How to Keep Food Cold When Camping

How to Keep Food Cold When Camping

Cooking a scrumptious meal by the campfire is indeed the essence of camping, but what if your juicy steak spoils within a few hours? 

Of course, keeping your food cold outdoors is crucial since nobody wishes to get food poisoning on their trip. Yet, several enthusiastic campers find it challenging to store their food properly. 

Therefore, we have prepared a list of helpful tips for storing your food cold so you can enjoy fresh foods instead of instant ramen and dry snacks. So, let’s get started.

Freeze Your Food Before Storing

Freezing your food before your camping trip is a smart technique to preserve your meals for longer. You can then put these frozen foods inside a cooler and place it safely in your camper

In addition, you can make your meals more hygienic by cooking them beforehand. Once all meals are cooked, freeze them. Then, warm them up whenever you need them. This will ensure that your meals are cooked properly, without getting spoiled.

Use Multiple Coolers

Using two coolers for your trip is another genius hack preferred by many campers. 

You can use one for storing your food and the other for drinks. Why? Because drinks are consumed more frequently compared to food. As a result, the cooler will be opened several times. This can expose the food to warmer temperatures and may make it spoiled. 

So, a separate cooler for drinks will prevent that from happening. 

Cool Down Your Coolers Before Packing

Stuffing your food in a cooler that’s been sweating in your garage for days isn’t a great idea if you want to keep your food cold. Therefore, you must use one that is cool enough to store your food right away.

For instance, you can chill your cooler with ice or super cold water. Then, let it sit for a night before you leave for camping. In contrast, you can leave the cooler outdoors if you live in a colder region. 

Use Block Ice or Ice Packs

When comparing ice packs and ice cubes, ice packs swiftly bag the title for being more effective at cooling food. Ice packs keep your food cold longer because they are more compact and have higher freezing points. Plus, they don’t turn your food all sogged up, and are inexpensive. 

Moreover, they have a better return on investment than ice cubes since they can be reused for multiple outdoor trips. However, if you do not have an ice pack, consider using an ice block as it melts slowly.

Freeze Your Water Bottles

A clever way to bring water for camping is by freezing it. Use the frozen water bottles to cool your food on the go and drink it later as the water melts.  

Use Your Cooler’s Space Wisely

Extra air circulating within your cooler will warm stuff up faster, so pack it as tightly as possible. In addition, you must make sure that you don’t choose a cooler that’s too big for your needs. 

Instead, having a few coolers of various sizes for multiple trip durations is generally a good idea. However, you can fill any unused space in your cooler with chilled water bottles if you have a large cooler and aren’t bringing too much food.

Put Your Coolers in a Cool Place

It may seem unnecessary, but once you’ve arrived at camp, consider placing your coolers in a shady area and leaving them there. Plus, avoid storing them in your trailer as it will heat your cooler more as the sun grows hotter. So, find a tree or picnic table, or set up a tarp shelter as soon as you reach your camp. 

Avoid Draining the Cold Water

If you’re using loose ice, don’t drain the cooler after it starts to melt, as the cold water will keep your snacks and drinks cold for longer. In addition, if you’re worried about the food getting wet, make sure it’s all sealed in plastic bags before placing them in the cooler. 

Don’t Open the Cooler Often

You should avoid the frequent opening of your cooler and keep it closed as long as possible. This will help the cold air stay in your cooler for longer. In addition, your food will be exposed to warm air less often. As a result, you can easily keep your food cold for a few days. 

You should also pack the more used items on top of your cooler to avoid digging up the cooler repeatedly. 

Final Thoughts

You can store your food items for a long time by using the right cooling methods. A good approach is investing in a good quality cooler instead of several cheap ones. Moreover, you should always carry dry foods as a backup to avoid frequent use of your coolers. 

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