How To Fly With Camping Gear

How To Fly With Camping Gear

Are you worried about taking your camping gear onto the plane? Worry no more because this post will guide you on how to fly with camping gear.

It’s normal to go camping on a travel trailer under 5000 lbs when the route is by road. You can pack all the necessary stuff and put it in the truck and you won’t have any restrictions. However, if you need to fly to your camping destination, you might have to check a few points.

Can You Bring Camping Gear on Plane?

Of course, you can bring your camping stuff on a plane, be it the tent, stove, or kitchenware. However, it’s better to check for the airline luggage restriction for camping which is generally the same by almost all the travel companies.

The important thing to remember is while heading to the luggage-check section, any equipment can be considered a weapon. That thing might not lie under the category of weapons. That’s how airline luggage restriction works.

Moreover, the following camping equipment is only allowed in the checked bags.


A tent is a combination of poles, stakes, and the actual tent. You can’t assemble your tent without poles and stakes. Typically, a tent comes in a whole package, but you can’t bring the poles and stakes in the carry-ons for security reasons. 

So now you are left with the actual tent only to bring it to the carry-ons. It’s recommended to leave the tent in the checked bag as well so that it remains together with the other tent’s equipment.

Trekking Poles

Camping without trekking is incomplete. Therefore, you should bring the trekking poles with you whenever you leave for camping. Make sure you keep the poles in your luggage because no airline will allow you to bring the trekking poles in the carry-ons.

The trekking or hiking poles are strongly built, and some might have sharp edges as well. Therefore, even though your intentions are pure, it’s a security concern for the airlines.


You can bring kitchenware in the carry-ons, excluding sharp tools like knives. Therefore, instead of separating just knives from the kitchenware, send the whole package into the checked bags.

Once you reach there and open up the baggage, you will find all your kitchenware in one place.

These are some common camping equipment that you should keep in the checked bags. One advantage of keeping all the relevant stuff together is it saves you time. When you reach the camping site, you will not have to look for each tool individually.

Camp Stoves in Carry-Ons

You must be wondering what to do with the camp stove. Despite the fact that it’s dangerous, you carry it on the plane only when it has no fuel. A camp stove is an exception because it’s fragile and lightweight. It can be easily damaged while tossing around the luggage.

No doubt, security officers will check your camp stove before boarding the plane. The most important thing is the stove shouldn’t contain any fuel.

Once you are clear, it’s recommended to keep the camp stove at the top of the hand luggage. That way, other passengers will not put anything on top of it because of its fragility.

What Camping Gear is Not Allowed on a Plane?

Since you are not traveling in your travel trailer with a king bed, there are a few things you can’t bring on a plane; not even in checked bags.

Stove Fuel

You carry a camp stove on the plane, but any kind of fuel is strictly prohibited. You can’t put the camp stove fuel in the checked luggage or the carry-ons. Even if you try, there’s a high chance that you will get caught, and the officer will instantly discard the fuel.

Bear Spray

A bear spray is a useful tool if you are planning to hike in a barely-populated area. Although it’s just a large can full of pepper spray, no airline will allow you to take bear spray on a plane in any condition.


You can carry a lighter only if it’s empty. Therefore, it’s better to buy a lighter which can be emptied anytime you want.


Strike anywhere matches are strictly prohibited. However, you can bring safety matches in your carry-on luggage. These are the common camping equipment which you can’t take on a plane.

Final Thoughts

The camping gear includes some tools that are considered dangerous and can be used as weapons. That’s why airline security allows you to keep them only in the checked luggage. You can also contact the airlines to clear your queries and make the best of your aerial camping journey.

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