How to Measure a Sink for Replacement

How to Measure a Sink for Replacement

Replacing the old sanitary system is important to enhance your house’s aesthetics. But you must be very careful while taking the measurements, especially of a sink, as it covers a large area of your kitchen and bathroom.

Taking the correct measurements will help you get the perfect sink. So, let’s go through this guide on how to correctly measure a sink for replacement.

Tools Required to Measure a Sink

You have to get the right tools before measuring the sink. That’s because wrong tools can give you inaccurate calculations, resulting in the failure of your sink replacement mission. On the other hand, the right tools will help you measure the correct size.

So, get the following tools to get the exact size of the sink:

  • Measuring tape
  • Straight ruler
  • Paper
  • Pencil

Once you have gathered the above tools, let’s measure the sink for replacement.

Steps for Sink Measurement

Follow these steps to get the right size of the sink for replacement.

1.Measure Sink’s Depth

The depth of a sink is important to measure as it determines how deep it will go behind the cabinet. Many people keep cleaning and other stuff under the sink’s compartment. So if you choose a deeper sink, it will cover more area leaving less space behind.

Also, the sink’s depth is the actual capacity of accommodating utensils. Therefore, go for a deeper sink if you have numerous dishes and plates to wash regularly.

Start by measuring the depth of the sink. Take the ruler and place it at the sink’s bottom and top. Make sure to keep the ruler aligned and note the inches from the sink’s top surface to its basin. That’s the actual depth of your sink.

Keep in  ind to always look for a new sink with either the same or lower depth as the older one. Why? 

Because if you buy a new sink that’s deeper than the old one, it will disturb the whole measurements of the cabinets. There will be no room to keep the cleaning accessories. 

Eventually, you might have to replace the whole compartment and create a new one for a deeper sink.

2.Measure Sink’s Length

After the depth, measure the sink’s length. The length of the sinks is another important factor if you are looking for a sink replacement.

Unlike depth, the length starts with an area that’s a bit higher than the actual surface. Plus, it extends the actual basin’s boundaries because of the sink’s foundation. Since there is no base under the sink, it holds on to the cabinet’s surface from the sides.

That means the area where your sink is placed is the weakest as there’s no support underneath. So the basin is only a hollow area where you do the dishes.

Now, use the CRAFTSMAN measuring tape, fix its starting point to the higher surface on the left side, and stretch it to the right side. Keep the tape steady and note down the sink’s length.

Well, the chances are that your sink might not be square in size. In that case, let’s measure its width likewise.

3.Measure Sink’s Width

If you have a non-square sink, you should look for a new sink that’s similar in shape. It’s because if the length of the sink matches and the width doesn’t, you have to bear the cost of fixing the sink’s compartment.

The width also depends on where you want to place the sink. There is much space available if it’s your home kitchen or bathroom. However, you should look for a smaller sink if you want to replace it for your RV’s toilet, as there’s not much room available for aesthetics in an RV.

Take the measuring tape and fix its starting point at the top side of the sink. Keep it at the higher surface. Next, stretch the other end of the tape and note down the sink’s width.

4.Measure Sink’s Top Part

This part surrounds the sink and gets fixed on the compartment. In fact, this part of the sink is bigger than the lower part. So, you must get the exact measurement of the sink’s top part. If a miscalculation happens, the whole alignment will become incorrect. As a result, the new sink will never fit in correctly.

You must unmount the old sink and keep it upside down on a straight surface. Now, use the measuring tape and calculate the width of the sink’s top part.

Get the width of the compartment by crawling inside and measure the size of the compartment from both sides using the tape.

5.Measure Countertop Hole & Cabinet

That is the compartment where you install the sink. First, carefully unmount the old sink without damaging it and the countertop. It’s recommended to remove the sink with the help of another person.

Once you remove the old sink, safely put it to the side. Now, measure the length of the countertop hole from left to right. Similarly, measure the width from top to bottom.

After that, measure the width of the cabinet. Do this only if you are looking for a sink with an attached cabinet. The sink-cabinet combo is counted as one piece. So carefully measure its width before going to the local store.

6.Visit Sanitary Store

Once you are done taking the sink measurements correctly, go to a sanitary shop. These stores have sanitary experts who will guide you. Give the size of the sink and the countertop to one of the experts.

Then, choose your sink for replacement. Finally, make sure you consider the guidelines for buying a sink for your kitchen.

You can ask the store to provide a sanitary professional to help install the sink in your kitchen. However, that’s an additional cost that you can avoid if you know how to fix a kitchen sink.

Final Words

Measuring the right size of the sink for replacement is mandatory. The sink will never fix properly on the countertop if there’s a slight miscalculation in the measurement. Therefore, take your time and measure the sink’s size following the above steps.

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