How to Keep Mice Out of Camper in Winter

How to Keep Mice Out of Camper in Winter

Imagine finding your favorite bag of chips all chewed up while camping. Undoubtedly, the view is irritating and disgusting at the same time. 

But who is the culprit behind all this mess? Perhaps they’re right before your eyes, but you’re unable to spot it. Yes, you’re right, it’s mice. 

These tiny creatures can invade your camper, especially during winters, to enjoy the toasty air and devour your BBQ leftovers. A common reason mice may enter your camper is an unclean environment, with food scraps scattered in every corner. 

However, you can keep these unwanted guests from visiting your space by ensuring your camper is clean. In addition, you can also follow these valuable tips to prevent mice from living in your camper.

How Can Mice Enter Your Camper?

Mice can sneak into your camper from the smallest opening they can find. They are so flexible that you may often question how they can fit into such tiny spaces.

For instance, they can scamper up your vehicle’s tires or make way through the compartments. In addition, if you keep your camper covered, they may climb that up and enter your space. 

Moreover, plugged-in cords and plumbing lines provide mice with an ideal access point. When the mice successfully get into the RV, they look for a small entry point such as a hole or a crack to wander around the camper floor. 

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is find areas that can be accessible by mice. 

What Can Happen to Your Camper After a Mice Infestation?

Rats, mice, and other rodents live in unhygienic places. Therefore, they are extremely dirty and can give rise to several diseases. In addition, they carry a ton of harmful viruses and bacteria that can be deadly to humans. They spread the bacteria through urine and faecal droppings.

To make matters worse, some of these diseases are airborne, so the bacteria can reach you by air.  Moreover, mice can also damage your essential belongings present in the camper. They bite off important documents, files, wires, clothes, and much more. 

So, if you don’t stop the mice infestation, it may cost you hundreds of dollars to repair or replace the damage. 

5 Easy Ways for Keeping Mice Out of Your Camper

Catching mice once they enter your place is quite challenging. It isn’t as simple as hiring a cat for the job and leaving the space for the feline to kill the mouse. Instead, you need dedication or spend money on costly pest control. 

Therefore, as the saying goes, prevention is always a better option than cure. So, you must take a few easy ways to keep mice from spoiling your camping trip. Here are some practical and simple steps you can try:

Cleanliness is the Way to Go

Now you might say that your camper is always squeaky clean, but are you really sure about it? By cleaning your camper, we mean serious cleaning. 

Cleaning your camper is a great habit. It can help in keeping mice and other small critters away from your space. So, when you’re storing your camper, make sure you clean it thoroughly. 

Similarly, when you take out your camper for an outdoor trip, you should take your time running a deep clean. Moreover, you can practice a routine of cleaning your camper multiple times a day. 

Regardless of how long your trip is, cleaning the space every short while won’t cause any harm. 

For instance, try doing small tasks that are less time-consuming, such as cleaning the tables, countertops, and floors. Likewise, ensure no food scraps are lying in corners. 

On the other hand, you should wipe your cooking spaces right after cooking your scrumptious chicken meal. Similarly, don’t be late to do the dishes once you’re done with dinner. 

All these simple actions can impact significantly and help your camper stay mice-free. In addition, you’ll love how tidy your camper may look. As a fact, clean spaces help boost your mood and reduce your stress. 

Hunt for Small Cracks and Openings

How can you enter a room if it has no door or window? Well, unless you’re a ghost, you can’t access any space without an entry point. Similarly, mice need a small opening to invade your campers, such as a crack or hole. 

But how about sealing those holes? Genius isn’t it. So, think ahead of time and search for holes and other access points mice can use. 

You can start looking by finding holes in your camper’s floor and roof, cracks in the plumbing or other connection lines, and chewed holes behind your cabinets. Seal and caulk all such areas from outside and inside of your camper. 

Store Your Camper on Concrete

Many people simply store their campers in the best space available. For instance, keep it in a yard next to their garage or in the woods. However, storing your camper in such damp and open spaces for longer periods is an open invitation to mice. 

Despite a deep-cleaned camper, mice would never resist enjoying your camper as their new safe home. After all, they’ll be away from their predators. So, don’t be surprised to find a mice nest in your camper, storing it on grass or in the woods for a few months. 

However, you can avoid such situations by storing your camper on hard surfaces like your garage or a cement floor. The rodents usually avoid crawling on these grounds as it makes them vulnerable. 

Repel Mice Using Peppermint Oil and Other Repellants

Naturally, there is no proven way to keep mice away. However, there are some special ingredients to repel mice that you can swear by. For instance, a DIY mouse repellent spray. 

Peppermint has an effective scent that can keep mice away. However, it’s safe to say that mice hate peppermint. Therefore, you can use peppermint spray to repel those pesky creatures. 

One simple way to get the job done is to soak small pieces of cotton in a homemade peppermint oil spray and leave it at mice entry points. In addition, you can also use raw peppermint leaves for this task. 

However, if you’re allergic to peppermint or dislike the scent, you can rely on Irish Spring soap. Its scent is also quite helpful for repelling nice and doesn’t require much effort to use. 

You can simply place the soap strategically near cracks or holes and leave them there. Moreover, if the soap loses its smell, it may have gone a bit dusty. But, you can quickly fix the issue by rinsing and dusting it off. Then, let the soap dry and place it back. 

Get a Mouse Trap

If you’re already late or your mice repellent tricks have failed, your last resort is to get an effective mouse trap. 

Yes, no matter how old school it may sound, mice traps are the only way you can end a mice infestation. For instance, you can use live mice traps if you wish to stay cruelty-free or don’t want a mess in your camper.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with mice can cause you a lot of trouble. Therefore, you may always want to avoid them from living in your space. If a single mouse enters your camper, it can easily bite and destroy wires, cables, furniture, and even paper. 

However, you can try these simple methods to keep these rodents away and enjoy your camping experience. 

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