How to Keep Outdoor Furniture from Blowing Away

How to Keep Outdoor Furniture from Blowing Away

Outdoor furniture creates a relaxing aura, allowing you to spend leisure time with your beloved ones. However, decorating your outdoor area with furniture can be quite annoying. Imagine you go out to your patio and witness the wind blowing the outdoor furniture away. Surely, a disaster, no?

Not only that, some of the upholstery may also get damaged just because you didn’t take precautions from the severity of the wind.

Confused how to protect your outdoor furniture from blowing away? This post will share some tips to help you out. 

Tips to Keep Your Furniture Safe from Wind

The outdoor furniture enhances your abode’s aesthetics externally. There are multiple categories to choose the outdoor furniture from. However, the investment you make in the outdoor furniture might go in vain from a single strong wind blow.

That’s why follow these tips and save your furniture from blowing away:

Purchase Heavy Furniture

The first tip is the simplest one; buy heavy furniture. The strong gust can’t disturb the furniture you place outside, which is heavier. Even the strong wind will slightly move it, but that’s not a problem.

Therefore, check the material of the furniture you will buy for the outdoor decor. These could be:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Wrought Iron
  • Cast Aluminum

These materials are quite heavy, so the chances are low that the gust of wind will blow them away. Undoubtedly, there are other methods as well to save your outdoor furniture from blowing away, but investing in heavy furniture is the simplest one.

However, it’s difficult to move a heavy set of furniture. So, if you are planning to buy that, be prepared that you will face difficulty in frequently changing the place of the heavy outdoor furniture.

Moreover, steel and wrought iron are notorious for leaving marks on the floor. So, beware of these marks as they will reduce the beauty of your patio and deck.

Use a Weighted Umbrella Foundation

This method is quite common in the outdoor sitting areas of hotels and resorts. Since such open areas are exposed to strong winds, the weighted umbrella foundation keeps the furniture from blowing away.

The umbrella on the outdoor furniture set is the main target of the wind. It easily gets swept away when a sudden gust of wind hits the area.

Usually, people keep the umbrella open to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. Meanwhile, if the wind strikes the umbrella, it will act as a sail on the ship. That means the displacement of the furniture. So, they simply close the umbrella and save the furniture.

But what if you are not around and the umbrella is left open?

That’s why you should place a weighted umbrella foundation. That foundation or base is made of heavy material and can affix the rod of the umbrella. Thus, it will not fly away in strong wind.

Moreover, you can easily put it in your luxury travel trailer to save the furniture while camping.

Place Windbreaks

Windbreaks or a windbreak is a set of trees, shrubs, and other plants that are placed in a row to resist the wind. You can place them in a specific area where the most wind comes from.

You will still get some of the wind but with low intensity. This is because the windbreak will absorb much of the wind’s force. Thus, your furniture will keep its position.

Moreover, the windbreaks also work as outdoor decor with the furniture. They can enhance the background of your yard and make it more attractive.

If you properly maintain the windbreaks and grow them, they can work as a sun blocker as well.

Stake the Furniture

Another technique is to hold your outdoor furniture using stakes. The stakes support the furniture and anchor it in a certain position. Moreover, some manufacturers design furniture that allows anchoring through the legs. That way, you can make a loop using the stakes and anchor furniture in the ground.

If your furniture doesn’t support the stakes, you have to chain the stakes with the outdoor furniture.

The staking method works fine on the grassy land. For concrete patios and decks, you can use anchors to save your furniture from the wind. However, you might have to plan everything and seek assistance from a professional.

Use Bungee Cords

You can wrap the outdoor furniture with a bungee cord and stick the whole upholstery together. The bungee cord is highly elastic in nature and will make different furniture units as one.

Therefore, the whole mass will act as a single object and will resist the strong wind. Using the bungee cords, the outdoor furniture will become an anchor itself, and it will not move away easily. Also, don’t forget to keep the bungee cords in your slide-in camper as it keeps the camping furniture together.

This method works best when you are not using your patio, deck, or yard furniture.

In addition, you can tie the bungee cord’s ends to a permanent object like a tree, lamp, or gate. If you believe that the patio table is strong enough, you can connect the ends to it as well.

Keep the Furniture Inside

When not in use, simply bring the outside furniture inside your house. It may sound like a tedious job to do, but it’s another way to save your outdoor furniture. One of the advantages of bringing furniture inside is you get more seating space in your home.

Moreover, you can add pillows and cushions to make the sitting area more appealing. Plus, if the patio furniture is of neutral color, you can put on additional layers to make it more colorful.

If you don’t want to use it, simply keep it in the basement. That will keep the outdoor furniture from blowing away and secure it from the harshness of the weather.

These are some tips to save your outdoor furniture from blowing away. However, you can try other methods and see if that works for you.

Final Thoughts

Your patio furniture is more vulnerable to the weather than the indoor upholstery. That’s why it’s better to take safety measures to protect your outdoor furniture from blowing away.

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