How to Avoid Weigh Stations?

How to Avoid Weigh Stations?

Being a truck driver, you probably have a life full of deadlines and schedules which should not be interrupted. It must be hectic to meet deadlines with all the weigh stations along your way. 

Having to stop for an unknown amount of time sets you back and causes loss to the companies you’re delivering for. What rules does each state follow for weigh stations? What advantages are there of bypassing a weigh station? 

Let’s discuss everything in detail and explain a few legal ways of bypassing the weigh stations on your route. 

What Really Are Weigh Stations?

Weigh stations are areas situated on the roadside by the federal government. They require any passing commercial vehicle to stop and get checked.

Just as their name suggests, weigh stations are where vehicles get weighed and inspected to ensure that they’re meeting the guidelines. The primary purpose of these weigh stations is to keep any overweight and unsafe vehicles off the road.

What happens at weigh stations is that officials from the U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation) find the gross weight of a vehicle by examining the tractor along with its freight. They carry out visual inspections ranging from Level 1 to Level 6, with Level 1 being the most thorough inspection.  

Rules Regarding Every State 

Just as each state of the United States has different rules, weigh stations do too. That is why you need to know which state you’re passing through to know which rules to follow or beware of. 

While most states only require trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds to stop at all the weigh stations, others have a higher weight requirement. For instance, the weight requirement for Colorado is 26,000 pounds. 

In addition to that, other weigh stations inspect the vehicle’s weight and the materials you’re carrying or hauling. So, before you start to travel, you should know which state you’re going to and what their rules and requirements are.

Advantages of Bypassing Weigh Stations

Now let’s talk about the advantages that bypassing a weigh station might have. You probably have several advantages in your mind already, so let’s list them down.

Save Time

You probably are on a tight schedule already when you’re making deliveries, and if there is anything that could set you back, it’s an unnecessary stop. You can save time and deliver on time by avoiding stopping at the weigh station.

Avoid Any Inspections

Long lines and a lot of precious time spent idly waiting can cause drivers to be stressed out. By avoiding these inspections, drivers can travel free of any stress or long and tiring wait. 

Carry Out Faster Deliveries

Having nothing interrupt your schedule, you can make quick deliveries and be on time.

Increase Your Profits

Being on time and making your customer and the company happy means more profit. After all, who doesn’t like fast deliveries? 

Retain and Recruit More Drivers

Many drivers will choose your company and stay with it because it offers bypass service. After all, everyone is looking to their ease. 

Ensure Safety

Weigh stations come with many long lines that you often have to switch and merge with traffic. Bypassing a weigh station ensures the driver’s safety by avoiding all this hassle. 

Ways to Avoid Weigh Stations 

Alright, it’s time to get to the real point of this whole article, “how can I avoid weigh stations?”

There are a few ways to avoid stopping at a weigh station. However, the good news is that you won’t always be required to stop at these weighing stations. The chances of this increase even more on holidays, weekends, and late at night sometimes.  

Take an Alternate Route.

To avoid weigh stations, you should know a way to prevent them.

How can you do that?

Well, first off, plan your route. Know where you’re headed and how many weigh stations are lined on the way. Using the mapping app, map out your whole trip some days before leaving and detect where the weigh stations are. 

Once you have detected all the weigh stations, you can use the same mapping app to find an alternate route. One way to do this is by planning the route ahead of time or taking an exit at the highway before the weigh station. Once you’ve exited the road, take an alternate route then. 

Make sure your alternate route isn’t filled with weigh stations. 

Use Apps to Avoid Weigh Stations.

You can use applications such as Trucker Path or Drivewyze to locate all the weigh stations. 

If you have already left, you can simply type in “Weigh stations near me” on Google, and you will have your answer. 

Wait Until the Weigh Station Is Closed.

You could either avoid the route with weigh stations or simply wait until it is closed. As mentioned before, weigh stations are closed late at night, on weekends, and holidays. If it isn’t the latter two, you can choose a rest area just before the weigh station, wait some time out and then move.

If you can’t find rest areas, you can use Road Ahead, Apple Maps, or Rest Area Finder apps. Once you’ve found your rest area, it’s time for you to stop and wait. 

If you’re wondering how to find out whether the station is closed or not, you can use apps like Scale Buddy, or Trucker Path. If the weigh station is open, it will show “Open” in green; if not, it will show “Closed” in red. 

Final Word

These were some of the ways that you could avoid weigh stations. Being a professional trucker, you already know what to do, how much to carry, and what to take. That is why it may feel unnecessary to stop by and waste time.

After all, wasting time in business means wasting money. 

Therefore, learn to avoid all these hasty hindrances along your way and have a smooth ride to your destination with zero stress.

Did you find all the ways above helpful? Do you have any more ideas to provide? Let us know in the comments.

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