biggest reason. Methods like foul-hooking and snagging can endanger species and cause them unnecessary pain.
  • There are hefty penalties, and you wouldn’t want to lose money by breaking the fishing laws in Texas.
  • The rules are there for your safety, so it’s best to follow them!

In Texas or, in general, anywhere, it is better to avoid such unlawful acts. You may have to pay penalties for fishing against the set rules. Also, it is important to know that these rules are made for the sake of humanity. We should try to comply with them. So, use only two rods and stick to what the rules say.

Wrap Up

You are allowed to use only two fishing rods in Texas because fishing is all fun and game until we suddenly realize the number of fish is decreasing. Imagine having a sea or lake with no colorful beauties swimming in it. That’s why to cope with increasing fish mortality, every state has its own rules and laws to regulate fishing. 

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