How Much to Tip Fishing Guide

How Much to Tip Fishing Guide

Do you know your fishing guide teaches you more than just fishing skills? When you are on the boat with the guide, you learn the nature of different waters, fish, plants, directions, weather, and bait. That’s why it’s important to know how much to tip a fishing guide and pay more than the actual fees.

Generally, you should tip your fishing guide 15%-25% of the booking charges. However, the amount may vary depending on the guide’s expertise, diligence, commitment, and friendliness. 

Since we all know no guide can guarantee how many fish you will catch, the tipping factor should not depend on this factor. Now, let’s see some of the factors that affect the tip for your fishing guide.

Preparation & Planning

First of all, beforehand preparations play a big role in fishing. If you and your guide have scheduled a meeting, notice if they are at the venue before you. If they are, it’s a plus point.

Now check whether the guide is fully equipped with the fishing gear. That also counts because not bringing anything with you shows a lack of determination. Even though both of you might not need the complete fishing gear on the first day, it’s all about being an expert guide.

After scoring the preparation, your guide is supposed to ask you questions about your experience, especially if you have got a license. It’s because if you get caught without a fishing license, you might be in hot waters.

Gives Proper Explanation

After the meeting, your guide should explain the basics of fishing. The second part will add in the tip as well. If some queries are nudging your mind, ask them without any hesitation.

Your fishing guide has to explain whatever you ask. That shows the guide you hired is an expert in this field. However, being over-curious is not a good practice.

You can ask questions about the location, different methods of fishing, baits, fishing equipment, and safety measures.

Has Positive Attitude

The attitude of your fishing guide matters the most. Even though your guide is trying to be friendly when you first meet them, make sure they are not pretentious. Being what you are is okay.

Secondly, the attitude should be nice yet energetic. Since fishing is a long-day fun activity, you can’t enjoy it if you are low on energy. Therefore, your guide’s responsibility is to keep sending a wave of energy and avoid making the whole trip full of boredom.

The negative attitude of a fishing guide can also kill the mode. You, who just got a fishing license yesterday, started this journey with high expectations. But it will take only a few hours with a fishing guide with a negative attitude to ruin the moment.

So, if you find your guide nice, gentle, ambitious, and optimistic, you can count that as a plus tip.

Willing to Know Your Skillset

If your guide asks you about your fishing experience, your career, and other details (not personal, of course), that means you will learn a lot from them.

Some guides are masters in fishing. They know exactly how to train an amateur person who is new to catching fish. Since it’s not only about casting and pulling out the fish from the water, you get to learn the depth hidden in fishing. For example:

  • Ethics
  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Focus
  • Versatility

When a guide asks you different questions about your hobbies, interest in fishing, and expectations, they try to know your psyche. They want to know the person who is there as a student.

Once they get a minor idea about your personality traits, they plan the fishing activity accordingly.

Guide is a Veteran

Last but not least, your fishing guide must be no less than a veteran. That’s about how quickly and perfectly they assemble the equipment.

Usually, it’s time-consuming to put together the fishing accessories. But your guide must rig up everything in a matter of minutes (let’s be realistic.) For example, a guide is a veteran if they can prepare a braided fishing line with their eyes closed.

That will show the level of expertise your fishing guide possesses. Therefore, you can tip your guide if they are a seasoned fisherman.

Final Thoughts

Observe their every move if you are getting confused about how much to tip your fishing guide. Check their precision in carrying out each task. You will know how expert they are. After that, give them a tip based on their level of expertise without any hesitation.

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