How to Move a Trailer Without a Vehicle?

How to Move a Trailer Without a Vehicle?

A trailer is a non-automotive, recreational vehicle popular among travelers and people involved in transport businesses. It is equipped with everyday essentials and is used by more than 1 million Americans. 

Generally, people have their trucks to transport trailers. However, if you don’t own a vehicle, this article brings you ten different ways to tow your trailer. 

9 Ways To Move Trailer Without A Vehicle

Following are ten practical and convenient ways you can move a trailer without a vehicle:

RV Transport Services

If you cannot find a truck to move your trailer around, it is always better to contact a professional RV transport service for help. They have various vehicles compatible with every size of trailer or camper. 

RV services are easy to reach, and you can give them a call to book your trailer for shipping. However, when choosing a transport service, there are certain things you should check beforehand to stay wary of scams:

  • Ask for their credentials 
  • Inquire about the company’s insurance policy and ask for their recent insurance certificate 
  • Check customer reviews on their website and third-party sites
  • Get a binding quote before shipping 

Rent A Truck

Renting a truck is another cost-effective transportation method you can consider to move your trailer. Many renting services operating in the country rent you the truck. 

However, it is crucial to ensure that the company policy allows customers to tow trailers. Being upfront about the relevant details like the trailer’s weight and location is essential. 

Also, make it a point to check their insurance policy beforehand. To avoid scams, ask around for recommendations of rental services and thoroughly inspect a truck for any possible faults before paying.

Dealer Transport Service

If you don’t own a truck, you can always ask your dealer for a transport service when buying your trailer. Many trailer shops deal in transport services and can be a reliable and safe option for towing around your RV.

When choosing a dealer’s towing services, it is better to discuss the transportation while trailer purchase. This way, you can negotiate easily to get a more economical deal.

Trailer Valet

Trailer valets are a great option when you need to move your RV trailer short distances. They are jack dollies constructed to provide the maneuverability to haul a trailer, especially up an incline.

Valets are non-motorized and, therefore, do not require fuel to operate. However, some expensive, latest models include a rechargeable battery and remote control feature so that the valet doesn’t need mechanical assistance. 

Since there’s always a chance of accidents when moving the trailer through narrow spaces and driveways, it is better to use a battery-powered valet. 

They have a mounting bracket that hooks to the trailer frame. This allows the user to swivel and move the RV around. After moving the RV, you can easily unhook the valet and store it alongside the trailer frame. Therefore, carrying a trailer valet around with an RV is always easy and convenient.

Shipping Marketplaces

Shipping marketplace is another option (similar to RV transport services) that you can use to move your trailer. What’s best is that most of these marketplaces operate online, and you can request a delivery service from any place. 

The cost varies depending on the size and weight of your RV and the distance it has to be transported to. Using shipping marketplaces is comparatively better than other alternatives because they are better equipped with appropriate resources and equipment needed to safely tow your trailer. 

Checking the credibility of shipping marketplaces is crucial. Following are the things you must inquire about when choosing a shipping marketplace for your trailer:

  • Qualification to transport RVs
  • Legal permit 
  • License number from Department of Transportation

You can verify all the legal information and license of authorized shipping marketplaces from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. 


For lightweight trailers, dollies are a convenient towing machine. A large range of trailer dollies is available in the market, with varying capacity and features, that you can check out for your RV.

Just like valets, each form of dolly has a specific way of hooking the RV and transporting it around. Some of them are manual and need to be pushed around by the user, while others run on batteries and can be controlled via remote.

It is important to note that dollies generally function as supporting semi-truck and are not capable of carrying much weight. Therefore, always ensure that the dolly you buy is compatible with your trailer. 

Push Around With Hands

If a trailer is small and lightweight, you can push it around small distances instead of employing extra equipment. However, to prevent muscle sprains, you should avoid pushing trailers up an incline or through narrow driveways. 

Set Up A Pulley System

If dollies are not available, you can ask someone to build you a pulley system. However, this is an expensive and inconvenient option that is only suitable for transporting lightweight trailers to short distances. 


Forklifts can be used when you need to move the trailer sideways. A forklift works on the hydraulic principle. There are multiple forklifts you can use for a trailer:

  • Flatbread tractor
  • Flatbread tow trailer
  • Tilt tray truck
  • Tailgate truck 

You can contact local transportation companies that provide forklift services to tow trailers.  


RV trailers can be a great alternative to expensive hotels. However, towing your trailer can be a challenge when you don’t own a truck. Luckily there are many convenient ways you can move your trailer without a vehicle, both locally and internationally. 

This article lists ten different services and equipment you can employ to transport your RV. Dollies and valets are small machines, both manual and battery-powered, that you can carry along your trailer frame to move it around. 

For long distances and international transport, you can book delivery services directly from shipping marketplaces or the dealer. However, ensure to always verify relevant certificates and documents of the company for credibility. 

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