How Tall is a Pontoon Boat on a Trailer

How Tall is a Pontoon Boat on a Trailer

Pontoon boats are excellent rides, especially on static water surfaces. You can enjoy a leisure trip in a luxury pontoon and return home with a bag full of fishes. Of course, if you’re not a fishing enthusiast, you can just go for a ride. 

The dimensions and materials used in a pontoon boat play a major role in enhancing your experience. Thus, choosing the right size makes all the difference.

Surprisingly, the pontoon boats are 7.5-11.6 feet (90-140 inches) tall, including the keel to the bimini’s peak. However, the size varies slightly from model to model. When you plan to keep them on a travel trailer, the pontoon’s height will become 10 feet tall on the trailer. 

However, there are some exceptions. When it comes to the length, the trailer must be at least 3-4 feet longer than the pontoon boat’s actual length. Now, let’s see what to look for when buying a pontoon boat.

Which Pontoon Boat is Perfect for You?

No doubt, the dimension of a pontoon boat is a crucial factor you should consider while buying one. 

First, you need to know the average dimension of the boat and when you load it on a trailer. It’s because if you are going for a summer trip across the river, the boat’s height must not go beyond the “bridge clearance” set by the government bodies in your state.

Some automobile and pontoon boat manufacturers provide this information in a separate document. It’s because if you are driving a trailer truck with a pontoon boat at its back and it’s crossing the bridge clearance limit, that’s illegal.

How Much Fine to Pay for an Overheight Offense?

You might get instantly stopped on the road for an overheight offence. Not only that, but you might have to pay $2,200 – $3,700 for this illegal activity.

So if you don’t want to pay such a considerable amount of money due to the overheight offense, make sure your trailer doesn’t cross the bridge clearance with a pontoon boat at its back.

Now, let’s discuss the horsepower that you have to check in a pontoon boat.


While buying a pontoon, start inspecting that boat with its engine specifications. The first thing to determine is how much horsepower a particular pontoon boat has. Moreover, the horsepower decides how fast a boat will run on the water.

For example, the most common horsepower in pontoon boats is 900 HP. Therefore, if you make some tweaks to a 900 HP pontoon’s engine, you can easily reach 72+ mph top speed.

No doubt, running a pontoon boat on calm water at high speed is fun. However, you have to stay cautious if you are not alone riding that boat.

If you have passengers at the back, make sure you run the boat at normal speed and avoid any disturbance among the travelers. That’s the only factor that is mandatory to check before you invest your money in a pontoon boat. Of course, there are other factors as well. But they depend on why you want to buy a pontoon boat.

Can You Park the Trailer in the Garage With a Pontoon Boat?

Absolutely, you can park your trailer in the garage with a boat at its back. However, you have to be clear of at least a foot to avoid any collision.

So always calculate the height and width of a big travel trailer that’s carrying a pontoon boat. To be more precise, make sure the trailer doesn’t get stuck at the door because the size of the door is normally different from the overall parking space.

Usually, people are used to parking their trailer in their garage without a boat. Since it’s not a regular practice to carry a boat on a trailer and park in the garage, the chances are high that the boat will collide with the garage’s roof.

That’s real damage because your trailer will not even get a scratch. However, the pontoon boat’s top will be destroyed, which will affect the overall look of the boat.

Is it Easy to Load the Pontoon Boat on a Trailer?

If you are loading the pontoon boat on a bunk trailer, that’s no doubt a difficult job. However, you can easily drive the trailer on the road once you load the boat on a bunk trailer.

On the other side, scissor trailers are made to carry pontoon boats. You can easily load a boat on the scissor trailer.

Final Thoughts

Always calculate the dimensions of the pontoon boat before carrying it on a trailer. To avoid any trouble, make sure you follow the bridge clearance guidelines provided by the automobile manufacturers. That way, no one will question you if the pontoon carrying trailer is under the bridge clearance.

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