How to Negotiate a Travel Trailer Purchase

How to Negotiate a Travel Trailer Purchase

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’d love to buy a travel trailer. These incredible home-on-wheels let you explore and enjoy nature in comfort. 

Unfortunately, getting a travel trailer is an expensive decision. The dealers usually trick you into paying more for less and making a good profit. 

Therefore, you must stay mindful of what you’re getting your hands on. Your trailer must check all the boxes and have a reasonable price for all its features. To ensure all this, you need some expert bargaining skills and extensive research. 

Read this post to learn some valuable tips on how to get a travel trailer at the best price. 

Compare Other Trailer Options from Competitors 

If you wish to enjoy a command on price negotiation, do your market research. Learning about the different price options from multiple dealers can give you the freedom to make your best possible decision. 

This may help you negotiate the price for a travel trailer you really like. Plus, you can also keep yourself from getting scammed since you know what price is reasonable for a trailer. 

In contrast, visiting a single dealer and committing to buying from the same place without price research may cost you extra money. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to ring several dealers and ask for suitable offers before making your final decision. 

Ask for a Discount Based on Warranty Duration 

Many people often ignore the warranty period when buying a travel trailer or RV. However, it is an essential factor that can influence a buying decision. Getting a trailer with a longer warranty can save you good money in the long run despite the higher sale price. 

If you do not consider a warranty a preference, you should still ask the dealer for a trailer with a longer warranty. So, if a trailer with a low warranty is cheaper, you may resort to the better option.

Try Purchasing Your Trailer From New Dealers 

Shopping for a travel trailer from dealers who are new to the business is a great move. It can give you the power to lead the negotiation. But how does it work? 

Well, it’s simple. New dealers need to sustain themselves in the first few years of their business. Since the dealer needs to make more sales, they become hungry for potential customers. In addition, they do not have the margin to let a customer turn away from them. 

So, once you step into their place, they’ll try every way possible to get the deal in their lot. You’re likely to receive a cheaper offer from new businesses. The only trick you’ll need is to warn them about an ongoing deal with another dealer. This will encourage them to offer you more discounts than others. 

Go for a Bulk Purchase 

Dealers love to sell items in bulk. Therefore, you can reap the benefits of getting more in less by asking for a package deal from your seller. The chances are that you may not need anything more than a travel trailer, or perhaps you don’t have the budget to buy more accessories. 

But, how about teaming up with a colleague or friend? You can go trailer shopping together and buy two trailers at once. 

Your dealer will see this as an opportunity to make a big sale and offer you a good discount. This may kill two birds with one stone and make the dealer happy while saving you money. 

Stick to a Fixed Budget

If you have an unlimited budget, things can get a bit difficult for you to choose a good travel trailer or RV. Therefore, you should set a fixed budget and try sticking to it as much as possible. This definite budget will narrow down your choices, and you may succeed in negotiating a reasonable price for the deal. 

For instance, if you have a budget for an expensive trailer, you can search for the one that meets your needs. Once you lay your eye on the best trailer, tell the dealer that it’s a bit out of budget. Your dealer will get a signal that you may eventually purchase the trailer if they reduce the price. 

Often, many dealers offer a good discount, and you can enjoy your favorite trailer within budget.

Ask the Seller for Some Time to Consider the Deal

This old-school trick can save you a good sum of money. If you aren’t familiar with it, you’ve got to try it when purchasing a travel trailer. When you’ve selected a trailer for purchase, the dealer will offer you their quote, and quite obviously, you’d request a discount. 

So, when you’re not getting your desirable price, you can play your secret card. Tell the dealer that you need time to think about the deal. When the seller hears this, it will signal them that they’re losing their customer. As a result, they may reduce the price a bit more and offer you the best deal possible. 

However, this trick may not always work, but it’s always worth trying. 

Go Trailer Shopping During Winter

Buying seasonal items out of season can help you land a great deal. You might think of this as a crazy idea, but it works. Travel trailer sales are generally low during winters. Therefore, dealers are looking for any buyer to make a sale. 

With the low demand in mind, you can ask the dealer to offer you a good discount. Also, you can eventually buy a travel trailer way cheaper than it may cost you during summer. 

Lure the Dealer By Paying in Cash

One important factor that strengthens a buyer’s negotiation ability is the form of payment. You can motivate your dealer to offer you a nice deal by letting them know that you’ll pay in cash. 

Now you might wonder how that works. Well, getting cash for payment eliminates a dealer’s woes of monthly follow-ups. Although it removes their luxury of monthly interests, cash payments rule the game. 

To make things work, you can top the deal with cherry by telling your dealer that you’re willing to pay cash right there and then. First, however, you must put your condition of reducing the price. This can make any seller go bananas. 

Therefore, they’ll go out of their way to offer you the best possible discount out of fear of losing a ready-to-pay customer. 

Point Out Flaws in the Trailer

If you’re getting a used trailer, you can benefit from this magical trick. Start your negotiation by finding a few faults in the used trailer. For this, you need to inspect the trailer keenly to search for lackings or defects. 

This may also help you estimate your budget for repairs after the purchase. When you point out flaws in the trailer, you can bring the dealer to reduce the price. 

You may tell the dealer that the trailer’s paint job has worn out or that some indoor facilities don’t function properly. These details may tell the dealer that you’re becoming uninterested in the deal. As a result, they may offer you a good price to compensate for the flaws. 

However, you must stay mindful of your attitude and tone. If you’re too rude, your dealer may judge you as a fussy customer and decide not to sell you the trailer. So, you should act clever and negotiate the trailer’s price in a balanced tone that isn’t too harsh.

Compare the Used Trailer Price to a New Trailer

Getting a discount isn’t simple when negotiating for an RV or travel trailer. The dealer will resist offering you a low price unless there’s a defect in the used trailer. In contrast, brand new trailers are perfect. 

So, it’s a smart trick to tell your dealer that you can buy a new trailer for the same price from their competitor. Upon hearing this, the dealer can become anxious about losing you and may offer a better deal. 

This is because dealers seek to sell trailers as soon as possible since holding them in inventory for long can cost them more. Plus, there’s a risk of damaging the trailer while in storage. So, when you demand a discount for a used trailer against a new one, they may agree to reduce the price. 

Final Thoughts

Travel trailers provide you with the right comfort for camping with family and friends. However, getting a good trailer needs some expertise. If you’re buying a travel trailer for the first time, the above tips can help you bargain like a professional and save money. 

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