How to Go Camping With A Large Family

How to Go Camping With A Large Family

Summer’s approaching, and you’re thinking of going camping with your big family. Sounds fun! 

Although a trip with a large family may come with extensive planning and more responsibility, it can be so much fun if done right! After all, the more, the merrier! 

If you’re thinking of planning a trip but don’t know where to start, this article will help you with exactly that!

Here we will cover all the basics you need to consider to turn your big family trip into a raving success. Read on!

Choose the Right Shelter 

The right kind of shelter is the most fundamental thing in your camping trip. After all, this is where you’ll be getting a good night’s sleep. 

If you don’t get the rest your body needs, you’ll be tired during the day, stopping you from enjoying any outdoor activities. Plus, restless children are not fun to be around. 

Therefore you must choose the right kind of camping shelter perfect for you and your family. 

Pop up Campers 

Pop-up campers are affordable, spacious, and easy to tow. They also offer numerous modern facilities (like built-in bathrooms), making your camping trip easier. 

Pop-up campers are believed to offer the best of both RV and tent camping. The screen windows and collapsible walls will let you enjoy every aspect of nature while protecting you from the harsher elements. 

Because pop-up campers make things easier, you can go camping as much as you like, whether it’s for the weekend or an extended family trip. 

There are many pop-up campers to choose from, so make sure you get the best one for your family trip. 


If you’re thinking of going traditional, choosing tents to sleep in during your camping trip may be suitable. 

Remember to choose a spacious tent that will provide everyone with enough space to sleep comfortably. In addition, your tent should protect you from nature’s elements such as the wind, rain, and UV rays. 

It is also important to consider how easy the tent is to set up. You don’t want to spend hours on the first day of your camping struggling to put up your tent. Ease of use is vital. 


Like pop-up campers, RVs are equipped with modern facilities to make camping easier. The walls of this vehicle are thicker, keeping out the sounds of nature, allowing you to catch some extra Zs in the morning. 

In addition, RVs can shield you from the bright morning light more than a tent, which means better sleep. 

Plan Your Meals

Plan your meals depending on how long you’ll be gone. In addition, decide what you’ll be having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. 

You can do this by bringing individually packed plastic bags with ingredients already measured and prepared. This will reduce the effort to make meals, and you’ll have more time for other outdoor activities. 

Remember to keep your meals simple but yummy. Take help from everyone. Cooking can be a wonderful family bonding experience

Snacks are a great idea to take with you, too. It’s nice to have something to munch on and share in a big group when you get hungry in between meals. Plus, kids love snacks, and it’s an excellent way to keep them occupied. 

As for kitchen essentials, here is a list of things to take with you when you go camping. 

Plastic Bags/Containers

You cannot have enough of these to store your food. Never keep loose food inside your tent or camper. This will attract all sorts of bugs and insects. 

If you’re using plastic bags, try to reuse as many as possible to reduce waste. 

Water Bottles, Containers, and Filters 

Some camping sites have drinking water, whereas others don’t. Always stock up on water bottles. Don’t drink from a stream or lake without filtering the water first. 

Cooking Utensils 

Another advantage of prepping your meals is knowing which cooking utensils are required. This way, you can pack accordingly without carrying the extra baggage. 

In addition, everyone should be responsible for their mess kits. This way, you won’t be short of any utensils. 


You need a stove to cook those delicious meals. You may think that a stove is needed only if you’re camping in a tent, but cooking outside your RV or camper can offer a fun camping experience. 

Keep A List And Label Everything 

A large family means more items to take with you on a camping trip. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of things, so staying organized and making a list is the best thing to do. 

It is best to make a list as soon as you decide to go camping. This way, you won’t be frantically looking for things trying to remember what you’re forgetting. 

Lists help organize and prioritize your thoughts, enabling you to pack more efficiently. Always keep a pen close by to add any more items you forgot earlier. 

Labeling is also essential when going on a camping trip with a large family. Because you have more supplies, labeling will help you identify critical ones making packing more efficient. For example, labeling will help you keep items of a more similar nature in one bag, making it easier to locate things. 

Pack For Kids 

Camping is a wonderful way to relax and destress. You can sit or talk or just reminisce in silence. However, none of these things are fun for kids. 

You are bound to have kids in your big family, and when kids get restless, adults can’t enjoy themselves. Therefore remember to pack enough games and toys for kids to enjoy when adults seek some quiet time. 

Closing Thoughts 

So there you have it, you now know how to go camping with a large family and have fun! A couple of things to keep in mind though

  • Do Your Research: Look into what type of camping spot will suit you and your family the most. Also, don’t forget to check the weather conditions for the week. 
  • Begin With The Right Attitude: Things may not always go as planned, but the right attitude will keep your trip fun and memorable. Do the things you enjoy the most and look for things to bond together as a family.

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