How to Choose a Fishing Net – 5 Best Options

How to Choose a Fishing Net - 5 Best Options

A net is one of the necessities of your fishing journey. Moreover, there are different types of fishing nets for different underwater creatures. So if you are looking to buy one, this guide will assist on how to choose a fishing net. 

Variety in Fishing Nets

When you visit a fishing store, you find various categories of nets. Some of the nets might look the same. However, there are some differences in each category. The differences in the fishing nets depend on the following factors:

  • Material
  • Mesh size
  • Hoop shape & size
  • Handle length

After getting your fishing license from a legit agency, the first thing is to assemble your fishing gear. Therefore, we’ll help you choose a fishing net depending on the above factors with some examples.


The mesh of a fishing net is made of either rubber or cloth material. Generally, these two materials are widely used in other combinations while manufacturing the fishing net’s mesh.

You should opt for a rubber-made fishing net if you are more into catch-and-release. It’s because rubber preserves the slime coat, which will help to release the unwanted species during fishing.

On the other hand, the cloth-based mesh materials grip the fish firmly by wiping off much of the slime coat. You can get the cloth-based mesh if you don’t want to release any fish that’s coming into your fishing net.

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Mesh Size

The size of the net’s mesh is the second important factor. If the mesh size is bigger, the fishing net will face less water resistance, making it easily moveable in water.

Different fishing nets have different mesh sizes. Moreover, the mesh size will decide whether you will catch your target or not under normal circumstances.

For instance, you can go for a micro-mesh net for tiny fish like a stream trout. If you want to go for normal-sized fish, like walleye, you should look for a mesh sizing an inch. Look for a net having a mesh size of 1.5-2 inches if your target is big.

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Hoop Shape & Size

You should look for a hoop shape and size depending on how many and how big fish you catch. For example, if you catch a big target, a net with a small hoop might not be suitable for you. Similarly, if you are planning to trap multiple fish, go for a larger hoop.

Fishing experts who catch multiple species keep more than one net with them. Additionally, you should get a foldable net. When you run short on space, a foldable net is an optimum solution for your fishing journey.

Besides, the following hoop shapes are common:

  • Teardrop
  • Circular
  • Oval
  • Elongated Oval

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Handle Length

It’s recommended to go for the nets with a longer handle length. You get more leverage while fishing as compared to short handle lengths. While fishing in big water, a long net will be conducive if your target is swimming down several feet.

Moreover, you don’t have to bring the catch closer to the boat. Just land the fish from a few feet away.

However, the long fishing nets might be difficult to carry in your truck camper as they require more space to fit in.

On the other hand, shorter nets are useful if you are in a small river or creek and want to cover long distances. Also, they will cover less space in your vehicle as well.

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Aluminum vs. Wooden Nets

If you notice, almost all of the fishing nets have handles and hoops made of aluminum. Why?

It’s because aluminum works pretty well comparatively while fishing. It’s lightweight, durable, and will not get affected by corrosion even after spending a good time in the sea.

Moreover, some of the nets are made of wood. That’s another option preferred by anglers. However, you can’t keep a wooden net if you are fishing from a boat. As the wooden net weighs more than aluminum, it’s not recommended for long-handle fishing nets.

One thing you must keep in mind is that if you catch a fish as big as a 50-pound trout, the aluminum hoop might go hollow, or the handle might bend. To prevent this, never level the aluminum-made fishing net against the boat.

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Final Words

Always plan your fishing journey and then equip yourself with the right net. It’s better to research what type of net is suitable for your target. After that, buy the required net and start catching some fish.

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